Cardinals fire Mike McCoy

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Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks said it was premature to talk about changes after Thursday night’s 45-10 home loss to the Broncos, but it was apparently not premature to start making them.

The Cardinals announced on Friday morning that they have fired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. McCoy was hired this offseason, so it’s a short tenure in Arizona for the former Chargers head coach.

Short though it may have been, it’s hardly a surprising move. The Cardinals offense was a mess with Sam Bradford for the first few weeks of the season, running back David Johnson has been a non-factor and there’s been little sign that McCoy was the right choice to develop first-round pick Josh Rosen now that Rosen is in the starting lineup.

Quarterbacks coach Byron Leftwich will take over as the offensive coordinator and he’ll have a few extra days to try to get the team on better footing before they host the 49ers in Week Eight.

102 responses to “Cardinals fire Mike McCoy

  1. Last night on after a 3 and out a Cardinal defensive player shoulder bumped McCoy walking by on tv. McCoy meekly moved aside. Definitely looked like a guy who knew it was over.

  2. I didnt know Leftwich was coaching. He always came off as a good guy and one of the most memorable college football images ever when being carried down the field by his linemen.

  3. if the titans dont score some points in london this week mike vrabel could be next. I would bet your life savings on the chargers moneyline.

  4. Have to when David Johnson goes from his previous output to what he’s doing this year.

    I fondly remember a time when the Broncos radio guys were salivating over him too. Offensive mastermind! Hah!

  5. Byron Leftwich was their QB coach?

    My god. No wonder Josh Rosen has looked like Byron Leftwich at QB. Byron Leftwich has been in his ear.

    They are ruining this poor kid.

  6. I’m not defending Mike McCoy but how good is the team?
    How good is the Oline?
    The receivers?
    The running backs?
    Good luck getting a new OC.
    And Mike McCoy gets paid for a few years thanks to the Cardinals.

    Reminds me of the Browns a few years ago. Or the 49ers a few years ago.

  7. Firing McCoy was definitely needed as the offense has been inept; however, a problem that is just as big is the change from the 3-4 to the 4-3 by Coach Wilks. The Cards have been a top 10 defense for the past few years and their personnel were built around a 3-4 scheme. Wilks comes in and implements his favorite defense (4-3) to fit the coaches he brought along, and not to fit the existing players on the roster. The Cards now have the worst defense in the league. Easy to say now with 20/20 hindsight, but the Cards should have given Betcher a big raise and kept him as DC.

  8. Waited longer than I anticipated… He was terrible at playcalling this year. Not a lot to work with though with that offensive line but he had to go…


  10. freefromwhatyouare says:
    October 19, 2018 at 11:32 am

    Byron Leftwich was their QB coach?

    My god. No wonder Josh Rosen has looked like Byron Leftwich at QB. Byron Leftwich has been in his ear.

    They are ruining this poor kid.


    Been a lot of guys who couldn’t play at an elite level who turned into amazing coaches in every sport.

  11. Good. I’m not sure why the Cardinals hired him in the first place, he was just as inept with the Broncos last year. Which is why they fired him mid-season as well.

  12. That is ridiculous. He just got there with Rosen.

    Scapegoating people for a drunk GM losing a 2nd rd pick and paying Chandler Jones 14 million per year, while you rebuild is one of their problems. It’s that kind of logic that does not make sense.

    Fitzgerald is still on the books at his salary and Palmer’s just came off.

    They overpaid Mathieu, too. Cap hell is cap hell and a rebuild needs 2-3 years with good drafts and patience.

    Bidwill is a moron, silver spooned tool and always has been.

    Teams are either serious about doing the right kind of teambuilds or they want to channel the NY Jets way.

    Your choice.

  13. Howie….Cardinals on Line 1. David Johnson up for grabs. Disregard the new contract…work your magic. If not, back to the other end of the building in the broom closet for you…

  14. Anyone who has watched the Cards games this season know McCoy is not a scapegoat. How can you take one of the most dynamic running backs in the NFL and run him up the gut EVERY. SINGLE. GAME? They were 28th in rushing attempts before this game and FIRST in runs up the middle. THAT IS BAD.

  15. Thank god.

    A monkey with plays on a dart board would be better.

    Run up the middle
    Run up the middle
    Throw a 5 yard out

    Says he’s going to add a few wrinkles
    Run up the middle
    Run up the middle
    Run up the middle

    3rd an 15
    Run up the middle

    This has been our offense week in and week out.

  16. Kennyboy right on the nose – defense should be their calling card – stupid to change what was not broken – firing oc will not fix the oline – playcalling is scapegoat all over the league when players can’t or don’t execute

  17. Off topic and I love Larry Fitz but so stupid to keep playing there the last few years out of loyalty vs the hunger to win a SB. Lost a lot of respect for him.

  18. “Been a lot if guys who couldn’t play at a elite level who turned into amazing coaches in every sport”


    One, Byron did not only not play at a “elite” level, he never played at a good level. If you are going to argue he was a good QB, please save it✋

    Two, yes you are correct many coaches who were not good players become good coaches. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think anyone has ever called Byron Leftwich a very good QB coach. I believe last season was his first on the job and I don’t think a good coach is what I would classify him as. Give hime time? No thanks. Byron Leftwich is close to the last person I want around my young QB who I plan to count on for the next 10 years.

  19. They better not stop there, get rid of Wilks too. When will teams stop being bullied into hires by Tony Dungy??

  20. McCoy got the Chargers HC job due to being OC with Peyton Manning in Denver. What? Peyton was his own OC so no one in SD (other than the owners) gave any support to that hire. So firing him after a few years was inevitable. Believe he was fired after less than a year as Denver’s OC last year. Leads you to believe he’s been overrated as an OC and maybe he should settle for some other position as it seems he just can’t hack it.

  21. Bradford got a raw deal, I think McCoy was a failure as an offensive coach. While with the VIkings Bradford thrived (when he was on field) and both Norv Turner and Pat Shurmur found a way to make him not only capable but Pro Bowl caliber. I’m inclined to think McCoy is just that bad, not that the offense, Bradford, Johnson, or Fitz are falling off.

  22. Mike McCoy and Mike Smith are now available as a matched pair to swoop in and provide aid for any needy and struggling head coach in the league (Raiders? Giants?)

  23. Mike McCoy is a mediocre coach who parlayed a season with Peyton Manning into a spot as HC of the Chargers – this guy should not be an OC for a few years now, he got himself fired mid-season for the second year in a row.

  24. Sam Bradford lol. What a career, one of the last (last?) of the big money #1 draft picks, just goes from team to team getting injured and contributing nothing.

  25. A new OC isn’t going to fix anything. The only game plan that makes sense for these clowns is to kill the clock beginning at the opening kickoff. And pray for the suffering fans.

  26. I think this was a quick knee jerk reaction to fire McCoy. You have a very young QB still learning and an O Line that needs retooling. That is not the OC’s fault. Byron Leftwich will do even less. The only thing he will help Josh with is developing a long pitcher-like throwing motion like he had as a player.

  27. Sometimes you take the wrong job…sure blame McCoy but that team is straight trash. Sad that Fitz will end his HOF career with a bunch of bums – Rosen is legit but no one can play behind that line.

  28. I’ve said it a thousand times. Great players make great coaches, lousy players make lousy coaches. You can fire your coaches every couple of weeks, nothing will change. Get some players who can play. When you do, you will find a coach.

  29. The Cardinals clearly trying to free up David Johnson but McCoy is just a fall guy, a patsy. If you really want to free up Johnson give him a better OL to run behind, give him better receivers so that defenses can’t sell out jamming 8-9 people in the box to stop him. And don’t forget, nobody respects a rookie QB so all the reason more to stack the box against Johnson. Firing McCoy is just for appearance sake because the Cards won’t be able to improve much with that sad sack collection of “talent”. If you really want to blame somebody, blame the guy who assembled this collection of players.

  30. Quite the way to develop a rookie QB. They’re going to try and re-scheme the offense in midseason with an interim who has never been an OC before and then when the permanent replacement shows up to start next season it’ll already be the 3rd OC Rosen will have had.

  31. kingdm8 says:
    October 19, 2018 at 11:54 am
    Anyone who has watched the Cards games this season know McCoy is not a scapegoat. How can you take one of the most dynamic running backs in the NFL and run him up the gut EVERY. SINGLE. GAME? They were 28th in rushing attempts before this game and FIRST in runs up the middle. THAT IS BAD.

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    Umm, they have a rookie qb they are trying to break in.


    my goodness, this is why teams are terrible, trying to cater to immediacy and millennials

  32. tvguy22 says:
    October 19, 2018 at 12:51 pm
    Didn’t have to watch too much of that slopfest last night to know that the OL is problem in Arizona. Rosen never had a chance.

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    how is that mccoys fault?

  33. As a neutral observer who watched this pathetic performance, there were two things that stuck out to me in a game full of questionable play calls. 1. Calling a timeout on the second play of the game when you’re supposed to have your first series scripted. 2. In the third quarter running a draw play on 3rd and 5… When you’re down by 4 touchdowns. Yikes!

  34. The GM is where blame squarely lies, just like in tennessee.

    wilks looks like a deer in the headlights.

    leftwich should have been promoted in the offseason and steve keim should have hired a qb coach. an underrated one like john fox. go bears.

  35. The “right choice to develop Rosen” is to keep him on the bench for his first season, since you ALREADY HAVE a high-paid, starter-caliber QB on the roster whom your rookie can learn from!

    They need to take their time and build a good team around Rosen! He, like Allen, is not the kind of QB that works when thrown to the wolves.

    So many weak new coaches pushing panic buttons with their rookie QBs this season. GMs and owners should be concerned about their long-term investments (highly-drafted QBs) being endangered by coaches with short-term goals.

  36. Name a coach who was an elite player. That Belichick guy was a terrible football player, therefore he would be a terrible coach. See the logic in that?

  37. sceaglesfan says:

    felt bad for Rosen

    He’s a bust. He’s already a coach killer.

  38. I never liked him since Day 1. Look at his career offense rankings, year-by-year. The only year he had a decent offense is the year that Peyton Manning was doing his job for him.

  39. The media and fan darling having to deal what QBs have to deal with all the time on bad teams. Fans say the veteran QB stinks but cry for the rookie in the same situation. The most telling thing I heard on the broadcast was how a productive player last year isn’t contributing much because of the change in defensive scheme. Why didn’t they get rid of him and get players that fit the new scheme?

  40. Its like Steve Wilks is playing 3 card Monte. If you try to focus on which card to pick, you might never notice they took the ace of hearts off the table. Wilks needs to go but if this buys him a few more weeks, so be it.

  41. Guess that’s why the BUST rate for 1st round QB’s is well over 60% and if you go by my way of rating what a BUST is(any QB that doesn’t live up to the position he was drafted) the rate is over 80% and it’s only going to get worse since no one is willing to change the way they do things!!!!!!!

  42. The media starts off week one “when will so and so replace fill in the blank” less that 75% completion percentage and the they calling for the rookie… Rogers, Rivers, and Brees were backups… and learned to play QB

  43. That didn’t take long! Ba da boom! Wonder how many drinks the GM had before making this decision?

  44. cardsfann1 says:
    October 19, 2018 at 11:35 am
    Waited longer than I anticipated… He was terrible at playcalling this year. Not a lot to work with though with that offensive line but he had to go…

    Nothing to work with and the players couldn’t excute the plays called, but he had to go? Sorry but I don’t understand the logic! Set a guy up for failure and then fire him as a scapegoat when he does fail? This kind of thinking is why some teams stay in the cellar for years, sometimes decades at a time! Someone should be evaluated not only on the job they’re doing but the talent they have to work with. This is like telling a guy he has a week to dig a mile long ditch and then giving him one other person and 2 teaspoons to do it with!

    BTW the D was what really sucked, the Cards are supposed to be one of the best DB corp teams in the NFL and it sure didn’t look like it last night! You can chaulk those losses up to the management making bad, excuse me making HORRIBLE decisions in the off-season, was a QB really your #1 priority? And after drafting a QB in the 1st round was a WR really priority #2? Why do teams contiune to go after “their guy” and then not worry about protecting him? The Browns made that mistake for years, getting a QB without giving a second thought about protecting the QB and we ALL saw how that turned out QB after QB after QB! BIG PICTURE, don’t draft a QB until you can protect the QB or if you do draft a QB in the 1st round then make protecting him the #2 priority. It really isn’t that hard!

  45. Michael E says:
    October 19, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    sceaglesfan says:

    felt bad for Rosen

    He’s a bust. He’s already a coach killer.


    Peyton Manning was 3-13 his first year, barely .500 completion percentage and more interceptions than TDs. Aikman was 0-11 his first season, again about a 50% completion rate, threw twice as many INTs as TDs.

    Nobody’s a bust this early.

  46. So, you promote the QB coach because your offense is terrible. Are they aware that the QB runs the offense? Just checking.

  47. I say McCoy go back to Long Beach State – the Prodigal Son returns… haven’t heard much about the football program lately, if he comes back perhaps they can re-capture the golden years under George Allen.

  48. charltonhestonsvest says:
    October 19, 2018 at 11:34 am

    Byron Leftwich? Are you kidding me????


    Leftwich’s coach woulda been a better choice to take over…… Mark Brunell.

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