Mike Zimmer says vision in damaged right eye won’t improve

Getty Images

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has endured eight surgeries on his damaged right eye over the last two years. While the surgeries have allowed him to keep his eye after a detached retina cause a number of problems, the reality of the situation is that his eyesight won’t improve any further.

I have to read with my left eye, I can’t read anything with my right eye even with (glasses),” Zimmer said, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

“I have to put a drop in every day and then I have to wait for a few hours before I can put a contact in. I don’t see good out of it. It is what is. It won’t get any better.”

Following his eight and final surgery, there was a belief that Zimmer could get back to 20/20 vision through the use of contact lenses. It seems as though that hope has come and gone.

The eye injuries and subsequent surgeries forced Zimmer to miss a game in 2016 and a couple of weeks of offseason work in 2017.