Steve Keim: I’m coming out swinging like hell

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The Cardinals have identified their problems. They have begun fixing them, having fired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy on Friday morning.

“It gets back to making a lot of tough decisions, sometimes ones that aren’t popular,” Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim said on Arizona’s Sports Station 98.7, via Darren Urban of the team website. “The bottom line is we are all accountable. This isn’t good enough.”

The Cardinals were pummeled by the Broncos 45-10 on Thursday night. It wasn’t that close.

Keim said he hadn’t felt as bad about a game since 2012 when the Cardinals lost to the Seahawks 58-0, which set in motion the firings of G.M. Rod Graves and coach Ken Whisenhunt. Keim replaced Graves.

“When you are in this situation, it’s lonely,” Keim said. “At the same time you find out a lot about yourself. You find out a lot about your organization. You have two choices. You can curl up in a ball and hope it goes away — which it’s not — or you come out swinging and fight.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m coming out swinging like hell.”

24 responses to “Steve Keim: I’m coming out swinging like hell

  1. “As far as I’m concerned, I’m coming out swinging like hell.”


    You can but does it really matter if you’re missing on every swing?

  2. Swing all you want, Keim, but the only thing that matters is having good players who can win–and the Cards don’t have nearly enough of them.

  3. Sounds appropriate since he’s been missing like hell lately.

    Ran John Brown off to the Ravens and Tyrann Mathieu off to the Texans and replaced them with NOBODY.

    He can start by explaining this unique “benefit by attrition” philosophy.

  4. “As far as I’m concerned, I’m coming out swinging like hell.”

    In Keim’s case it’s “I’m coming out swigging like hell”.

  5. So Keim is going to “come out swinging?” Can you be more specific. I think we all assumed you were already trying your best to construct a team. But too many of the personnel decisions, especially in the draft, haven’t worked out. Not sure if Keim needs to come out swinging, whatever that means. But he needs to make smarter decisions.

  6. Could the fans just petition to get rid of the Bidwell’s and actually bring in ownership that could run a sports team? Having a new owner that could come out of the box swinging firing the GM, all the coaches, and basically gutting the whole organization to start fresh.
    A new logo as the Dead Bird just doesn’t cut it. The present design isn’t old school nor is eye appealing.

  7. Keeping Fitz was stupid.
    Paying Badger so much when he was so injured was stupid.
    Failure to move quicker the last 3 years to identify a young QB was stupid.
    Changing what was a top 10 Defense to fit this new coach was stupid.

    These things will get a GM fired.
    (Raiders fan, so ya I have a lot of experience with coach/GM/scheme issues this year!)

  8. I just have this feeling that this is the perfect place for Rex Ryan to show up, bellow his way to back to back 10-6 seasons, and then get fired halfway through a 2-14 campaign for shoving one of the night janitors for clearing away his sandwich too soon. Give him a call!

  9. Bets of luck to him, but it’s looking like Ryan Grigson 2.0.

    Land fantastic luck at QB, fail to surround him with a solid team and the right time to develop, and squander your opportunity.

  10. I had a feeling they were doomed when they waited to the last minute to sign a QB, and got the only one left who happened to be Bradford. Then they stood still in the draft and took whichever QB fell to them, signifying they never really had anyone targeted that they were going after. Keim is not nearly aggressive enough to win in today’s NFL

  11. The Cardinals have personnel developed for a three four base defense that’s playing a four three; their defensive backfield looks lost; the offensive line is a total mess – transitioning to Mike McCoy’s blocking schemes; they’ve got a good running back who has nowhere to run and almost never gets thrown a pass; then there’s the rookie QB who’s becoming a David Carr-like piñata with McCoy’s multiple “no back” sets. This is a head coach failure – pure and simple. They’ve got to get rid of Wilks before he digs the team a hole so deep it’ll take a decade to climb out of. Wilks took responsibility for the defense and didn’t hire a defensive coordinator so the defensive failure is all on him; then he brought in the often fired McCoy to install his offense – tailored for Sam Bradford! This has disaster written all over it. Keim didn’t hire Wilks – Keim is building the team the way the head coach wanted.

  12. Steve Keim: I’m coming out swinging like hell!!!

    I thought he was talking about coming out of the bar……

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