Steve Wilks: “Premature” to discuss possible changes with Cardinals

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Steve Wilks knew the question would be coming after his team’s 45-10 loss at home to the Denver Broncos on Thursday night.

The Arizona Cardinals gained just 223 yards of total offense against the Broncos. It was the seventh straight game to open the season that the Cardinals had failed to gain 300 yards as an offense. Josh Rosen was intercepted three times with two returned for touchdowns and was sacked six times with a pair of lost fumbles. David Johnson gained just 39 yards on 14 carries.

With the continued inability to produce by the Cardinals offense, its head coach knew the question about possible changes – specifically the status of offensive coordinator Mike McCoy – would be coming after the game. Wilks didn’t wait around and broached the topic himself.

“You guys are going to ask me about changes,” Wilks said. “That’s premature to talk about any changes right now. Everybody is going to be evaluated across the board. We’ve got to find ways to get this thing moving int the right direction. Not acceptable and our fans deserve better.”

Wilks was then asked if he was referring to McCoy when it came to saying it was premature to discuss changes.

“I didn’t say Mike McCoy at all,” Wilks said. “When we were talking about changes I’m talking about changes from… it could be personnel, could be players. Whatever it may be, it could be scheme. When I say it’s premature, it’s premature to talk about it at this particular time without going through the evaluation.”

That evaluation will show an offense that has been highly incapable of producing much of anything through the first seven games of the season.

The Cardinals are averaging 220.7 yards of offense per game over the first seven weeks of the season. The Houston Texans averaged 223.2 yards per game in 2002 and the Cleveland Browns averaged 220.6 yards per game in 2000, which represent the two most offensively challenged seasons in the NFL since the turn of the millennium. With the rule changes in the NFL since then skewed heavily to help bolster offensive production, it’s that much more of an indictment of Arizona’s offensive performances so far this year.

“Six sacks, three interceptions, two for touchdowns… (you) can go on and on. Unacceptable,” Wilks said in reference to Thursday night’s performance.

Given the ineptitude of the team so far this year, changes seem inevitable as Wilks tries to get himself established in the desert.

25 responses to “Steve Wilks: “Premature” to discuss possible changes with Cardinals

  1. McCoy needs to be on a plane out of here this weekend. As for Wilkes….one and done. Being a HC is beyond him. Pitiful use of some good talent on both sides of the ball.

  2. With Steve Wilks and Vance Joseph competing against each other it was like a Super Bowl of coaches who have no business having their respective jobs.

  3. To me, the biggest problem with the Cardinals is personnel. They just don’t have a lot of good players. They have a couple GREAT players, but the team overall doesn’t have enough fire power. Too many First round misses in the Draft in recent years

  4. The whole staff needs to be fired. I have never seen such inept play calling. They have no understanding of situational football.
    I mean how many times are you going to see 8-9 guys in the box and continue to call runs up the middle in double TE sets? It was beyond predictable.
    Thanks for making me feel like my Bills took the better Josh! 🤣

  5. Cardinals are tanking. The 49ers are tanking. The Patriots were tanking early in the season, then they changed their minds. I thought the Falcons were tanking, then they won another game. I thought the Broncos were tanking too. The Colts are definitely tanking. The Raiders seem like they’re tanking. What’s with all this tanking? These guys are crazy. All these coaches put in 20 hour work days, then go out and tank on gameday. And they pay them millions of dollars to do it. Oh, the Giants are tanking too. Do you guys watch baseball. I wonder if the Dodgers are going to tank in the playoffs, or maybe they’ll wait until the World Series to start tanking.

  6. As a Browns fan, I can tell all of you Cardinals fans out there to be patient. You know what has kept us in the perpetual gutter year after year? Cleaning house every two years (sometimes less). I would also say that they paid for Bradford, so they should’ve kept him on the field – Rosen clearly wouldn’t be hurt by some time sitting and learning.

    You need to build organizational stability, and you took a big hit when Arians retired. A new HC needs to be given time, new systems need to be given time. Starting over again with a new HC/OC/DC/GM/whatever isn’t going to magically make the Cards a better team.

  7. @lukedunphys….the broncoes were 8 an 8 that year with tebow…the offense was rated 25th total, 30th in 3rd down conversion, dead last in passing, near the bottom in every passing statistic. If anything fox the hc gets the credit for helping the defense be good enough to allow a crappy qb to suck for 3 qarters before scoring a td or two in the 4th quarter

  8. McCoy is the fall guy. The Cardinals looked pitiful. The GM and owner got what they wanted when Arians left, chance to rebuild. Fans complained about the 8-8 season last year. It will be interesting to see how long it takes them to reach that record again.

  9. But was this as bad as the Cowboys totally owning the Jags?!!! Wow, this was expected but that one…Any Given…35 point loss by a garbage team vs. 33 point loss by a team who some could be a SB contender?

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