Carson Wentz has no injury designation for Week Seven

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Nerves were frayed in Philly when quarterback Carson Wentz appeared on the Wednesday injury report as limited in practice. But the final report for the week has been filed, and Wentz has no official designation of questionable, doubtful, or out.

Which means he’s definitely in, and that he’s good to go for Sunday’s showdown with the Panthers.

Wentz was listed as fully participating in practice on Thursday and Friday due to the back injury. The absence of a complete exit from the report means that Wentz likely is receiving treatment for some sort of back problem, so it makes sense to pay attention to whether any type of aggravation of the situation occurs on Sunday.

It generally makes sense to pay attention to Wentz, given that his playing style hasn’t changed at all in the wake of last year’s torn ACL. Whether he’s regarded as reckless or fearless or clueless about the link between taking hits and getting hurt, Wentz’s game relies heavily on his willingness to incorporate mobility, which often entails absorbing contact.

This doesn’t mean he should never leave the pocket or cross the line of scrimmage. The challenge for every mobile quarterback, however, becomes understanding when and where and how to avoid unnecessary contact, from sliding too late (or not at all) to stupidly cutting back at the sideline to deliver a hit (Garoppolo style) to everything in between.

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  1. The whole talk about his playing style is massively overblown. You need to watch him actually play, even last year when he got injured the number of times he took a big hit past the line of scrimmage was countable on one hand. The amount of heavy hits Wentz takes actually isn’t that high, people just assume he takes a lot of big impacts because he can run.

    He was injured diving into the endzone trying to secure the division win against a very strong playoff team. I’d have been disappointed if he didn’t try to get that TD, getting hurt was just bad luck. If he’d scored everyone would be chalking it up to being an amazing play by Wentz, it’s only criticised because he was hurt.
    If he was never hurt and lead the team through the playoffs no one would be criticising his ‘style’, that’s how he has his success

  2. Wentz would take a lot more and harder hits if he just stood back there in the pocket like a statue. The Eagles’ pass protection has been so bad this year that Wentz literally has to run for his life to avoid big hits.

  3. During his first two years, I agreed he needed to protect himself better. It’s almost like he would seek contact. He would lower his shoulder, etc. His second year he did less of that but it still happened. I do think the diving into the end zone was a fluke injury. Any number of things could have changed to prevent that. This year, anyone who says he hasn’t changed a bit isn’t paying attention. He dives at times but I’ve also seen him slide. I don’t see him seeking out contact.

  4. I think part of the pounding he’s taken this year was due in part to rust from not having played in the preseason, him holding the ball too long and his need to find a rhythm with his O-line. If you look at his stats, he’s getting better each week and his sack totals are going down.

    ……Comp%…..Yds…TD’s.INTS…SACKS….QB Rating
    Wk 3. 67.6. 255 1 1 5 84.9
    Wk 4. 66. 348 2 0 4 99.4
    Wk 5. 68.6 311 2 0 3 115.3
    Wk 6. 72.2 278 3 0 1 122.2

    Time will tell, but I suspect he’s starting to settle in and I think we will start seeing more games like week 6 than week 3. And hopefully he’ll continue to take less hits/sacks as a result.

  5. Sorry about those stats for Carson. They didn’t keep their proper separation.

    ……Comp%…..Yds…TD’s.INTS…SACKS….QB Rating
    Wk 3..67.6………255…..1……..1…………5..,,,,,,,,,,,84.9
    Wk 4. 66……,,,,,,348…,,2………0………..4……,,,,,,:99.4
    Wk 5. 68.6….,,,,,311…..:2…..,,,0…………3…………115.3
    Wk 6. 72.2……..:278…..:3……..0…………1…………,122.2

  6. Eagles are gonna start to seperate. The loser of tomorrow’s mediocre bowl between dallas and washington is close to be going gone and the giants are already long gone. The eagles can put together a four game win streak and practically clinch the division

  7. Dallas D is going to HURT this guy! One of The Best D’s in all of football, Dline and LB’s are S T A C K E D !
    I truly hate seeing Wentz get hit so much, the guy is good for football. I love watching him play. Wish you guys
    would trade for Bell just to keep Wentz from early retirement.

  8. My mistake, it looks like 11th ranked hou was dallas’ toughest offense they’ve faced. They haven’t even faced a top 10 offense yet. And dallas’offense is ranked 29th.

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