Jets officially release Terrelle Pryor

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They were planning to do it, and do it they did.

The Jets have released receiver Terrelle Pryor, giving his roster spot to practice-squad receiver Deontay Burnett.

Pryor, a vested veteran, instantly becomes a free agent, able to sign with any team.

The report that the Jets plan to cut Pryor included a suggestion that he has a torn groin and that the Jets would be interested in bringing him back when healthy. This overlooks the reality that the Jets can’t simply cut Pryor if he’s injured.

Then again, they can cut him, because they did. The question now becomes whether Pryor will file an injury grievance.

Pryor generated more than 1,000 yards receiving in 2016 with the Browns, his first year as a full-time wideout. After a disappointing season with Washington 2017 (hampered by an ankle injury), Pryor signed with the Jets as a free agent. He has 14 catches for 235 yards and two touchdowns.

The Jets host the Vikings on Sunday. If the move had come sooner, the Vikings could have considered adding Pryor, both to pick his brain about the New York offense and personnel and to boost a top-heavy depth chart at the position, with not much help behind Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs.

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  1. 1,0000 yards in 2016 primarily against prevent D. Has one of the worst catch to target ratios.


    None of this is really true. His catch percentage is solid for an outside receiver, especially considering the QBs he’s had throwing to him. His catch percentage is 64% this season and Darnold is only completing 59.8% of his passes overall.

    FYI: I’m sure the response will be that 64% isn’t good. Julio Jones has a catch percentage of 64% this year. Larry Fitzgerald is at 60%. Odell Beckham is at 65%.

    This guy could absolutely help a team that is depleted at the top end of the position, like the Cowboys.

  2. If he is injured, why would anyone want him right now?

    As far as the money, I thought if a player were on the roster week 1, that their deal became guaranteed. If that is the case, doesn’t he get paid either way, and why would any injury grievance need to be any concern? Wouldn’t an injury grievance just be to make sure he got his money?

  3. There is something going on with Pryor behind the scenes. The first red flag should have been the Browns letting their 1,000 yard receiver walk away for peanuts. But it really became obvious at Redskins/Jets joint practices. There was maliciousness there like I have never seen in the NFL. It wasn’t a case of playful “hostility” over a teammate jumping ship, the Redskins defense clearly hated Pryor. Even the offensive players were rooting against him. I don’t what he’s doing in the practice facility, but clearly players and coaches have no interest in working with him and it’s going to cost him his career.

  4. twinfan24 says:
    October 20, 2018 at 10:33 pm
    If he is injured, why would anyone want him right now?
    Guys have been claimed on waivers with torn ACLs. I know that’s a little different than going out and signing a guy but it might be worth taking a flyer when it’s not that easy to find contributors off the street in the middle of a season.

  5. His catch percentage is 64% this season and Darnold is only completing 59.8% of his passes overall.

    This year it is decent 63.6%. 55% in 2016, 54.1% in 2017. It is not hard to get 1,000 on a winless team getting 140 targets as he did in 2016.

  6. They did him a favor they had to pay him the whole
    Salary and could’ve just put him on IR he wasn’t going to be injured all year

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