Rams stay undefeated with easy win over 49ers

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Today’s Rams-49ers game was initially scheduled for prime time, but the league moved it into the afternoon when San Francisco got off to a slow start. That turned out to be a wise move, as this was the kind of game that, had it been at night, everyone would have turned off at halftime and gone to bed.

The Rams jumped out to an early lead and never looked back, easily beating the 49ers 39-10.

The Los Angeles defensive front made life miserable for 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard, who never stood a chance. Aaron Donald had four sacks, Cory Littleton two and Samson Ebukam one.

The Rams’ offense was impressive, with Todd Gurley scoring three touchdowns and Jared Goff completing 18 of 24 passes. It was a total team effort for the Rams, and by the end of the game they gave the backups some playing time.

L.A. improved to 7-0, and there’s little doubt that the Rams are the NFL’s best team right now. The 49ers’ nightmare season continues, and they drop to 1-6.

46 responses to “Rams stay undefeated with easy win over 49ers

  1. Rams coach/ Guru but leaving his bellcow in in blowouts like today…karma can sweep the leg

  2. So the Rams beat the Niners by 29 at their own place and the Niners lost by three at Green Bay this past Monday. I don’t think that votes well for the Packers at the Rams this coming Sunday.

  3. If the Rams keep this up they’re going to the Super Bowl although I’d like to see what they’d do against the Saints, Panthers, Vikings or Packers first before I’m 100 positive on it.

  4. Every week it becomes more and more clear that Jeff Fisher may be the worst HC in NFL history.

  5. The Niners front office and fan base was SO ARROGANT last year as if they’d stolen “Jimmy G” and were crowing about how much better than Goff he was. Smh.

  6. Jed York has cursed the Niners with his stupidity and smug arrogance. They may never be good again as long as he owns the team.

  7. Easy and 49ers have been going hand in hand for how many years now?

    They’ll turn it around. Maybe not this decade but, they will. Soon. “Oh, look! Buncake”.

  8. This game was over before it started. The Rams are something fierce and I’m glad they’re once again reppin the NFC West with pride.

    You gotta admire how they built this monster and are coaching it into success. Honestly looks like the only chance the Niners have for another win is against either the Giants or Cardinals.

  9. Couldn’t happen to a more arrow delusional fan base down there in Santa Clara. Jimmy G is mediocre at best yet all offseason they were beating their chests about how great they are. They haven’t been great since the mid 90’s and they won’t be again for a long long time. They deserve every losing season they’ve had and the ones yet to come.

  10. eagles19804 says:
    October 21, 2018 at 9:39 pm
    Dodgers are the only real team in LA. LA Fakers and St. Louis Scams will go nowhere this year.
    Dodgers have to win the World Series to prove that.

  11. Can’t see the Rams finishing worse than 13-3 at this point. It appears they are guaranteed a divisional round home game, and if they win that, another home game, or possibly a road game at New Orleans. I like their chances either way.

  12. xiiprestige says:
    October 21, 2018 at 9:41 pm
    The most overrated team in the league!!! They have beat 1 team with a winning record.

    But yet .. they are undefeated!

    Rogers next!

  13. They are a powerhouse team with all the elements. They used their draft choices from the years they were terrible very well. The Browns have been worse…maybe, they can get it together like the Rams have.

    NFL must love having a team playing well being in LA.

  14. When the Patriots were on route to going 16-0, we complained about their sked, though theid nondivision opponents were tough (6 playoff bound teams). I don’t hear anyone complaining about the Rams sked.

  15. Remember the Packer team that ended up 15-1. Half their opponents were playing either rookie QBs or QBs new to the team. In many cases the Packers faced these QBs in their first start. Many of these teams were also in the middle of a 4-6 game losing streak.

    So it came as no surprise to me when they lost their first playoff game to the Giants in a rout.

  16. Good thing Kaepernick is not the Niners QB anymore. He’d have thrown about 6 interceptions against that Rams defense. But it would have been great to watch him get beat up by that Rams front four.

  17. San Fran has to think about firing Kyle Shanahan and moving on. The 49ers have been horrible for 2 straight seasons (Actually much longer in reality) under his leadership and if anything have actually gotten worse considering some of these failed long term big money deals KS/Lynch have the 9ers tied to over the next several seasons. QB Jimmy G looks to be a huge mistake, healthy he is at best average and turns the ball over wayyyyyy to much but the problem is he cannot stay healthy just like every Lynch F/A signing. In 10 career starts Jimmy G has separated his shoulder in NE which cost him two months, he injured his collar bone that cost him over a month and now he has torn his ACL all in just 10 career starts, dude is brittle to say the least I mean thats like Sam Bradford level injury prone. Their big money dual threat RB is coming back from an ACL, WR Pierre Garcon is always injured as is WR Goodwin though he is actually good when healthy, Sherman is up and down, several offensive line signed in free agency including huge free agent pickup Richburg are injury prone and off & on the field. The roster they’ve put together sucks , they have multiple missed picks though a couple this season look promising, but the overall Shanahan experience has been one huge failure. It’s time they start looking for different leadership especially if they fail again in 2019.

  18. andydlev says:
    October 21, 2018 at 9:59 pm
    The Ninera are going to be dangerous next season. Immu G along with Pat Mahomes are the future at QB

    Jimmy G sucks. Jimmy was WAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY OVVVVVER-HYYYYYPPEEED this off-season heading into the 2018 season and he proved that very quickly with his poor to mediocre play, turning the balll even more this season w/ a 3.5% INT percentage all while holding onto the ball wayyyyyyy to long causing him to take 13 sacks in just 3 starts (4FUMB) and many many more hits landing him on injured reserve for his 3rd time w/ his 2nd serious injury IN JUST 10 CAREER STARTS in his VERY SHORT Career, That is Sam Bradford level injury prone. Dude cannot stay healthy and is a marginal starter when he is. By this time next year Jimmy G will be the worst starting QB in the NFC-W and the most grossly over-paid, the two youngest & two best pure passers in the NFC-WEST are quickly going to become Arizona Cardinals (UCLA) QB Josh Rosen & LA Rams (CAL-BRK) Jared Goff and will be among the top 5 in the NFC in NO Time with the west becoming a QB Division for the first time in its inception damn near.

  19. phinatic29 says:
    October 22, 2018 at 8:39 am
    Rams > Patriots and guess what kids? it not even close.


    That may be but there are 20-25 teams > the Dolphins…..and it’s not even close

  20. Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, Marshawn all decided that Pete’s message was old and that they were the reason for Hawks’ success…

    They are a combined 5-15

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