Report: Cowboys doing due diligence on possible Amari Cooper trade

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Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said last week that the Raiders are not shopping wide receiver Amari Cooper in a trade, but that reportedly isn’t stopping the Cowboys from researching a possible move.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Cowboys have been doing due diligence to find out about Cooper as they mull making a push to deal for the 2015 first-round pick. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media also reported about the Cowboys’ interest and adds that the Raiders are looking for a first-round pick in return for Cooper.

Schefter adds Washington and Indianapolis as other teams that have made inquiries about Cooper.

The makeup of the Cowboys receiving corps has been seen as a weakness since the end of last season, but the team’s biggest moves at the position have been releasing Dez Bryant, signing Allen Hurns and trading for Tavon Austin. Cole Beasley leads the team with 26 catches for 294 yards.

Cooper has 22 catches for 280 yards and is currently in the concussion protocol after getting hurt against the Seahawks last Sunday. The trade deadline is October 30.

27 responses to “Report: Cowboys doing due diligence on possible Amari Cooper trade

  1. Offer a 3rd they will take it. He can play and that organization would rather have draft picks than players. Worst franchise in professional sports.

  2. This is where Stephen “silver spoon” Jones background in chemical engineering really comes in handy.

  3. He’s worth a 4th. If you’re giving a 3rd, you’re desperate.
    Cowboys will probably give them 2 firsts.

  4. I would not touch this guy for anything but a 4th rounder at best! He drops more passes then he catches and he disappears in games. He has talent but he is not elite. You know that Carr is next right. This is a total rebuild that is about to happen. Hence the 10 year contract. Crazy thing is I thought that the Raiders were closer to winning then losing and just needed a few new players here and there. It took us 5 years to total rebuild, oline dilne line backers qb rb and secondary. Now we got pro bowl players everywhere the problem is now is Coaching and Scott is going to bring us down and bring Jason with him. I hope to be proven wrong this year and would love to see Harbaugh come in IF we dont reach the Super Bowl.
    Still as of now In Jason I Trust. …. but that could change by tonight!

  5. I’m pretty sure the Colts receiving group has the highest number of drops in the NFL so Cooper would fit right in. Perhaps they will raise a banner.

  6. .
    The Cowboys do not have extra draft capital. The have the full complement minus a #6 sent to the Bengals. Oakland, on the other hand, has a bevy of extra picks. A trade may require Cooper and a pick going to Dallas for a higher pick.

  7. The Truth says:

    Lol…adding a good receiver for Dak Prescott is like putting central air in an igloo. For what ?
    thank the Lord above you are not the g.m. of this team, your constant moronic spews towards Dak is totally uncalled for. Ok mr smarty pants, if you totally dislike Dak, then who should be the quarterback?

  8. Tavon Austin is a hopeless trash at receiver. Counting on him to help the passing game is like counting on Garrett to coach some wins. Futile.

  9. Chuckles and Bowl Cut would take 2 7th rounders in the 2019 and 2020 drafts, with a case of Lone Star Beer, and some burritos from El Tejano in Oak Cliff.

  10. Cowboys might be dumb enough to give a first. That contract is awfully expensive on Cooper. I’d say no more than a 4th

  11. The Truth says:
    October 21, 2018 at 11:14 am
    Lol…adding a good receiver for Dak Prescott is like putting central air in an igloo. For what ?

    You still mad how He shredded Jax’s number one defense? What you expected instant success this year with Four new WR’s and a Rookie guard starting? Bet you didnt think that LeBron James and the Lakers would of started 0-2 this season either huh. Parrot is a better name for you bro, you just keep mumbling the SAME thing Over and Over and Over …and ..o v.

  12. Cooper is inconsistent. If you get him going early and he has success he is an all-pro but if you don’t get him involved early or a top CB is shutting him down, he doesn’t seem to fight through it. Love the guy, one of the few non-diva wideouts in the league. Wish he were more consistent. Would trade him if offered a 1st or 2cd round pick, gonna lose him anyway when his rookie contract expires, he has not played up to the level of cash he will get as a free agent. Someone will overpay for him.

  13. 700levelvet says:

    This is where Stephen “silver spoon” Jones background in chemical engineering really comes in handy.

    Says the guy who thought RGIII was a HOFer.

  14. Gruden is going to trade everyone who is up for free agency pay increase. Even though Cooper has been a disappointment the past few seasons the free agent market shows that teams are willing to take a chance and offer young players who are talented but under performed such as Sammy Watkins who got a huge deal in free agency.

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