Sony Michel to have MRI on Monday

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Patriots running back Sony Michel was carted off with a knee injury in the first half of Sunday’s win over the Bears and the wait for word on the severity of the injury will likely stretch beyond Sunday night.

PFT has learned, via a league source, that Michel will have an MRI on Monday. Michel was injured when his leg twisted under a tackler on a play that resulted in a lost fumble for the Patriots.

Michel ended his brief appearance with four carries for 22 yards and one catch for 13 yards.

James White and Kenjon Barner filled in at running back the rest of the way. White caught two touchdowns and had 97 total yards on the afternoon. The Patriots have already placed Rex Burkhead and Jeremy Hill on injured reserve this year and will likely be considering potential additions to their backfield while awaiting final word on Michel’s outlook.

22 responses to “Sony Michel to have MRI on Monday

  1. RE LEE says:
    October 21, 2018 at 8:12 pm
    Too poor/cheap to afford Le’Veon Bell.
    Bell is certainly not worth the $14.5 million franchise tag and Patriots are too smart to give it to him. His plan is to sign the offer during the Steelers bye week and coast for the rest of the season while making close to $1 million a game so as not to get injured and ruin his hopes for a huge payday after the season. He should have signed for the $70 million the Steelers offered him b/c no other team is going to come close. RB’s are just not worth that amount of money.

  2. Can they just make a deal and get Dion Lewis back?
    My Gawd. Did you see that guy today? Does anyone see him play?
    He’s the best running back in football that nobody seems to give a cr@p about.

  3. @kenwalterholds – Dion Lewis left because he wanted a payday just as he learned Pats were dropping him down the pecking order and wouldn’t be offering a raise. Pats knew he’d get more elsewhere and Titans have made him one of the top ten paid RBs in the league. But he’s just as injury prone and isn’t better than White. Unfortunately for Pats they’ve lost other key RBs to injury…

    But frankly, while I wish him and Vrabel’s team all the best, it’s such difficult cap decisions that have kept the Pats relevant for 2 decades while other champs fade after a year with all their SB stars wanting paydays. Fans of other teams don’t understand how brilliantly the Pats have managed the cap in the Era of Parity because neither their own crappy team nor any other has managed to come close to doing it. Hence invented PSI stories etc.

  4. Hope he’s alright. Didn’t look too good. I agree they should have kept Dion. He’s not an every down between the tackles guy either, though. Michel brought something to this team that they haven’t had in a while.

  5. This really sux. Was best back they had. Dude could also block. Just when the offense was thriving. Hope he’s not too bad.

  6. Wheels are falling off even earlier then expected. Grandpa Bradys arm is going to be dead by Christmas tryingto limp this team to the finish line.

  7. Mike Gillislee @ Orleans Darkwa come to mind if the Pats need to add a RB based on Sony’s injury status….MAYBE a trade for Abdullah because of history with Patricia…..
    Let’s hope Sony is ok though!!!
    I believe Rex Burkhead is eligible to come back off IR IN 2 weeks as well….

  8. RE LEE says:
    October 21, 2018 at 8:12 pm
    Too poor/cheap to afford Le’Veon Bell.


    The Steelers aren’t going to trade him there and risk facing him in the playoffs, anyway.

  9. mikemanning95 says:
    October 21, 2018 at 10:10 pm
    Wheels are falling off even earlier then expected. Grandpa Bradys arm is going to be dead by Christmas tryingto limp this team to the finish line.

    Where have we heard this before? Some folks never get tired of making foolish comments. I thought after Jax & Det they were all done? All they’ve done sice is win 3 in a row while knocking off the an undefeated, and one of the hottest teams in the league.

  10. I just read that Burkhead isn’t eligible to return till week 14……. although it’s great he can be back & help the Pats late in the season it’s still too long to wait if Sony is out for the season or extended period of time…..
    Pats have been hit pretty hard with the injury bug since pre season…..
    Thank GOD B.B. does his due diligence all season long looking at FA in case they need to fill a void in the depth chart….. reworking Gilmore’s contract before the trade deadline seems smarter & smarter at this point!!!
    Hopefully Sony has a full & speedy recovery!!!
    Go Pats!!!!

  11. Lol…. WHY. Would the Pats try to get Bell at his REDICULOUS SALARY DEMANDS….. NOT EVEN A THOUGHT IN BILLS MIND……
    Let some other FOOLS do that!!!
    Go Pats!!!!

  12. Hope its not to bad

    I hate seeing anyone getting twisted up like that.

    Signed a bears fan

  13. “Too poor/cheap to afford Le’Veon Bell.”

    Lolz Pats have 7.4 million in cap space left. He has 8.55 million coming if he were added to the Pats roster today. Sure the Pats could cut someone to clear space but that would leave nothing for other moves for the rest of the season.

    If the Pats were actually “cheap” as is constantly claimed, they would have a heck of a lot more cap space available.

    Can’t imagine the Steelers giving up Bell to the Pats for anything less than a king’s ransom either, which they would not be likely to offer up on top of Bell’s absurd salary demands which doesn’t even begin to fit the Pats cap model in which RBs are not high dollar players.

    And lets say just for a moment the Pats did pull that trade off. Can you imagine the backlash in Pittsburgh and around the league if he helped the Pats win another Super Bowl? That would be absolute hilarity to watch.

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