Adam Gase on playing DeVante Parker Thursday: We don’t have any more receivers

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The agent for Dolphins wide receiver DeVante Parker called Dolphins head coach Adam Gase incompetent on Sunday because his client was not in the lineup despite being healthy enough to play.

Gase said Monday that the comments didn’t bother him that much and that he’s spoken to Parker a little bit about the situation. That situation is set up to be a better one for Parker this week.

The Dolphins are playing the Texans on Thursday night and Gase announced that Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson are both going to miss the game. That means Parker will be joining Danny Amendola and Jakeem Grant in the lineup.

“We don’t have any more receivers,” Gase said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald.

Gase said there’s a good chance that Wilson lands on injured reserve and that the team will reassess Stills’ status heading into Week Nine.

14 responses to “Adam Gase on playing DeVante Parker Thursday: We don’t have any more receivers

  1. Give the packers a call they have a hoard of them and if they are too stupid to trade a couple for picks then they deserve themselves. Offer them a pass rusher, god knows they dont have any either.

  2. Wow! If Gase had any stones, he’d bench him or cut him, regardless of how many receivers he has left.

    How can the rest of the team respect a coach like this when players are disrespecting him like that and no consequences? Just put him back on the field because we are short.

  3. You guys need to stop looking at coaches as authoritarian figures. They are just coaches in a grown man’s game. There is no, you have to respect the coach in professional sports. The coach has a boss and ultimately, the goal is winning games.

  4. Injuries have just destroyed this team, everyone goes through them at some point, but the Dolphins basically lose at least 1 starter for the year every week. You really can’t have a next man up mentality when you have no more guys to step up.

  5. Good grief man!! Miami has been killed by season ending injuries all season. Game of attrition.

  6. scutz1972

    This isn’t high school or college football. A coach who is willing to bench one of his best available player at a position cause his feelings were hurt by something the player’s agent not the player said would lose the locker room way quicker than if he benched the player. Players want to win. They’re there to win in a ridiculously short career not to participate in after school specials.

  7. Terrible coaching brings bad play and bad attitudes. It’s clearly evident on this team. Might even be a contributing factor to the numerous injuries. Poor game plans, predictable bubble screens, zero halftime adjustments. Plain as night and day.

  8. True, injuries so far have crippled this team. I thought Gase did a good job his first year. After last years “Culter” fall back plan, the continuing troubles getting his offense to work, horrible defensive schemes and his handling of personnel I’m no longer certain he is a legit NFL head coach. If the Phins continue their downward spiral I hope Ross is actively working in the shadows to get Harbaugh to leave Mich and come to So. Fla.

  9. Injuries aside – I’m still sticking with a 7-9 or 8-8 record this season…of course
    more wins would be a bonus!
    You have to look at New England as the only club that seems to be
    able to keep rolling week to week after losing important players to IR, regardless
    of position, so is that brilliance of Belichick & his staff ?
    I mean even the year Brady tore his ACL they finished 11-5 !

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