Derek Anderson will start again this week

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The Bills will start Derek Anderson at quarterback again this week, coach Sean McDermott told reporters Monday, via Mike Rodak of ESPN.

Josh Allen remains out with an elbow injury. He was injured during an Oct. 14 game against the Texans.

The first-round pick is 2-3 this season, having completed 75 of 139 passes for 832 yards with two touchdowns and five interceptions.

Anderson, who signed with the Bills on Oct. 9, completed 20 of 31 passes for 175 yards with no touchdowns and three interceptions in the loss to the Colts on Sunday.

Anderson, 35, has made 48 career starts, going 20-28. He has completed 889 of 1,635 passes for 10,558 yards with 60 touchdowns and 63 interceptions.

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  1. Rookie QBs being thrown to the wolves by panicking coaches are faring pretty much as we’d expect so far this year.

    When the common talking point about “first round busts” is brought up, let’s remember how incompetently so many young QBs are being handled by their teams.

    Bills should have kept McCarron and started him all year, using this year as training for Allen. Cards should have started Bradford all year, using this year as training for Rosen. And so on. Only the Browns seem to have been in the right with their quick use of Mayfield – they had a good plan and were sticking to it before injury forced their hand.

  2. This roster is nothing like the 2017 roster.

    kevines255 says:
    October 22, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    How did this team make the playoffs last year?

  3. kevines255 says:
    October 22, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    How did this team make the playoffs last year?

    This isn’t the team that made the playoffs. They lost half their O-line, and traded Tyrod. At least he doesn’t turn the ball over. The lack of a veteran QB to mentor Josh Allen is not going to be good for Allens development, and they’ll be lucky if he survives the season behind that pathetic excuse for a O-line. The Bills are not a team that should have drafted a project QB.

    And the Bills are back to their mistake prone, ill-timed penalty style, after having been playing pretty clean football for a while. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Kelvin Benjamin. That was a pathetic performance all around.

  4. anderson is the best option to help the offense develop. anderson wont win many games , but he will open up the passing game in a passing league.

    mistakes made by a QB that throws for 300 yds. 2 tds and 5 int. has more teachable points than a QB throwing for 125 yds. 0 tds. with 11 sacks.

  5. “Brady has a quick releases but c’mon. He could count to ten back there. When he gets hit he’s not happy.”

    I just freaking love getting hit!!! Said no QB ever

  6. Exposed! I told you Bills fans all year that Tyrod wasn’t your problem – his scrambling and not turning it over pretty much single-handedly covered many flaws on that team and its coaching.

  7. This is the type of game that could be a trap for the Pats….. I’m confident Bill will have them ready but it’s hard for a team like the Pats to stay motivated against such an inferior team…. my guess is that the Pats get up early & big then slip into a comma the last quarter allowing the Bills to get a bunch of garbage time plays & points….
    Pats 36-24

  8. After the Pats, I root for the Bills. Change here needs to start at the top though, as it did for the Pats in the 90’s.

  9. bleedredwhiteandblue66 says:
    October 22, 2018 at 5:27 pm
    Nobody holds … errr … pass protects better than the Pats. Brady has a quick releases but c’mon. He could count to ten back there. When he gets hit he’s not happy.

    I get it, some folks can’t watch a play and a clock at the same time. Or their not really watching and failing at clever. Perhaps they missed the refs ushering the Bears down the field with flag after flag?

  10. jrday01 says:
    October 22, 2018 at 4:47 pm
    Kap is still available

    Bills already have some god awful QBs, why would you want them to get another god awful QB

  11. “Derek Anderson Will Start Again This Week”

    They could start Loni Anderson and it wouldn’t make a difference.

  12. Pats won’t overlook Bills. Last week’s game in Chicago was one of the sloppiest a NE team has played in a long time. They barely beat the Bears. There will be hell to pay this week in NE for almost letting the wheels fall off. Belichick will be riding them all week to right the ship in Buffalo. No days off.

    And hopefully Gronk won’t get too frustrated by all the hanging on the Bills are apt to do…. If he plays…. Gordon’s presence should help free him up some if he does play…. Gordon, assuming he’s healthy enough after the beating he took in Chicago (he limped from the podium at the end of his post-game press session), is fast becoming a trusted Brady target. Haven’t seen an in-season receiving acquisition do that this quickly in years, if ever.

  13. I think the potential of no Shady McCoy is a much bigger problem for the Bills than Derek Anderson.

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