DeVante Parker says he doesn’t agree with agent’s criticism of Adam Gase

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Dolphins wide receiver DeVante Parker is doing damage control a day after his agent called coach Adam Gase a liar.

After Parker was inactive for the Dolphins’ loss on Sunday, his agent put out a blistering statement ripping Gase. But Parker told reporters today that he didn’t authorize his agent to make that statement and doesn’t agree with it.

“I don’t feel that way about coach,” Parker said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald.

Parker said he’s not going to fire his agent, but he does wish his agent wouldn’t have inflamed the situation.

The Dolphins lost two receivers, Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson, to injuries on Sunday. Because of that, Parker is expected to play for the Dolphins on Thursday night against the Texans.

20 responses to “DeVante Parker says he doesn’t agree with agent’s criticism of Adam Gase

  1. Remember when the Dolphins were undefeated, up 2 games on the Pats and on their way to clinching the AFC East?

  2. I’m not too sure I dont believe Parker. Those agents are looking for that big pay day also. Parker is young and immature and that agent could of been talking out of line. Either way Miami needs Parker to step up big now.

  3. Oops. Doesn’t really matter whether it was the agent or Parker. Gase has to be pretty pissed about this.

  4. Gase is the worthless one, his play calling is so predictable anyone can stop it. Look at the stats also, Miami has made ZERO adjustments at halftime or late in games. And Gase always has some excuse as to why they did not win. Every team has injuries and poor officiating. He goes from 3 and 0 to most likely 4 and 4. Not a good outlook for him!

  5. Looks like his agent will get his playing time wish very soon. With Stills hurt and 772 injuring his hip Parker should get a chance to play.

  6. Agent are nothing more than self-serving blood suckers. Parker would be smart to dump his guy.

  7. To play WR in the NFL at a high level you have to be physically and mentally tough. You have to fight for balls and compete on every play. You have to get separation from corners. If you are blessed with height and a large radius you need to humiliate and dominate smaller corners. Does any of this sound like Parker? I had really high hopes for him when he was drafted. But he does not have “the dog”. He will be an average to above average WR in the NFL. He will never make a ProBowl. But he will make millions over the next 8-10 years due to potential. Not production.

  8. This agent pretty much shot himself in the foot. What player shopping for an agent would want to get near this guy? Calling out head coaches as liars seems like bad move to me…. especially if you have 10% income riding on future contract negotiations.

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