Jerry Jones’ other trades for No. 1 receivers didn’t work out

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The Cowboys traded a first-round pick to the Raiders for receiver Amari Cooper. While Cowboys fans have longed for a No. 1 receiver all season, they don’t seem particularly excited about the acquisition of Cooper.

Perhaps it’s because they remember the other times Jerry Jones traded his first-rounder(s) for No. 1 receivers.

Cooper is inexpensive compared to what the Cowboys traded for Joey Galloway and Roy Williams. Neither worked out for Dallas.

The Cowboys acquired Williams (pictured) at the trade deadline in 2008, getting the receiver and a seventh-round choice from the Lions for first-, third- and sixth-round selections. The Cowboys signed Williams to a five-year, $45 million extension, with $20 million guaranteed, soon after.

The Lions drafted tight end Brandon Pettigrew, receiver Derrick Williams and running back Aaron Brown in 2009. The Cowboys got 94 catches for 1,324 yards and 13 touchdowns in 40 games out of Roy Williams before releasing him.

A year after releasing Williams, Jones said, “I’d love to have that trade back.”

The Galloway trade arguably was worse considering Dallas sent two first-round choices to the Seahawks, who used the picks to take Shaun Alexander and Koren Robinson. Alexander earned NFL MVP honors in 2005.

Galloway played 48 games for Dallas, making 151 catches for 2,341 yards and 12 touchdowns.

The bottom line is this: It’s a fairly safe bet the Cowboys would have used their first-round pick on a receiver next spring. So if Cooper is better than whoever that player is, it was a good deal. If not, then it wasn’t.

44 responses to “Jerry Jones’ other trades for No. 1 receivers didn’t work out

  1. This is just another example of Jerrah’s delusional thinking that he’s always just one player away from another championship.

  2. Cooper will no doubt upgrade that WR corp but a first round pick for a WR2 on essentially a 1 year 14 million deal (option for next year) is horrible value. After that what happens if he doesn’t want to sign an extension in big D? Franchise tag? That’s a lot of money for a WR2.

  3. JJ gets more desperate every passing year. Mortality realizations in latter decades will do that to a person. If the ‘Boy’s lose again next week don’t be surprised if he fires Garrett.

  4. About Dez, perhaps you’ve not noticed that no one has signed him and he appears to be finished. Teams are taking a harder line on head case players. Particularly as they begin to age.

    Full disclosure: I have two favorite teams. The Seahawks and any NFL team playing Dallas on any Sunday, Monday or Thursday.

  5. This is the type of trade you make if you are New England, New Orleans , Kansas City or Los Angeles or Green Bay .you know what i mean, teams with the pieces in place and teams that have A QUARTERBACK !

  6. That’s some good perspective. This trade is positively sober in comparison.

    But still not what the team should be doing. Draft the best WR next year instead.

  7. Looks like they need to reign Jerry in a little. You can get a better WR in the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft. giving up a 1st for a WR is insane unless its a young Julio Jones or Mike Evans.

  8. There are only a few receivers worth giving up a #1 pick for and Amari Cooper isn’t one of them. Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, and maybe AJ Green, but Amari Cooper ?…Jerry keeps driving this team into the ground.

  9. Cooper is no slouch. Excellent route runner, even better after the catch. Can outrun any DB. More physical than given credit for. He fell off the last 2 seasons, but so did the entire Raiders team, especially the offense. The “problem” is that he’s reserved and drama free. Not going to complain publicly. Carries himself the same every day.
    Not sure if a #1 was too high, but if he get’s unleashed he will make plays down the field. He’s a dynamic playmaker if you game plan to his strengths.

  10. not sure which is worse … Raiders giving away all their players and pretty much tanking until their new stadium in Vegas is ready or Cowboys thinking they’re a WR away from contending.

  11. but if he get’s unleashed he will make plays down the field. He’s a dynamic playmaker if you game plan to his strengths.

    You said if he gets unleashed and that’s a big”if” with Garrett calling the game.

  12. “The bottom line is this: It’s a fairly safe bet the Cowboys would have used their first-round pick on a receiver next spring. So if Cooper is better than whoever that player is, it was a good deal”

    He is not unless Dallas would have reached for a receiver everyone had earmarked for fourth round. I am absolutely shocked that any team in the league would give up a number one–or two–or three even for this bust.

  13. Typical poor move by the Cowboys. The Cowboys will finish this season 6-10. Amari Cooper will have proven to be a huge bust. And Come next spring on draft day, when they’re just sitting there doing nothing on Day One because they gave away their 1st round draft pick, they’ll surely be sorry.

  14. This guy was a great wide receiver coming out of Alabama. If he is still anything like he was coming out of college the Cowboys got a steal.

  15. theaveragecharlie says:
    October 22, 2018 at 5:56 pm
    I think Jerry needs to go through the NFL’s concussion protocols. He’s playing fantasy football in a real league.

    We’d all be doing the same thing if we could.

  16. Cooper is not a #1. He distorted disapears too often and drops to many passes. I believe he leads the league in drops over the last 3 years.

  17. sammievee says:
    October 22, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    “The bottom line is this: It’s a fairly safe bet the Cowboys would have used their first-round pick on a receiver next spring. So if Cooper is better than whoever that player is, it was a good deal”
    Cooper is owed something like 12 million for 2019. So that Cowboys gave up a #1 pick for the right to pay this guy 12 mil, when they could have drafted a top WR with that pick and paid a fraction of that.

    The only way this deal makes any sense is if the Cowboys are 1 player away from contending and that 1 player is Amari Cooper, which I don’t think anyone other than Jerry could possibly believe.

  18. What about Damarius Thomas for a fraction of the price? It’s an upgrade at WR, arguably better than Cooper is now and you still get to keep your first rounder.

  19. Coop can be great. Just depends on the focus on him. I think he grew tired of the “non Crabtree” players and just didn’t care enough. I love watching him turn db’s around silly like.

    But for a first rounder, this was a no brainer.

    Best of luck coop and Dallas, now I will have someone fun to watch when the big d is on tv.

    Otherwise I’d just shut it off and do dishes

  20. The thing I don’t like about this trade is that it gives the appearance that the Cowboys don’t know what they’re doing. You could argue that while it was unpopular, getting rid of Dez at his salary made some business sense. They add Hurns as a cheaper version of Dez. They sign Thompson and trade for Austin to get some speed. They trade Switzer because he’s a less-proven Beasley. They also re-signed Brice Butler because he had success with Dak. All of those things — even though they’re not proving the best decisions — at least had some logic you could see behind them.

    But, giving up a first-round pick (and potential O-line help) for Cooper just doesn’t make sense. I’ve heard Garrett say over and over to “trust the process.” Now, it seems like they’re not doing that. Why sign Butler only to release him a few weeks later after giving him no playing time? I’m not really sure why you keep Thompson over Butler given his drops and limited production. I also don’t like keeping Terrance Williams, but I understand it given his cap hit and a potential injury settlement. But, bringing in Cooper and giving up a first round pick and getting rid of the WR with the second-most experience with Dak seems odd. I really hope they know what they’re doing.

  21. I judge it as a bad move but I’m sure most Cowboys fans love it. I loved when the Seahawks made moves for Percy Harvin, and Jimmy Graham. Harvin was a huge bust, Graham was a fraction of his former self, but at the time it made me feel great that the team was willing to try that hard, and take big swings.

    If he did nothing and kept losing, people would be frustrated, like “why do you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result?!?”

  22. In 2017 Dez had the second most drops in NFL of any receiver with at least 40 passes thrown to him.

    12.5% drop rate.

    The receiver with the most drops?

    Amari Cooper

    19.23% drop rate.

    From PFF

    Now I understand why Boys think he’s a ‘1’

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