Kenny Stills has groin strain, Dolphins may be down two receivers Thursday

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The Dolphins are struggling at the wide receiver position.

In addition to the hip injury that may cost Albert Wilson the rest of the season, Dolphins receiver Kenny Stills is getting an MRI today on a groin strain, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Although there’s been no word on Stills’ availability for Thursday night against the Texans, it seems like a long shot that a receiver dealing with a groin strain on Monday would be good to go by Thursday. So the Dolphins could be down two starting receivers.

With Wilson and Stills out, the Dolphins will rely even more on Danny Amendola, who is leading the team with 30 catches but is averaging just 9.8 yards per catch. Jakeem Grant will surely get more playing time as well, and the Dolphins may now use DeVante Parker, whose agent blasted coach Adam Gase after Parker was deactivated on Sunday.

10 responses to “Kenny Stills has groin strain, Dolphins may be down two receivers Thursday

  1. That’s too bad if both Wilson and Stills are out.
    Wilson looked definately badly hurt yesterday. Stills injury was ridiculous, because like
    last week there was a security guard at the back of the end zone. He hit the person last week, when retrieving a catch, and the same yesterday. How stupid to have anyone there not
    watching the game, and get out of the way.

  2. bradygirl12 says:
    October 22, 2018 at 12:28 pm
    In other words, this snoozer of a match-up just got even worse. Unwatchable.

    Snoozer maybe but I wouldn’t go so far as to say unwatchable. To a Pats fan any time we get to watch the lolphins get schooled is a good time. If for no other reason than we know it makes that portion of their fanbase that constantly trolls the Pats miserable.


  3. Why do the dolphins have 5 rbs, 4 qbs and only 5 wrs on the roster? Doesnt really matter, the defense was crap yesterday. What happened to the pass rush? Wake and Quinn have a combined two sacks and charles harris has zero.

  4. Look up the hit his father(Ken Stills) laid on Matt Suhey. His father did this type of stuff all of time.

  5. It is about time for Grant to be used more. I thought he could effectively replace Landry but Wilson took that role (and did well)…now Grant should get to show his speed. Call up a guy off the PS and leave Parker on the trade wire. O’Leary and Gesicki can be used more to cover the holes but the situation is far from ideal. I expect some dump offs to Drake as well but losing Stills and Wilson definitely hurts an already struggling offense. Note to Gase: on 3rd and long–throw the ball BEYOND the sticks. Defenses are playing close to stop the short stuff and hurting the run game in the process and causing 3 and outs.

  6. Great teams rise above injuries. Ie. Patriots

    If i recall correctly the year Brady tore his acl the Patriots missed the playoffs. They didnt seem to overcome then. And yes they went 11-5 but still watched the playoffs from home.

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