Week Seven sets another scoring record, with one game left to play

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The NFL didn’t need to wait for Week Seven to end before touting the spike in offensive production and performance.

With one game left to play (a Monday night game between the Giants and Falcons that could feature plenty of points), the NFL already has set a record through seven weeks for scoring, with 5,103 total points.

The 577 total touchdowns and 372 passing touchdowns also are the most through seven weeks of any season.

The scoring continues to be matched by excitement. For the first time since the NFL adopted regular-season overtime in 1974, each week has featured at least one overtime game. (The Browns, with four overtime games out of seven played, are one short of the single-season single-team record of five.)

Despite plenty of lopsided scores in Week Seven, 60 games have been decided by one score, which is tied for the second most in league history through seven weeks. Of those 60, 32 have been decided by three points or fewer, also second most in league history through seven weeks.

Perhaps that best news is that slightly more than two of three games have been within one score in the fourth quarter.

Here’s hoping the trend continues through the final 10 weeks of the regular season.

43 responses to “Week Seven sets another scoring record, with one game left to play

  1. ive said it before and i’ll say it again… rag on the Big 12 offense all you want but the NFL has turned into just that. spread offenses and concepts w/ high scoring shootouts

    you can bet that Lincoln Riley’s name will come up yet again as someone to target as a coach after black Monday


  2. Yeah and it makes me wanna barf. Defense is dead. Call me old fashioned but 10-6 or 17-14 IS A GOOD FOOTBALL GAME.

    Now it’s just a video game. And I love video games.

    But this is ridiculous.

  3. With most of those close, track meet, Arena Football-style games decided by who manages to have the ball last. Good thing long-term? Don’t know.

  4. Between parity and the refs now completely controlling the flow of a football game, it’s no coincidence that most games are decided by one score.

  5. The NFL is getting what it wants and it also may play a role in improving ratings. But real football fans are not thrilled about it, at least not most.

    While the NFL things its great that scoring is increasing, Id rather see an improvement in quality of play. Even with more scoring, there are still too many bad teams in the league. Barring some horrible injuries, the AFC is pretty much down to two teams that are contenders. The NFC isnt much better. Id rather see the NFL focus on quality of play and coaching than limiting defenses and trying to drive up scoring.

  6. It’s remindful if when MLB went on their juiced HR era…Those that made money thought nothing wrong with it.

  7. When all the numbers updated every week are “season to date” numbers, it doesn’t give much new information. If the offensive numbers were record-setting through six weeks, then they probably also are through seven weeks. More interested in the weekly trend and whether it’s running as hot as through the first few weeks or whether things have normalized.

  8. It’s getting pretty weird out there. The AFC East’s rankings are upside down if you look at points allowed (mostly because of the Bills’ epic 81 points scored):

    1) Patriots: 179 points allowed.
    2) Dolphins: 177 points allowed.
    3) Jets: 176 points allowed.
    4) Bills: 175 points allowed.

    Added bonus: The Dolphins and the Browns have the same differential (151-177) but the Dolphins are 4-3 and the Browns are 2-4-1.

  9. More scoring doesn’t make the game more exciting when it comes at the degradation of physicality. When a quarterback gets “sacked” and stays on his feet, and when the defenders look like they’re actually helping him stay up so they don’t get flagged and fined, which I have seen, then that is not exciting.

  10. REAL FOOTBALL is dead….. This is what the NFL is leaning towards for some time….. the new concussion issue is the massive increase in MCL/ACL TEARS & STRAINS….
    That’s why I’m not too worried about the Pats inconsistencies on D

  11. I enjoyed the close low scoring Cowboys Redskins game. When you’re allowed to play defense, the points matter. In this Arena league we have now, who cares if you give up a few TD’s, you can easily get them back.

    Call me crazy, but I like watching where possessions really matter, and each play is intense. I don’t like watching the NFL version of the NBA all star game.

  12. Yep, no defense just like “BOOMER SOONER!!!”. BTW, Hook’em Horns!

    As for the NFL, thanks to this and so many other things the league has done to itself, my Sundays are being freed up for other things. Fortunately, I live in a warm climate where I have many other choices of things to do on Sunday afternoons.

  13. Meanwhile the Washington Meatheads could only score 13 points on offense with Captain checkdown at the helm. There were as many touchdowns scored by the defense as by the putrid Alice Smith driven offense.

  14. Maybe my response is colored by being a Texans fan, but I feel like at least part of the reason the NFL is starting to score a ton of points is that there are more bona-fide franchise QBs than there were a few years ago. Think back to 2014. How many teams were in desperate need of a QB?

    Zach Mettenberger was starting for the Titans.
    Mark Sanchez was starting for the Eagles.
    Kyle Orton was starting for the Bills.
    Shaun Hill was starting for the Rams.
    Colin Kaepernick was starting for the 49ers.
    The Texans were starting Ryan Mallet/Brian Hoyer
    The Jets were starting Geno Smith (a way past-his-prime-and-recently-out-of-prison Michael Vick also made starts).
    Drew Stanton was starting for the Cardinals (Palmer tore his ACL)
    Josh McCown was starting for the Bucs (this was pre-career renaissance, he was terrible with the Bucs).
    Blake Bortles still existed.
    Ryan Tannehill and Joe Flacco were considered top-16 QBs.

    The only teams that really have desperate QB issues in 2018 are the Jags (and maybe the Giants). Denver probably has some unrest about Keenum. Everyone else is set for next year at QB (barring a Brady/Brees/Rothelisberger retirement). New rules or not, there is just more QB talent right now than there was 4 years ago.

  15. Give me a 24-21 0r 21-20 game with hard fought points scored where defense matters over this video garbage any day.

    Having every game become a 43-40 shootout makes the games that were shootouts in the past nothing special. Those used to be unique. Something to be remembered. Stats meant more. Now even average QBs will throw for over 5000 yards a season with gobs of touchdowns.

    Prepare for the names/records of Unitas, Elway, Marino, Favre and others to be rendered meaningless. It’s just a matter of years before names like Mahomes, Wentz and Darnold pass them in yards and TDs

  16. The NFL will never be the same again. Defenses are crippled, offenses are overpowered and favored by the league, a lot of the match-ups are terrible on Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football, the refs don’t even know all of the league’s rules, and it will worsen even further when their Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks finally retire. We’ll never see another NFL with quarterback talent that rivals the likes of Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Johnny Unitas, Terry Bradshaw, Steve Young and the 2000s era of Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees. I’ll even include an honorable mention for Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. They still won super bowls in very good games. The NFL got worse when Peyton Manning retired, and it will go downhill even more when Brady, Belichick, and Drew Brees retire as well.

  17. It’s the new Basketball. I watch football like I do basketball now. Don’t watch the games until the last 2 minutes. See who gets the last possession.

  18. Quit the whining already.
    Rules are rules, don’t like it, then don’t watch and don’t come in here to whine about it. There are plenty of folks still watching, myself included and I could cares leas what the rules are. They add a new wrinkle and level of intrigue.

    As for those who say there will never be a talent like x and y…. I hear the same thing every year for over 40 years now…. and yet here they come…

  19. Crappy product these days. Was much more entertaining when a TD really mattered and you might have 2 or 3 a game per team plus some field goals.

    The benchmark of a good game by a QB was 250 yards, and 300 was somewhat unusual and a great effort. Receivers had to really work and fight off defenders who were allowed to at least hand fight and not draw a PI for looking at a receiver in a mean and threatening way.

    This product has defense legislated out by attorneys and is designed for fantasy players / gamblers. One of the many reasons I have gone from watching every possible game to just the Pats and playoffs/SB. And very often I go out and run errands for at least an hour during the game catching chunks on the radio as I drive in between places I’m going to.

  20. Reminder that low-scoring doesn’t necessarily equal great defense. I’ve seen plenty of 10-7, 9-6, etc. games that were filled with turnovers, dropped passes, missed kicks, and sloppy play.

  21. I can’t wait for Brady to retire so I can finally stop watching this sport that used to be competitive but now is just defenses with hands tied behind their backs getting flagged for literally touching a wide receiver’s jersey. This is no longer entertaining and I’m not impressed with the new flavor of the year Mahomes only because of this new era of no defense.

  22. Maybe like many here,I’m old fashioned and miss the game i grew up loving in the 80/90’s.
    I guess this new style of football is design to attract the younger generations.
    I remeber watching every second of football no matter which teams were playing, and I remember how a 17-14 defensive game could be so exciting. But yesterday that my favorite was on a bye, I realized how I just have interest in my team and not so much in the rest of league.

  23. pooman420 says:
    October 22, 2018 at 12:15 pm
    Maybe my response is colored by being a Texans fan, but I feel like at least part of the reason the NFL is starting to score a ton of points is that there are more bona-fide franchise QBs than there were a few years ago. Think back to 2014. How many teams were in desperate need of a QB?

    It’s hard to tell, maybe you’re right. But couldn’t it be that the new rules are what make the “bona-fide”qbs?

  24. Arena league without the walls?

    This kind of football is like a double stuffed Oreo. Sounds good until you get about 4 cookies in, then you get sick.

  25. For all those not liking the points going up like a pinball machine take the wife out for a Sunday drive and watch the leaves turn colors.

  26. Perhaps that best news is that slightly more than two of three games have been within one score in the fourth quarter.

    Here’s hoping the trend continues through the final 10 weeks of the regular season.
    so I guess you are claiming the NFL has never been better?

  27. pooman420,

    Interesting observation with data to go with it. There is only one point I would argue – I don’t think Ryan Tannehill was ever considered a top 16 QB.

  28. By design! Nobody wants to see a 9-6 field goal contest! If the want boring put on a soccer game!

  29. I like scoring, but this is out of control.

    Garbage “football” (in quotations because IDKWTF this is anymore).

    As I was saying in another thread: If everyone bets the over, defenses will [magically] return

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