Broncos “will look into” Chad Kelly arrest and “make a decision”

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The Broncos released a boilerplate statement about quarterback Chad Kelly‘s arrest for criminal trespassing on Tuesday and General Manager John Elway had a bit more to say during an appearance on Orange & Blue 760 later in the day.

According to a police affidavit, a woman was sitting on her couch holding a child when Kelly entered the residence without an invitation. He was said to be “mumbling incoherently” and the woman called her husband to force Kelly out of the house.

Elway said that the team is “very disappointed” in Kelly, who had been at Von Miller‘s annual Halloween party earlier on Monday evening, and that they will consider a further response as they gather more information about the incident.

“The charges are very, very serious, and we understand that … we will look into this, and then make a decision as we go,” Elway said.

Kelly had off-field issues before getting to the NFL, but hasn’t had any since being selected by the Broncos with the final pick of the 2017 draft.

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  1. grown ass men dressing up for Halloween, I mean don’t the Broncos have better things to do? no wonder they suck – Broncos fan

  2. He is lucky as hell the owner was not holding. That could have ended bad. Sounds like he took it too the limit at a party and didn’t want to call Uber like Winston as a fellow QB lol

  3. I blame De Smith, the union head of the NFLPA since he is Kelly’s direct representative to the NFL and the media.
    Why didn’t De Smith do something to stop Kelly?
    Didn’t the NFLPA educate Kelly about not committing crimes as an NFL player?
    Clearly the NFLPA and De Smith completely dropped the ball here and failed to take care of their client.

  4. Still a few days before the trade deadline for Cincinnati to acquire him. He’d fit in well.

  5. For me, the question is was he driving, either before he got there after he left, or both? An incoherent drunk behind the wheel is like pointing a loaded gun randomly into a crowd.
    Suspension time. Idiot was this close to starting too.

  6. Kelly and a draft pick for Carr. The Raiders are going to suck for the next few years, they might as well have a QB on the cheap.

  7. I don’t know many people who get hammered and go into the wrong residence. Honestly, that isn’t something that should be normalized because it’s not. With that being said, there was no alcohol in his system according to police.

  8. He was going to streak the quad and needed a place to drop his clothes off first….everybody is doing it

  9. some of that good legal weed in colorado might make a chap mumble incoherently.
    as this old guy told me once ‘boy there aint no tellin’ what goes on over at that place”
    just sayin, the old guy was pretty wise

  10. This guy has been in trouble in high school ,college x2 and now in the pros . Just like tinker bell he’ll never grow up.
    Sad because he can really sling the ball.

  11. Look, folks Chad Kelly has a substance abuse problem that will continue to spiral out of control for him until he is ready to let go and accept what is becoming blindingly obvious to any casual observer. I don’t know his family history but good chance he can find some substance abuse issues there as examples for what comes next. Chad can step off that elevator headed down at any time but only he can make that choice.

    What John and the Broncos can do is recognize this young man is on a slippery slope and support him through his recovery efforts. That includes not encouraging “team building” events that become a catalyst for recovering substance abusers to implode. I’m very very disappointed in you John to be honest for allowing this to happen at a team building event.

  12. ———————

    pioniere says:
    October 23, 2018 at 4:22 pm
    Mr. Irrelevant.


    That’s probably what he was mumbling….

  13. What this article left out was that it was a “cocaine” themed party. According to Denver radio: Emmanuel Sanders dressed up as Tyrone Biggums (from Chappelle Show). Brandon Marshall was Bobby Brown and had white power under his nostril. Kelly was walking around with a water bottle during the party according to party goers, but .that different mean he wasn’t on something else. He’s clearly a spoiled fool that doesn’t get it. He dropped in the draft due to a lack of maturity and this may end his career.

  14. PFT on CTV Vancouver. says:

    October 23, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    He should be thankful he did not get three 9mm hollow points in his chest.


    RIP Darrent Williams

  15. Wait! Wait! Wait! Wasn’t there another player who had been out with or over at Miller’s who did something bizarre later? Am I having fake deja vu here? Seriously, someone help me remember. Some guy who got naked, acted crazy, story seemed to disappear, and he said he was “dehydrated” or something?????

  16. Why do people assume the homeowner was unarmed? Just because Chad Kelly was not harmed doesn’t mean the homeowner was unarmed.


  17. iglz99 says:
    October 23, 2018 at 2:35 pm
    So he got hammered and went into the wrong residence….

    Who’s honestly never done something similar?


    Best comment of the day. You get my thumbs up!

  18. youngnoizecom says:
    October 23, 2018 at 3:28 pm
    I don’t know many people who get hammered and go into the wrong residence. Honestly, that isn’t something that should be normalized because it’s not. With that being said, there was no alcohol in his system according to police.


    Still think the comment was the best of the day, because yes, I do know people who have done so. While it shouldn’t be normalized – and it shouldn’t – I’ve known people who have gone to wrong hotel room doors, as an example, after a night at the bar. Shouldn’t be normalized but it also isn’t the next American Crisis. I also know people with mental illness who have, people with other neurological diseases who have. My point is simple – no one is “normalizing” anything. But the OP was saying let’s lighten up until we know facts. If the guy was just wasted and did something dumb, he will have to face the consequences. But what if he has brain cancer?

  19. intellectual, your jokes are old AF as Cincy doesnt lead and hasnt lead the NFL in arrest in a while. Get new material. #HorribleComedian

  20. Derty Ernesto says:

    “You don’t suppose he got a hold of some weed? Where could he possibly acquire it from?”

    For you and the other few uninformed weed jokesters: Marijuana doesn’t cause you to black out or mumble incoherently. That’s the kind of behavior drinkers exhibit. Try to progress past the Reefer Madness propaganda.

  21. The decision is that Case Keenum sucks and they might need Kelly to play. Therefore, he will be deemed worthy of a second chance and everyone makes mistakes.

  22. I remember when a lot of Bronco fans were literally screaming for him to start and couldn’t wait to jettison Lynch to give up that roster spot. This is why Elway was so hesitant, and this is why Kelly almost went undrafted. He’s just…kind of nuts.

    “Marijuana doesn’t cause you to black out or mumble incoherently”

    And I’ve certainly seen people do that when getting really high, and you have too, so don’t lie. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear this is not marijuana (my first guess actually would be Xanax honestly), but don’t act like this never happens ever to someone who smoked or bring up that irrelevant alcohol/marijuana debate. That’s all irrelevant anyway-no matter what he was on or not on, he now is facing a trespassing charge and possibly is regressing back to his college habits of irresponsibility.

    Kelly has incredible arm talent, but this and the fact that he has yet to play against an NFL first team defense are two reasons that I believed that the Broncos should have retained Lynch for the last year of his rookie deal. Keenum is not giving them any more wins, and if Lynch still did not improve, then the Broncos would be in prime position to address their other positions of need (they did not do so) and to possibly draft a difference making QB next year. I understand what Elway was going for, but Kelly is not reliable as a backup or starter just yet.

  23. Wow! a White guy from the NFL getting arrested that’s about a first this year. I’m just stating a fact, and there is no denying it.

  24. Funny to see a whole lot of judgmental comments on here, about something a “rookie” did off the field, when they literally have no idea what really happened, and what the circumstances were. Hell….for all we know, teammates dropped him off out front, an encouraged him to proceed, like he was home. Toxicology will indicate if he was on any prohibited substances, but that will take some time. Lets face it! Playing in a professional sport puts athletes in an unusual scenario, where the reality of the common mans work day, really do not apply to them. The “day off” for a typical NFL player, is in most cases Monday….get over yourselves folks, and let the league and law enforcement get to the facts before you judge.

  25. In the good old days (1980s) this was the kind of thing Elway used to pull off with great frequency and he’d simply earn a free ride home from the Denver PD.

    Denver is used to this kind of deal. Elway especially.

  26. iglz99 says:
    October 23, 2018 at 2:35 pm
    So he got hammered and went into the wrong residence….

    Who’s honestly never done something similar?

    238 300 Rate This


    This is a hilarious comment.

    If I am making 6 figures while holding a clipboard, being given a final
    chance at the sport, I am not wandering into a neighbor’s house mistakenly while ripped. Possible, but not all that likely.

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