Everson Griffen back with Vikings Wednesday

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Defensive end Everson Griffen has been away from the Vikings for nearly a month as he’s worked on “resolving personal issues” after a series of troubling events that led to a mental health evaluation.

Griffen’s absence is coming to an end. The Vikings announced that Griffen will resume activities with the team when they gather for work on Wednesday.

“Being around my teammates and coaches is something I have missed for several weeks,” Griffen said in a statement released by the team. “While this is an exciting and positive move forward for me, it is only the next step in a longer process. I look forward to once again putting in the work with the guys and contributing to this team in any way I can. My larger focus remains on addressing my personal health, and I’m hopeful the time will come when I feel comfortable sharing my story and using my platform to bring awareness to these issues. I continue to be extremely grateful for the constant support from my family, my teammates, the Vikings organization and our tremendous fans.”

General Manager Rick Spielman said in another statement that the team is excited to have Griffen back in the fold and “our focus will continue to be on providing an on-going support system for Everson and his family.”

56 responses to “Everson Griffen back with Vikings Wednesday

  1. Excellent news but bring the man along slowly. Everyone else in the NFL is in mid-season form. Don’t need him to break down physically by ramping it up too quickly.

  2. Now that’s what I am talking about. This will be the change of the season for the Vikings. Get your popcorn ready as we really gonna turn the page! SKOL!

  3. I’d be shocked if he played against the Saints. Glad to see him returning to normal life though. Agree with earlier poster that I’d like to see him worked back into the mix slowly. Weatherly has been adequate in relief so far.

  4. Happy to hear he’s made significant progress. That’s more important than football.

    That said, if you’re ready, I’d love to have you back on the field.

    But only if you are ready.

  5. Excellent news! I’m glad he was able to get the help he needed and now he can get back to work with the Vikes!

  6. Great news Viking fans! I love it when your best are healthy – you look and play like champions.

  7. Welcome back Everson!!! We have our team leader back. Team energy is going to be high on Sunday. It’s time to bring the noise.

  8. I just hope he’s okay — who cares about him playing this weekend.

    And get this tool pokemonblow critiquing Vikings fans for being happy a player is improving his mental health. Not even counting the fact the person uses a username based on a lame outdated child’s card game, based on that comment, it’s pretty clear who the sad and pathetic one is.

  9. Don’t know (nor does anyone else) what the mental issues were/are but I would think that getting back into a routine that he loves should probably be good for him and physically his body has had a bit of a break.

    I would not be surprised to see him play Sunday.

  10. Big boost to the Vikings defense that seemed to get back on track a couple weeks ago and now faces it’s biggest test with Brees and co. coming to town this Sunday.

  11. Welcome back Griff. Hope you have everything on the right track. You are a huge member of this organization and the fans love ya brother.

  12. pokemonblow says:
    October 23, 2018 at 7:10 pm
    Vikings fans are so sad and pathetic.
    Why? Wishing a man the best as he battles demons most of us don’t know about? You might want to take a hard look in the mirror and ask why you’re so miserable, and get the help you need.

  13. Good news for a snake bitten team this year. I just hope they haven’t pumped him full of those mind numbing drugs that make people walk around like Zombies. Personal experiance with a family member with problems that seem close to Everson’s. She would just sit and stare at the tv for hours. She hated taking them until they worked out the correct meds. Good luck Mr G! This member of the Vikings forever club is pulling for you. SKOAL and “I Vike That”.

  14. philcodean says:
    October 23, 2018 at 8:24 pm
    Pack fan here, wishing Everson complete recovery from his issues. Some things just rise above the game and rivalries.

    Thanks for being respectful. 🍻

  15. Wow that may be the best news I have heard in a some time. Based on the stories I wasn’t expecting him back any time soon. So Happy for him, and this is beyond football, I hope he is healthy and can continue to be the best Father and family man he can be, whatever he is able to add on the field is truly a bonus, Glad you are back Sack Daddy!

  16. He’s lucky he’s not in jail, most people in his situation would be right now. Being rich and playing for the Vikings sure does help.

  17. aj66shanghai says:
    October 23, 2018 at 8:38 pm
    Because, severe mental health issues get resolved in 4 weeks.


    Yes. They can. Acute symptoms can be reduced to manageable symptoms in days. Whatever he’s dealing with isn’t gone, nor will be gone, But as long as he’s returned to baseline he should be fine so long as he maintains his meds/therapy.

  18. aj66shanghai says:
    October 23, 2018 at 8:38 pm

    Because, severe mental health issues get resolved in 4 weeks.



    If you were paying attention, you’d know it’s something he’s been dealing with a long time. Yes, he had an episode. No, it does not mean he has to stop living his life.

  19. Can’t help but wonder how his absence and all that went on that weekend affected the Buffalo game. It was such an odd result that didn’t match up with the rest of the Vikings’ year.

  20. From a Packer fan…I care more about him as a human and for the people he can help down the….very proud of you…faith..family…than football…to many people have it backwards..

  21. Ryan says:
    October 23, 2018 at 9:02 pm

    He’s lucky he’s not in jail, most people in his situation would be right now. Being rich and playing for the Vikings sure does help.


    Always enjoy a Lion’s fan talking about dirty players, especially when they are the dirtiest team in the NFL (Suh, Raiola, etc..) and have one (1) playoff win in a human life expectancy.

  22. I dont know what his contract situation is, but after this season i would ask him for a pay cut or release/trade him. Hunter seems to flourish on the right side and Zim seems to find guys that can do enough on the rest of the line. This is not a popular opinion, but the Vikes could use some cap money to spend on other area’s.

  23. Great news! So glad to see Everson is getting back into the groove- hopefully he plays Sunday Night. This man brings such personality to the team- gotta love him! I bet Hunter is diggin’ it too!

  24. I really don’t know what reason there would be to bring him along too slowly guys? He’s not injured and he’s a fairly intelligent player. I would imagine he’s well conditioned. I don’t think he should be going with midseason amount of snaps or anything, but I’d say the best thing for him even is to go ahead and get him going again pretty quickly. He is a down defensive lineman, I would say he will be good to go pretty quickly. I would imagine they even keep Hunter on griffens former side of the field and throw griffen on the front side.

  25. Happy this Star is back. Opposing qbs can now run for their lives and trolling fans can whine about it. Go Vikings

  26. Ryan says:
    October 23, 2018 at 9:02 pm

    He’s lucky he’s not in jail, most people in his situation would be right now. Being rich and playing for the Vikings sure does help.
    Please enlighten me, what criminal charges should he be facing? And try to remember two things: 1) his actions were a direct result of mental distress or defect and 2) no one involved viewed his actions as criminal and would not pursue any legal action against him.

  27. I am proud to see that there is a really small number of haters coming out on this thread. This is serious, it’s also sad, and it affects millions of people besides just EV. Some days I read all the nasty remarks about people with injuries and I wonder what’s wrong with people. This thread has been remarkably clean all things considered. I guess there’s hope after all.

    Good luck EG you have been missed.

  28. Glad to hear he is rejoining the team. A sense of getting back to “normal” will be helpful for him moving forward. I bet this move is more motivation for the team as a whole going into a tough Sunday night match up. That along with Thielen’s possible record breaking night, and playing at home with a crazy crowd the Vikings will more than likely sit him unless the game gets crazy out of hand. Looking forward to a great game Sunday night.

  29. Ryan says:
    October 23, 2018 at 9:02 pm
    He’s lucky he’s not in jail, most people in his situation would be right now. Being rich and playing for the Vikings sure does help.


    Actually you are wrong. Police officers often take those who are in some sort of manic/psychotic episode to the hospital and then involuntarily admitted to a 72 hour hold unless they are able to sign themselves in.

  30. Being a huge Vikings fan I’m happy he’s back, but we all know this is short lived. Mental health issues don’t get fixed that quickly. But whatever it takes to win.

  31. He might be back with the Vikings but the better question is whether he is back on his meds? I realize the Vikings are panicked but they would be better served by ensuring he is mentally ready to handle the rigors of playing in the NFL. This short-term thinking is counterproductive but when a franchise hasn’t won the big prize in 57 years, this passes for acceptable.

  32. It’s funny that just about everybody outside of Minnesota realizes that Griffen is faking it.
    Well I certainly hope he’s getting all the attention that he wanted.

  33. They finally got over his absence and are playing back at a high level and now they are having in come back. Why? It will happen again. Not a matter of if but of when.

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