Anyone and everyone is available in Oakland

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When Raiders coach Jon Gruden recently told Chris Mortensen of ESPN in the aftermath of the deal that sent receiver Amari Cooper to Dallas that no further trades will be coming, no one believed it.

And no one should believe it, because (as Vic Tafur of writes, via “[e]veryone is available.”

The answer came in response to the question of whether guard Kelechi Osemele could be traded, and it comes amid increasing chatter that 2016 first-round cornerback Gareon Conley (who slid to the Raiders amid an eleventh-hour rape allegation) could be traded.

The inconsistent messages from the team are created potential problems for coach Jon Gruden. As an unnamed player told Tafur, “When what you say and what you do are two different things, there is a problem.”

That say-one-thing-do-another characterized Gruden’s tenure in Tampa. If he hasn’t shed those tendencies after nearly a decade out of football, that doesn’t bode well for the balance of his career.

In Oakland, Gruden (per Tafur) told players that Cooper wouldn’t be traded. And then he was traded. That has created a sense that, as another player told Tafur, “I think many of us realize we won’t be here next year. We are just waiting to see if we will be here next week.”

One player went on the record. “Of course I’m concerned about the locker room,” tight end Lee Smith told Tafur.

It all adds up to more struggles for a 1-5 team that seems to be in full-blown rebuild mode, which is become a tanking. And, of course, we know it’s a tanking because Gruden has publicly insisted that the team isn’t tanking.

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  1. Gruden should let everyone know that he is looking to field a team with a certain type of player, and he will find them whether they are in the locker room or in the draft. That might change the players perspective and fight a bit harder for a job.

  2. Raiders already have three 1st round picks in next years draft. I can’t remember a time where a team had four, but they might be able to get there by trading Carr.

  3. Some things never change.
    The KC Chiefs will still own the Raiders until Patrick Mahomes retires and enters the HOF as the GOAT.
    Gruden has already given up, he knows he cant overtake Andy Reids squad.
    Carr knows it, you saw him crying when he saw the Mahomes magic

  4. Why not? It’s obvious that many of those guys are not Gruden’s cup of tea and he’s going to build the team the way he wants to, win, lose, or draw.

  5. You want to win long term? TANK.. Mark Davis can;t afford the team he has now while still in Oakland. Burn the salary to the ground, Lose as much as you can and stockpile picks over the next 3 years and pray you hit on young cheap talent. As a Browns fan trust me it hurts, but when you start hitting on picks my god it feels good. Trust The process…

  6. .
    “In Oakland, Gruden (per Tafur) told players that Cooper wouldn’t be traded.”


    In fairness to Gruden, he probably never figured that another team would offer a mid round #1 choice in the upcoming draft. It was like the Godfather (Jerry Jones) told son, Stephen, to make the Raiders “an offer that they can’t refuse.”

  7. With everything that is going on in the Raiders HQ, with trades, possible trades, and rumors of mutiny against Derek Carr. Can or will the team as a whole even try to win.Gruden has created a bleak environment. Who in their right mind would want to become a part of this dis-functional David Koresh camp that the Raiders have created? The question now is, when will Derek Carr really get hurt do to this unsure play.
    Also, the way to toughen up Carr is in practice. In front of everybody, have him hand over the RED JERSEY. Its time to play with the big boys.

  8. Jalen Richard and Lee Smith are “on the record” with their comments. In this day and age of “unnamed sources” they should be commended. Any “unnamed sources” are likely players who may be worried that their scholarships are up. Vic Tafur has been upset with Gruden ever since the Mack trade. Tafur was close with Cooper as well. Such is life.

  9. Anyone who thought this lucky, rodeo clown, game show host, NFL coach wannabe could still cut it in this day and age should have their voting rights removed. Look up anomaly and you’ll see SB 37. I thought he was annoying but fun as a broadcaster but his act won’t fly anymore.

  10. That’s a shame. Reggie had them going in the right direction.
    In comes Gruden and destroys the team. If Reggie is as smart as I
    think he is, he’ll be leaving soon.

  11. I don’t get it. As a life long Denver fan, I’m not sad to see Oakland tanking again, but a couple of years ago under Del Rio, Oakland was headed in the right direction. Carr looked like he was going to be a major headache for the rest of the AFC West for years. Mack was a force to be reckoned with, they had some receivers and they were starting to play Raider nasty again. Gruden has gone full auto Al Davis and blown the whole works up just because they weren’t “his guys”? Crazy. Send Carr to Denver

  12. This is all music to my ears. The Raiders have had one winning season in the last 16 years. If Mark Davis is paying Jon Gruden $100 million to keep going in the same direction, that would be the biggest story of the century. Why on earth would you pay a super bowl winning coach $100 million to keep losing? What do expect Gruden to say? If it’s 4th and goal in the super bowl and a sideline reporter runs up and asks the coach what he’s going to call, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t tell you the truth. I think some people take themselves too seriously. Gruden was hired to win. When Gruden was in Oakland the last time he turned them into a super bowl team. Since he left, they’ve been horrible. Raiders’ fans are happy that Gruden is going to rebuild this team into another super bowl contender. If you’re not a good football player, you might want to have a bag packed. It’s a new day in Oakland and Mark Davis wants to win. He’s tired of all the losing since Gruden left the last time. Gruden is returning the Raiders to greatness. With the draft picks he’s stockpiling, the wait won’t be a long one.

  13. Raiders weren’t going to trade Amari Cooper but then Dallas made a ridiculous offer.

    These players are grown men, they know that it’s a business and the Raiders absolutely fleeced the Cowboys on this deal. It’s just common sense.

    Carr is next!

  14. How crazy would a straight-up trade of Derek Carr for Marcus Mariota be? I actually think we have yet to see either’s ceiling. I mean, has either one ever had good coaching? As a Titans fan, I see a lot of disillusionment with Mariota among our more fair-weathered fans. I’m not one of them. This is the first season our offensive coordinator has ever called plays. Um, did you see the play he chose for that game ending 2-point conversion attempt in London? What that …?

    All that to say, I still believe. Go Titans. Go Carr.

  15. With the way Gruden has destroyed the Raiders roster, there are really only 4 players left with any value – Carr, Gabe Jackson, Osemele & Hudson.

    With Gruden’s documented history of awful draft picks, the chances of an infusion of quality talent is between slim & none. So as long as Gruden remains with the Raiders, they’ll be a roster full of “Gruden Grinders” (i.e. no-talent scrubs). I doubt the Raiders will surpass 4 wins in any season for as long as Gruden is the HC.

  16. Gruden tells everyone…”just what they want to hear”…truth plays little part.Everyone on the team now knows that they are expendable, including the QB.This whole situation screams of a total tanking of the current season…a treading on the water , making as many trades as possible, until the team arrives at the ” promised Land ” in Las Vegas….The big question will be ” Just Who is willing to come on Board and finance the new venture with PSL’s, season or stadium tickets ?

  17. Gruden stinks. If he could really coach they would have kept their players and be at least .500 right now. They were a playoff team two years ago so they have talent.

  18. Chucky is modeling Belichick and with his long contract he know has enough time to blow up the team and build it from the ground up and instill a, hopefully, winning culture. It’s a Machiavellian approach that may or may not lead to winning. Time will tell. But it’s great theatre!

  19. Bruce seems like a great trade candidate. He can still play, but is miscast as a 4-3 DE. I think he would be much better as a 3-4 OLB where he can play in space a bit/ use his speed a bit more.

  20. Because all those draft picks REALLY helped the Cleveland Browns. How was Gruden’s draft record with the Bucs? Oh…

  21. They really just should have kept Del Rio. Last year was a down year and maybe cracks were showing and they would be just as bad with him this year – but Gruden aint gonna turn this around. Dont care how many draft picks they get – he is actually a qb killer.

  22. Hey Raider fans – remember when you were all overjoyed at the return of Gruden?

    Good times… good times.

  23. That’s a shame. Reggie had them going in the right direction.
    In comes Gruden and destroys the team. If Reggie is as smart as I
    think he is, he’ll be leaving soon.
    Right direction?? GOO REGGIE is like 36- 63 as the Raiders GM. And he will be fired at the end of the year if not sooner. Gruden is in complete control. McKenzie is worthless.

  24. I am starting to enjoy this. They haven’t drafted well, and why draw this out for a couple of years and say the right things. Rip off the band aid now, and get the players you want.

    The one troubling thing? How is Mack not your type of player.

  25. So for the rest of the 2018 season – the raiders are that guy in fantasy football who forgets to bench players on a bye week – giving the opposing team automatic wins. I wish they were on my team’s schedule!

  26. Rate This

    Hastyle Eagle says:

    October 24, 2018 at 7:55 am

    The Oakland Raiders are being Chip Kelly’d.


    The difference is Kelly had a scheme and a plan that one could either agree with or disagree with. All Gruden is doing is looking for “his kind of guy” but what does that even mean? I picture old guys, like Vkings former CB Terrance Newman, that doesn’t need to be coached, just goes in there already knowing what to do, and wont have an opinion. Good luck with that Chucky.

  27. How else can you tank without actually tanking? Well the easiest way is to trade players and create a chaotic atmosphere in the locker room. This team is moving to one of the most visited places in the world who might lack a through fan base. So how else can you get good players without blowing all your cap. Welcome to the new way of tanking.

  28. This team was 12-4 and a playoff team just two years ago. Then Chucky shows up and suddenly everyone forgot how to play? Doubtful.

  29. Way too much hyperbole here. Mack’s trade still haunts everyone. The Raiders couldn’t match 90 million guaranteed with a 1.1 billion dollar obligation to get that stadium done and the Raiders moved in two seasons. Get over it.

    Carr is working with three rookies protecting him. They’re obviously great athletes (or they wouldn’t be in the NFL) who need time. I’d be leaving the pocket early too.

    Next, take a look at the injured reserve list. This idea that it’s full-on rebuild mode is your way of ignoring it.

    Cooper’s trade shows that Gruden still has a decent receiver corps without him in exchange for a first-round pick. The Raider offense has been reduced to a passing offense, and Gruden wouldn’t have made the trade if he didn’t have solid receivers. Why you’re criticizing Gruden (and McKenzie) for this trade is a WTF moment.

  30. All of this trading for future high picks makes sense to me as it’s related to their move to Las Vegas. They probably want to hit the ground running when they arrive in two years with some hopefully new and young exciting talent. They couldn’t give two cents about Oakland right now and have started the rebuild there rather in their new home and market two years from now. I wouldn’t go near one of their games if I lived in Oakland at this time. They are clearly cleaning house and their move has already started with the look ahead to Vegas. And this is what some long time season ticket holders in Oakland are paying for right now.

  31. “somethinsbruin says:
    October 24, 2018 at 6:35 am

    Lost in all of this though is that if they draft halfway decent they’ll win both trades.

    97 50 Rate This”

    Gruden oversaw 6 drafts in Tampa, yet only 2 of the players he drafted ever made it to a Pro Bowl team, so don’t hold your breath on his drafting skills

  32. Hey, its the lifeblood of football, bad teams get better, great teams decline. The system is built for parity. Schedules and draft picks allocated based on record under a league wide salary cap is a system that works keeping fans and cities engaged and teams competitive. The World Series (thats baseball by the way) again features two of the three teams with by far the highest payrolls in the league.

  33. Elway should be on the phone right now asking what it will take to get Carr on the Broncos. When Carr worked with Broncos OC Bill Musgrave, he was in the MVP discussion. When Musgrave left, Carr’s play regressed big time (similar to when Kaep had Harbaugh and Harbaugh left). Elway is awful with first round picks, so trading them shouldn’t be a barrier to getting a franchise QB.

  34. Gruden is signed for 10 years. He obviously believed that that the current core of players are not players that he wants to move forward with. He is gathering a lot of high picks, and like Jimmy Johnson said: “It’s not about getting the picks, It’s about picking the right players with those picks.” The jury will be out on these moves for at least 2 years. Meanwhile, The Raiders are tanking.

  35. Chuckie was hired to make the existing team competitive (if possible) or blow it up and start over. He’s the man for the job and he will make the changes necessary. Players gotta play or they’ll be gone…

  36. James Clark says:
    October 24, 2018 at 9:04 am
    Bruce seems like a great trade candidate. He can still play, but is miscast as a 4-3 DE. I think he would be much better as a 3-4 OLB where he can play in space a bit/ use his speed a bit more.


    Are you seeing the same Bruce Irvin the rest of us are? He was moved from LB to DE because that fit him better. Truth is he has a great life story but lacks heavily on real talent. He has also proved he can not control himself. He lost the Broncos game by arguing with a ref after the Raiders got a 3rd down stop. Then he cheap shots Wilson in the past game.

    If the Raiders had some depth Bruce Irvin would be on the street already.

  37. Gruden was gushing about Jameis Winston last year. Derek Carr for Jameis Winston straight up. Winston in Vegas, what could possibly go wrong?

  38. Firing Del Rio (On the payroll until 2021) and hiring Jon Gruden was foolish. Hiring old has been coaches always works out so well right? Gruden gutting the roster and bringing in his personal posse of has been replacements is a bad joke at best. Jon Gruden has already lost this team and due to his speaking out of both side of his bass, there ain’t no getting them back. Guys like Carr, Conley, and Osemele are probably hoping and praying to get traded. Who wants o go down on this sinking ship? Mark Davis as an owner is as bad as an owner can get. He couldn’t shine his Dad’s shoes. Davis should sell the team to someone who has half a freaking clue of what to do with it.

  39. Way too much hyperbole here. Mack’s trade still haunts everyone. The Raiders couldn’t match 90 million guaranteed with a 1.1 billion dollar obligation to get that stadium done and the Raiders moved in two seasons. Get over it.
    The taxpayers are paying for most of the new stadium. The Raiders have little skin in the game. They will be in Mexico in 10 years.

  40. If a team offers them a deal they feel they can’t pass up they’d be crazy not to make it. McKenzie is doing a great job. 3 first round draft picks. It will allow the Raiders to retool. The next mission for McKenzie is find the clubhouse lawyer(s) snitching to the media and get rid of them.

  41. I hear the Raiders are selling their stadium seats in Oakland and no one is buying but they are still paying to go to the games. LOL. So much for the legendary fan Nation. They buy tshirts, not tickets.

  42. Raiders fans have been betrayed just like Charger fans. Re-re-re-locate and screw the decades old fan base. The LA Chargers are paying the price. Now, not even Raider die-hards will show up in Carson to see the Raiders play the Chargers next year.

  43. This is John Gruden’s last coaching job. It is my opinion he knows this also. KC owns the west now, they have it all, and if they ever figure out the defense, Mahomes could be on top of a long dynastic run. Gruden needs to construct a team that matches that (IMO he fails) but he has to try and that means starting from scratch RIGHT NOW. I don’t know how long a runway he has to get this team built , my guess is 1-2 seasons past this one.

    The NFL is a better league with a good Raiders team in it, I hope he figures out.

  44. Mahomes could be on top of a long dynastic run.
    7 games people. Jaworski and many others said during his rookie season that Kap was going to be the greatest QB ever.

  45. When it’s done during the off-season, it’s “roster churn.” When you’re dumping your best players immediately before and during the season, it’s tanking. You’re depleting your roster when the games are on, for the sake of future seasons–that’s the definition of tanking.

  46. It’s a rebuild. They probably will keep Carr, but if they see an offer they like, they’ll jump. My guess is that that’s what happened with Cooper-no plans to trade him but when a first rounder came up, they jumped.

    Gruden wants to build his own roster. We’ll see in three years or so if it’s worth it.

  47. r8rsfan says:
    October 24, 2018 at 1:17 pm
    Mahomes could be on top of a long dynastic run.
    7 games people. Jaworski and many others said during his rookie season that Kap was going to be the greatest QB ever.


    Mahomes is not Kap, he’s better (way way better) , and my god one must see that he is only going to get better… the only thing keeping the Chief’s out of Atlanta in Feb is their defense is terrible. Despite that , they are the favorites IMO. Time will tell, He has them at 6-1 (that pretty damn good for a rookie QB).

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