Dont’a Hightower earns weekly special teams honor

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Patriots linebacker Dont'a Hightower makes his living on defense.

But he picked up the AFC’s special teams player of the week award, for his work in the kicking game.

Hightower helped break a 24-24 tie in the third quarter against the Bears, blocking a punt which was returned by teammate Kyle Van Noy for a touchdown.

It was his first blocked punt, and his first special teams award, though he won it for his day job in 2016 after he had 13 tackles, a sack and a safety against the Bengals.

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    When Hightower was coming out of Alabama, every mock draft had him ticketed to Pittsburgh. However, when highly rated guard David Decastro fell, the Steelers backed off of Hightower and took the offensive lineman instead. One can only surmise how history would have been changed if they brought in a versatile DE/LB to anchor their defense.

  2. He’s having a spectacular year! And as captain of the D he was a huge loss to IR in wk5 last year, impressive return to elite level play.

  3. It what’s really important

    Patriots 5-2

    Colts 2-5. And the Patriots beat the Colts, AGAIN

    But yeah little guy you can have your small victory if it makes you feel good. He has better stats than Hightower

    And you can admire them when you are watching the Patriots in the playoffs because you won’t be watching the Colts.

  4. That’s quite an impressive “body of work” by Leonard. Don’t get me wrong, Leonard is a nice little player who some day may achieve the resume of Hightower if he ever gets traded to a relevant franchise but comparing some meaningless statistics in more meaningless games to one of the most important sacks (4th quarter SB vs. Atlanta) and tackles (M. Lynch at 1 yard line in 2nd to last play SB vs. Seattle) is a fools errand, but clearly we found the biggest fool of all.

  5. terripet says:
    October 24, 2018 at 10:28 am
    Leonard 79 tackles 4 sacks 3 forced fumbles. Hightower not eve close

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    If your middle LB has 80 tackles by now it means your defense sucks badly.

    So, good on him for collecting tackles in between watching people run by him the other times, as your team falls into a deeper rebuild, years away from needing to even feel good about paying him.


  6. terripet says:
    October 24, 2018 at 12:02 pm
    Linebackers are suppose to make tackles just that Hightower is too slow to do it

    A Colts fan educating everyone about defense. LOL!

    What’s next, you wanna explain the importance of having a consistent rushing attack???

  7. Terripet one of my clients is a group of psychologists that would probably love to do a case study on you related to sports psychoses. Seek professional help.


  8. I remember when….song of all colts fans.Well at least you get to see peyton on commercials(I see he threw papa johns under his “bands”bus faster than he threw his Oline under it…typical).

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