More details on the incident that prompted Chad Kelly’s release

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The Broncos made the decision to part ways with quarterback Chad Kelly on Wednesday, a day after the nephew of Hall of Famer Jim Kelly was arrested for first-degree criminal trespass. The decision came after the Broncos obtained more details. Some of those details have become public.

According to Mike Klis of, Kelly and his girlfriend attended Von Miller‘s Halloween party on Monday evening. During the party, Kelly reportedly began acting in a hostile and aggressive manner. Via James Palmer of NFL Media, Kelly was involved in a physical altercation with another guest at the party. While being escorted out, Kelly reportedly was involved in a separate altercation with security officials who had been hired to work the event.

Klis reports that security officials tried to keep Kelly in the building where the party was held to allow him to calm down. Kelly, however, broke away and entered a home nearly a block away.

Inside the home, a woman was sitting on a couch holding her young child. Kelly allegedly sat next to her. The woman called for a man in the house, who entered the room and struck Kelly with a metal tube from a vacuum cleaner.

Kelly then exited the home (he didn’t know the residents) and returned to the site of the party. He was prepared to leave the premises by Uber when police arrested him and charged him with criminal trespass.

No mention has been made of Kelly being under the influence of alcohol or any other substance, but it’s hardly a stretch to wonder whether the behavior resulted from some form of impairment. In most cases of this nature, excuses are made for stars and examples are made of scrubs. Kelly fell somewhere in the middle, but inevitably close enough to the latter category to result in the Broncos waiving him.

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  1. Footage on social media showed Brandon Marshall, Emanuel Sanders, and I believe Von Miller, all in various costumes featuring cocaine usage, and players singing a cocaine-related song. You have to wonder if there might be suspensions coming under the NFL’s ‘personal conduct’ policy?!

  2. And that is how you throw away your last chance at an NFL career. Smart move Chad. Your uncle went out on a limb for you and now you’ve embarrassed him. Good luck making a living for the rest of your dumb life.

  3. I grew up around guys like this. Nice enough most of the time, but get violent and unreasonable under the influence. They were annoying when they drank. I pushed those people out of my life. The Broncs seem to have the same philosophy I do.

    I can’t see him getting all the way through waivers. He’s got talent. Somebody will take a chance on him.

  4. Time is what you make of it.

    Having said that we live in a VERY bizarre time.
    Murica’ has become the Jerry Springer show.

  5. Slow Joe (Bucs fan) says:
    October 24, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    I can’t see him getting all the way through waivers. He’s got talent. Somebody will take a chance on him.
    Someone already did: the Broncos. And based on the outcome, highly doubtful he gets another shot.

  6. His release had more to do with the fans booing his hand picked star QB (Keenum) and cheering Kelly. Elway has kept others on the team with worse (star or not). Elway just didn’t want to relive another fan forced change like he experienced with Tebow.

  7. He was at a private NFL party that was undoubtedly filled with booze and other less legal substances. Calling this mental illness is insulting to people with actual afflictions.

  8. If your wife was holing your baby and some random man entered the house and was sitting next to you, would you not be extremely concerned.
    If you happened to have a gun, might you not consider shooting this guy?

    Kelly is lucky to be unharmed.

  9. In most cases of this nature, excuses are made for stars and examples are made of scrubs.


    Absolutely nailed it Florio. Sports are so indicative of our society. If you have something others can market and make money off of almost any behaviour is tolerated. Once you cross that line where your money making abilities are outweighed by your baggage only then are you
    dumped. If this guy didn’t have arm talent he would already have been in jail.

  10. Wow, I would have bet everything he either knew the residents or accidentally went in the wrong apartment.

    How truly frightening for the woman with a child in her arms. Whatever the cause this guy cant be in the NFL.

  11. Sounds like an awesome party at Noon Miller’s house shame I wasn’t invited. Chad is just that kinda guy. I guess bring him back home to Buffalo, where people will allow him to sit on their couch in the middle of the night. Maybe home can keep him a bit more grounded and put him in the lineup for the Bills if he and then show the exit to Peterman and Anderson when Josh Allen is healthy. Talent Trump’s character in my book.

  12. This guy has alcohol related violence issues dating back to when he was in college. The Broncos did the right thing. If he’s acting that way around his teammates when he drinks, then it’s only a matter of time before he gets violent with a girlfriend or wife. What team wants a guy like that on their roster? Hope he gets help, or he’s going to have a difficult life (and possibly a short one if he keeps walking into strangers homes).

  13. Case Keenum is relieved he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder anymore. He may actually start playing better now the pressure is off.

  14. Instead of cutting him, the Broncos could;ve traded Kelly to the Bills in exchange for Peterman. Jim Kelly being always around or in Buffalo could’ve kept an eye on him…

  15. I would assume the “neighbor” is thrilled having a Bronco in the neighborhood. My 2nd assumption is that the “neighbor” keeps their doors locked at all times now.

  16. The way I see it Chad Kelly does not have NFL starter talent.because if you did the neighbor would’ve been at fault.

  17. vicvinegar1 says:
    October 24, 2018 at 12:01 pm
    The mental health problem in this country is very real and very frightening.

    157 12 Rate This

    100% correct. The ACLU forced the change the medical definitions of mental illness because they said it was against the civil rights of those being diagnosed. Then they doubled down with the HIPPA laws which make it completely cool to hide dangerous mental illnesses

  18. MyCommentIsAwaitingModeration says:
    October 24, 2018 at 12:14 pm
    Well, kudos to him for calling an Uber at least.

    I read somewhere that Ubers had been prearranged by the organizers of the party for people who were drinking.

  19. I laughed when I first read the story. When I started to think how me and my family would feel after that relatively harmless event then I stop laughing. They wont feel safe in their home at night for years.

  20. “The mental health problem in this country is very real and very frightening”.

    It is very real. The very frightening part is how little understanding of it that knuckleheads like posters here have. You can tell that they have no clue when you read comments like “Kelly is responsible for his own problem” or “Kelly blew every chance”. These people have no concept of the fact that Kelly is not responsible for his actions.

  21. If he entered through an unlocked door at 1AM as it seems to have happened since there is no mention of breaking and entering, then Kelly is not the only one that needs his head examined. Lock your doors idiots.

  22. Better call Buddy Stevens and see if he can start that junior college coaching career. I don’t think assistant junior college coaches having substance abuse issues is frowned upon, but starting NFL QBs, it’ll doom you every time.

  23. ‘And that type on incident isn’t unprecedented for the Broncos, who at one point had two members of the front office suspended for DUI incidents.’


  24. When I was in college we had a friend, highly intelligent, workaholic, great guy…. A few drinks in him and he becomes the biggest a-hole you’ve ever seen.

    He knew he had this problem and that it only occured when he drank. It stopped him from indulging most of the time, but occasionally he slipped up and when he did he’d end up in a hospital or jail calling one of us to bail him out. Booze isn’t for everyone and is downright dangerous for some…

  25. You hear that everybody that has committed some type of heinous act like murder,rape or acts of terrorism.Its not your fault.You are “not responsible” for your own actions.What planet you from cardinealfan???Let us know so we can send these mentally unstable people to come live with you when they get released.I bet you can help them.

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