Quinton Dunbar has a nerve issue in his shin

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Washington hopes to see the return of receiver Paul Richardson and running back Chris Thompson on Sunday, but the team has concern about cornerback Quinton Dunbar.

“That’s something that’s going to take a little bit of time,” coach Jay Gruden said of Dunbar. “He’s going to try to run [Thursday], see [how] his leg feels and see if it can hold up or not. We’ll make a decision hopefully by Friday.”

The team added Dunbar to the injury report late last week as it tried to diagnose the injury.

“It’s a nerve issue,” Gruden said. “He got hit on the shin area, lower leg, and we think it might have done something to the nerve or something, trying to figure it out. He’s in some pain when he runs. It gives out on him a little bit. We’re going to try to strengthen it.”

Thompson, who has missed the past two games and three of the past four, was limited in Wednesday’s practice with rib and knee injuries.

“I was able to get a couple team reps in today and as long as I keep feeling good throughout the week I plan on playing,” Thompson said, via JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington. ” I can say last week I wasn’t as comfortable as I am this week.”

Richardson missed Sunday’s game against Dallas with shoulder and knee injuries. He got limited work Wednesday.

Receiver Jamison Crowder (ankle) remains out and isn’t expected to play Sunday against the Giants.

4 responses to “Quinton Dunbar has a nerve issue in his shin

  1. This is going to be big if Dungburg can’t play – the team will be unable to hold the opponent to under 20 points – the amount that the pathetic Alice Smith is limited to putting up on the score board based on his time with the Redskins. If the defense in any way caves, the Redskins have won their last game.

  2. The name calling is pretty unnecessary but yes, this could be a pretty big blow if it’s an extended injury (and it sounds like it is).

    The three CB’s behind Dunbar are a seventh-round rookie, an undrafted rookie, and a sixth-round supplemental draft rookie. No position on this roster has less experienced depth.

    The good news is Greg Stroman looked pretty nice in Dunbar’s place last week (except for biting hard on a stop-and-go for a 49-yard TD).

  3. I like Dunbar. I wish him well. Nerves can be difficult things to put right. I also agree with hailtothenamechange; Stroman looks good, but that stop and go was elemental – you could say a rookie mistake! It certainly made me wince watching it! Is it me, or do the Redskins always seem to have major injury issues every season?

  4. @lyndhurstman, as a matter of fact, they do. Pro Football Focus has a formula for measuring injury impact. Not sure of the exact formula but it takes into account length of absence, production of player, and importance of position if I remember correctly (a two-game injury to Dunbar is more severe than an eight game injury to Cam Sims, for example). In any event, Washington was in the bottom five over the last three years.

    The injury situation is still way better than last year though (so far, knock on wood).

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