Josh Norman: Eric Reid’s comments “a slap in the face”

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Josh Norman said Eric Reid has it all wrong. The Washington cornerback attempted to tell the Panthers safety that in the offseason and again in a phone call this week.

Reid, Norman said, didn’t return his multiple phone messages after declining an offer to meet face-to-face this offseason.

Norman took up for Malcolm Jenkins on Thursday, four days after Jenkins and Reid had a pregame shouting match that spilled over in Reid’s postgame comments ripping the Players Coalition.

“To hear Eric come out and do what he did, it’s almost like, wow, that was a slap in the face because Malcolm has been nothing but stand up in the Players Coalition,” Norman said Thursday, via JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington. “Nothing but stand up, and everyone knows that.”

Reid called Jenkins a “sellout,” suggesting the Players Coalition’s acceptance of money from owners undercut the intent of Colin Kaepernick’s protests of police brutality and racial inequality. While making clear he supports Reid and Kaepernick fighting oppression in their own way, Norman doesn’t understand Reid lashing out at the Players Coalition, which Norman said is doing “real work” and “making true changes.”

“We’re all trying to go in the direction of helping people,” Norman said. “That is the main objective here. It’s not who gets this award; it’s not a parade here.”

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  1. For once, hats off to Josh Norman for defending Malcom Jenkins. Eric Reid is a punk who is one of those guys who hurls insults at anyone he doesn’t agree with.

  2. I really hope Eric Reid concentrates on FB. He has played in what 2 games and
    this is happening already?

  3. The message is lost when you have such terrible spokesmen. Black Lives Matter and similar causes needs a leader that has respect around the country like Lebron James. They blew it when they let Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid speak for everybody.

  4. Eric Reid is a scrub with no football future. If SJW David tepper didn’t buy the team he’d still be unemployed. Even the Panthers won’t resign him after his horrid play, though.

  5. nyneal says:
    October 25, 2018 at 5:23 pm
    Eric Reid is a punk who is one of those guys who hurls insults at anyone he doesn’t agree with.


    Gee, that sure sounds familiar.

  6. This type of behavior is why he didn’t have a job up until now. If this type of thing continues, I can see him getting cut again in the near future. Theirs no room for personal attacks like this in the NFL. Especially not on someone like Jenkins, who is going out of his way to make a difference.

  7. Isn’t it safe to assume that Eric Reids backlash is an extension of how Kaepernick feels…?

    I find it hard to believe Kaepernick doesn’t agree with Eric Reid…afterall, they did sue the league together…

  8. Let’s face it…nothing will make Reid happy….nothing. I think what he did was classless. But, what else would you expect from Reid. I get the message. I just don’t agree with how he’s going about communicating it. Also, I’m tired of hearing about Reid. I can’t wait until he just goes away.

  9. If people actually dug deeper into the story they would find out Reid has a legit point about the money they got from the NFL. The NFL put huge stipulations on how the money could be used and where it came from.

    First, the NFL dictates how their money is used. The Coalition cannot decide what charities or causes they can use the cash.

    Second, none of the money form the NFL is “new money.” The NFL just reallocated funds already marked for other charities and gave it to the players instead. Not one new dollar was given to the coalition.

    There are many more points to this story but basically the coalition settled for bending a knee to the owners in order to save face and get the money.

    These are facts.

  10. Keeping Keap out of the meeting, and he then stop protesting after the owners give money thinking that was enough. Sorry I am with reid on this one

  11. Reid got robbed on the overturned interception call last week. There was no indisputable evidence that the ball touched the ground (or didn’t touch the ground) therefore the initial call on the field should have stood. Luckily the Panthers defense stepped up and won the game again 2 plays later.

  12. Not bad comments from Norman and really silly comments from Reid in the first place. What has ER done other than kneel and file suits. Jenkins has a long history of working with groups, sacrificing time and energy to forward causes for his community. His efforts to discuss and implement change will have far great impacts than those that yell, fight, argue and berate. He really has hurt himself and his cause/s by acting like this to what should be considered a partner in his quest.

  13. derekleblanc says:
    October 25, 2018 at 5:57 pm

    Keeping Keap out of the meeting, and he then stop protesting after the owners give money thinking that was enough. Sorry I am with reid on this one


    This seems pretty short sited, Jenkins didn’t wear pig socks and a Castro shirt or better yet miss his US right to vote in the name of his cause.
    Jenkins met with people of influence and got results. He stopped protesting while on the clock but to my knowledge got funding for groups, still advocates and still gives his own time for all his causes. I find his efforts much more appealing and genuine then ER’s or CK for that matter. Fact is Jenkins and a few others got a seat at the table with the owners and got results. ER got in a fight with another man of color who supports similar interests and ER chose to berate him thereafter. Talk about not being that bright. If he didn’t agree he could have said that but all he could do was call him down, same old same old. This is why Jenkin’s still has a job and is well respected by his team and other players in the league. He’ll continue to get my support as well as he does it the right way…..I’m not a SJW either or lib, change is required in all walks of life and being respectful and open to all sides is what gets result. More bees with honey MR ER.

  14. Reid will be “spreading his message” from behind the counter at a convenience store in 5 years, bitching how “the man done him dirty” Good riddance. Malcolm Jenkins flushes more class every morning than this clown can ever hope to have.

  15. Eric Reid wants soooooo badly for his buddy kaepernick to be back in the league…despite the owners concerns about what kind of media that will bring there team….

    The owners no longer have concern or even doubt after Reid ruined it for kaepernick (if he even had the slightest chance despite winning three games in his last two seasons)

  16. They should feel lucky the NFL gave anything to their fabricated causes in the first place. The NFL shouldn’t be held accountable for police brutality or other injustices.

  17. Way to go Reid, keep opening your pie hole & Kap will never play another down in this league (even though I don’t think he was going to anyway). Why would any owner sign Kaepernick knowing that he’s going to do exactly what Reid is now doing? It’s just not worth it. Can’t wait for the article that talks about Reid getting cut (trust me, it’s coming).

  18. So getting money from owners to help communities is no good but getting money from Nike is acceptable and heroic. Hmmmmmm ok Eric Reid, you got me there.

  19. My opinion of Josh Norman has improved a lot as a result of this interview. So much more than a mouth (a la Ramsey). This is a very smart perspective. Making progress is about a lot more than wearing pig socks and whining about collusion. For the community supporting these efforts, petty grievances and public spats fracture the movement because they force members to choose a side among people who are all hoping for different versions of the same thing. They dilute purpose. However justified he feels he is with his opinion, Reid is wrong and clearly losing in this situation.

  20. Pretty sure that the players are misrepresenting the issues in the innercity and I’m convinced that the bulk of the supporters of these issues haven’t spent 15 minutes in these neighborhoods…wish an objective documentary could be done spending a year in any major cities black neighborhoods and suggest the best way to improve the trajectory.

  21. Now, you just have to root for Eric Reed to play bad. Cut him because of his play and move on.

  22. Now, you just have to root for Eric Reid to play bad. Cut him because of his play and move on.

  23. terripet says:
    October 25, 2018 at 8:19 pm
    Jenkins efforts to actually address the problems undercuts Reid’s ability to cry victim over them, so hes mad

  24. This is a fight between a realist an an idealist. Reid probably thinks the harder the players fight, the bigger the eventual payoff. Malcolm Jenkins was more willing to meet in the middle to actually get things rolling with the owners. Some of you still don’t want to understand the root of the anthem issue but you have to admire the way Malcolm Jenkins has handled this and focused on finding common ground and making incremental progress than continuing an endless fight in a unproductive manner. Meanwhile Reid takes shots at those who are making a difference.

  25. Allegations about white officers killing blacks in cold blood has always been an issue of he said – she said. It was one person’s word against the other. It sounded bad, but nobody had proof. The accused officers walked away free. Perhaps millions of blacks were just lying about it. The cops certainly denied it. Then we come to the age of video, and suddenly there are several videos proving what blacks have been saying all along. Now we’re finally going to try to do something about it. But despite the video evidence, the officers still walked away. Shocking!. But white America just turned their backs and said who cares. That’s when Kaepernick said enough is enough. Everyone in America should have joined Kaepernick, especially the Christians, right? But no. Nobody seemed to care. So a group of whites got together with guys like Malcom Jenkins to pretend like they cared, and now Josh Norman doesn’t understand why Eric Reid is not on board with it. That’s what the issue is. Everybody can think what they want. But that’s what Reid is talking about. Nobody is shooting at my kids, so it doesn’t affect me, but at least I get the issue. It’s simple. White officers shooting blacks in cold blood, and everyone is cool with that, including Malcom Jenkins. It’s not about the flag. It’s not about Castro. Those are just convenient excuses to sit back and enjoy the advantages whites have. We enjoy the free handouts in the form of discrimination against those competing with us for jobs. We love that kind of government assistance. It’s certainly not about respect for the military because a lot of us talking like that were cowards when it was our turn to serve our country. Kaepernick is not popular today, but he’ll go down as a great leader in the history books. Jesus Christ certainly wasn’t popular in his day, and neither was Martin Luther King. It takes a while, but eventually we come around. Say a prayer for Josh Norman.

  26. When Norman is on the ride side of a conversation you really have to examine the parties to the argument. Reid will talk his way right out of a job if he keeps going at this rate. It isn’t like he is an all-pro caliber player. If you are going to piss everyone off with your comments and antics… you better be an unquestioned talent. He is writing checks his ability can’t cash. Ask Colon how that is working out.

  27. Malcolm Jenkins also recognizes that struggle has moved past the football sidelines and into the communities where it belongs. He helps out a lot in communities, which is why he was recently awarded the key to the city in Camden New Jersey. So Eric, what have you done lately, except whine and complain?

  28. Eric Reid handled this like a child while Jenkins handed this with class. Reid could have gotten his views on this issue out without trying to get in a yelling match(just for show) with Jenkins. Name calling is ridiculous and immature and doesn’t get anyone to focus on his actual view point. There are articulate ways to disagree with how Jenkins handled this to the media without bringing this to a 3rd grade level argument. Personally, I think Jenkins is a class act all the way through even if I don’t always agree with him on things.

  29. Norman is no longer (or ever was) an elite CB. This game is going to be the major Vegas trap of the year. 1-6 Giants casting off players and the skins with another Andy Reid con job against the Redskins!

    The reality is that trading Eli Apple is addition by subtraction and the guy replacing “Snacks” Harrison in Dalvin Tomlinson is a younger, cheaper version of the same player! In fact, he rushed the passes pretty well at Alabama! Sure they’ve struggled on defense, but they have more 400 yard games this season on offence that Washington has faced in years! It’s a trap and it’d be nice if our players could focus on somehow overcoming that rather than get into the politics of what’s going on between Reid and Jenkins!

  30. Keeping Keap out of the meeting, and he then stop protesting after the owners give money thinking that was enough. Sorry I am with reid on this one
    You’ve got to make sure you keep the facts straight. CK chose not to attend that meeting. He wanted to bring lawyers which was self serving and not in the interest of the group so they said “no”. Justifiably so. Why does he need a lawyer? Is this about him or the players?
    Kaep’s girl has been pulling the strings from day 1 and she wanted to build an image. Build a brand. She succeeded and now they got Nike on board.
    While I am done buying Nike gear cause I think hoisting CK up as a hero is a mistake where there are many true heroes out there better suited to bringing the people together. My personal opinion is that CK’s message is one of exclusion and not inclusion. That’s no hero.
    That said, let them all be and let’s just get back to football and being good to each other.

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