Chad Kelly clears waivers, so what’s next for him?

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Mr. Irrelevant is now officially unemployed.

Released by the Broncos on Wednesday, quarterback Chad Kelly cleared waivers on Thursday, per multiple reports. He’s now a free agent, able to sign with any team or practice squad.

With a pending charge of first-degree criminal trespass, it may not be easy for Kelly to get another chance. But talent tends to tip the scales in this regard, and all it takes is one team to decide to roll the dice on a guy who has Hall of Fame DNA and who was climbing the depth chart in Denver before he plummeted off the roster.

If there’s no NFL interest, Kelly could land in the AAF. Especially since his former college coach, Hugh Freeze, will serve as the offensive coordinator of the Arizona Hotshots.

It will be interesting to say whether the AAF signs off on signing a guy who has a pending criminal charge. Given that AAF co-founder Bill Polian regarded Kelly as the most talented quarterback in the 2017 draft, the AAF may try to find a way to look the other way.

26 responses to “Chad Kelly clears waivers, so what’s next for him?

  1. This whole thing is just an awful shame…
    I really thought he’d gotten it and was ready to toe the straight and narrow…
    Obviously he has more issues than National Geographic though…
    However, unlike some players who shall remain nameless, he is a no-doubt 100% NFL calibre QB so he will probably keep getting chances rather than taking the time to properly address these things once and for all …
    The only possible NFL fit for him right now would seem to be Buffalo, however I can’t see the Bills taking any kind of a chance on him for many, many reasons (he’s never taken his big-hearted uncle’s advice being one)…
    I just want to see him straighten up once and for all and become the person everyone knows he can be, then work on the football thing…
    Just more added stress he nor his family need right now..

  2. What’s next for Mr. Kelly is a 6 month jail sentence followed by 90 day court ordered rehab to get clean and sober. After that I imagine he will toil around in the new XFL or possibly the CFL for a Year or Two before turning his cleats for a Blue Collar Uniform somewhere. I picture Chad Kelly in 20yrs as the fat drunken alcoholic who always talks about the good ol’days when he was the man on the football field, basically a much sadder version of Al Bundy. That’s Kelly’s future.

  3. XFL… if he’s lucky. What’s worse in the eyes of NFL GMs than drunkenly entering the wrong house? Getting in a fight at a team party immediately before that. Off field problems plus his teammates hate him. He’s not going to overcome that.

  4. I agree to an extent, but this dude has been getting kicked off of teams since High School. I think he’s most likely done.

    MongoRawBlow says:
    It’s not like this guy is Rae Carruth…or Ray Rice. Criminal Tresspassing seems like a pretty minor crime compared to half of the stuff players get into.

  5. He needs to get help before he signs anywhere. The only place that may possibly be a fit at this point is Buffalo, with his uncle Jim Kelly there to guide him. However, Jim already has enough on his plate without having to babysit his nephew too.

  6. patsfan2884 says:
    October 26, 2018 at 12:56 pm
    chad kelly robert kraft on line #1

    Can we PLEASE stop with the Line 1 comments? There is no line 1. Probably hasn’t been since the 1980s.

  7. It would be just like Beane and McDermott to take this guy as they are in over their heads and have lost the locker room anyway..#Trust the Process…..

  8. I’d be cool to have the Pats bring him in & put him in a rehab program till next years OTA’s start….. Ats locker room MAY be strong enough to help him get his act together…. let Brady mentor him for a couple years…..,

  9. Whats sadder than Chad Kelly’s situation? The fact Denver lost their QB of the future when they let him go, LoL!!! Chad Kelly was seriously Elways long term Ace in the hole at QB!! Man, does that guy know how to pick em or what?

  10. Broncos took a chance with a 7th round pick on someone with upside potential. It didn’t work out, as most 7th rounders don’t. If Kelly wants a career, he has to go prove it. If he can avoid legal charges, he can go to Canada. If not XFL or AAF. But he will have to go somewhere, be a responsible adult and pay his dues.

  11. never ceases to amaze me how pats fans always get on here and always want these wayward souls or washed up has beens to be added to their the poster said above he’s already been kicked off multiple teams since high school,so apparently he doesn’t learn how to right his wrongs.who would want someone like that in the locker room???oh yeah pats fans….smh.

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