DeVante Parker: I still have the talent

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Wide receiver DeVante Parker got his chance in the Dolphins offense on Thursday night and made the most of it.

Parker set a career high with 134 yards on his six catches in the 42-23 loss to the Texans. The outing came a few days after Parker’s agent blasted Dolphins coach Adam Gase for not playing his client in a rant that Parker said he disagreed with this week.

That may be the case, but Parker’s performance made a strong argument for playing time. That may have been a surprise to some, but Parker said it wasn’t a surprise to him.

“I already know who I am as a player,” Parker said, via the Miami Herald. “I’ve still got the talent.”

Parker’s name has come up as a possible trade chip for Miami to use before next week’s trade deadline. Parker said it’s “not on my mind at all” and the Dolphins’ thoughts may have changed with Albert Wilson‘s season-ending injury, but it won’t be long before we know for sure.

10 responses to “DeVante Parker: I still have the talent

  1. One good game in several years of disappointments doesn’t save your job. Trade him. The season is over anyway. Start the rebuild…with the coach.

  2. Talent is only part of the equation. Consistency of every play is what coaches are looking for. Dez Bryant certainly has talent. Why isn’t his phone ringing?

  3. After last night, Howie I’m convinced we need to come off of that 3rd round pick they were asking for. Maybe even throw in I always fall for the okie doke Jalen Mills in there.

  4. you have talent DP but when you are not on the field it does the team no good. Stay healthy long enough to make a difference, please

  5. He didn’t look hurt to me. A big receiver is what the Fins needed when Stills and Wilson were healthy to mix things up so I’m where was he then? I’m starting to question Gase more these days. That 4th and 1 pass to Gore… really?

  6. And Osweiler … How many times can miss an open receiver or throw to the wrong guy? Aikman in the booth could have come down and played better.

  7. The team is talent poor. Many of the more talented players are injury prone and cannot be counted on every week. Parker is one of these players. Mike Tannenbaum has created another loosing team. Ross always picks losers to somehow pick winners. It just does not work. Parker was a first round pick – oops! Trade the guy now! Osweiller’s play has confirmed that Tannehill is another Matt Moore – a good backup! The offense needs better offensive linemen. I don’t suppose one is available this year. You get a little better play out of the line and you win some games. The kneeler brothers are both out but will come back soon.

    I think Gase is a problem too. Don’t you have to know that QB protection is going to be a problem with Houston? Has anyone ever thought of converting a backup but quick guard into a blocking fullback? The O-line needs more help. O’leary is the only blocking tight end right now.

    The defense has issues but would benefit from an offense with more time of possession. Health is an issue on the D-line too – maybe Parker could be traded for an aging but healthy DL person?

    We are now that 6 & 10 team I reluctantly adjusted my preseason prediction to.

  8. Out frickin standing now lets trade this talent for some draft picks, because his talent never makes it to the field because he’s always to injured. He stopped running on deep route last night and it looked like Brock over threw him.

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