Seahawks await specific NFL punishment for Mychal Kendricks

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Seahawks linebacker Mychal Kendricks met with the NFL last week regarding his playing status, and coach Pete Carroll said he hopes to hear a specific punishment for Kendricks next week.

“The league is still working on where they’re going with it,” Carroll said, via Curtis Crabtree of Sports Radio KJR and PFT. “I’m hopeful . . . maybe we hear something early next week, that they have some kind of a decision coming out of next week, but that’s kind of hopeful on my part. They haven’t guaranteed us that at all. They have gone through the process, and they’ve come out of it with the direction that they’ve got to come up with where this fits, and they’re trying to measure what to do next. It should happen fairly soon coming out of this weekend.”

Kendricks last played in Week Four, with Sunday’s game against the Lions the third game he will have missed.

The NFL announced Kendricks’ punishment Oct. 3 after he pleaded guilty to federal insider trading charges. Arbitrator Harold Henderson upheld the league’s suspension on appeal.

Kendricks’ sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 24, when, based on federal guidelines, he faces a possible 30 to 37 months in prison.

“I’ve just been in support of him and tried to stay abreast of it,” Carroll said. “Really what I’m concerned about is Mychal and trying to keep him attuned to what’s going on. It’s a very difficult situation to be kind of in limbo. He’s got some big stuff coming up in January, but this is different. This is a different set of circumstances, and he’s working with the league and hoping that he can get a sense for where he fits so he can get his mind right and all that so I’ve just been trying to get information to help [Mychal] kind of make sense of all of this.”