Bengals on pace to allow most yards in NFL history


The Bengals gave up 576 yards Sunday, a team record for the Bucs offense. Cincinnati won on a last-play field goal because it forced four Jameis Winston turnovers before Tampa Bay benched the quarterback.

“If we didn’t have those takeaways, they would have had 800 yards, and Jameis would have still been in the game,” Bengals linebacker Preston Brown said, via Paul Dehner Jr. of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The Bengals defense isn’t just bad. It’s historically bad.

Cincinnati allowed the Chiefs to gain 551 yards last week, which is 1,127 in the past two weeks combined. That’s 101 yards more than the Bengals have allowed in a two-game stretch in franchise history, via Dehner.

“It’s broke. It’s broke,” Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick said. “It’s something we have to fix.”

The Saints gave up 7,042 yards in 2012 to set the NFL record for most yards allowed in a season. The Bengals are on pace to allow 7,164.

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  1. I bet this record doesn’t last long. This is like the steroid era in baseball. It was fun to watch. This is a blast, but let’s not get carried away with comparisons and records.

  2. Teryl Austin should be fired before the sun rises. Havent felt this bad after a win in a long long time, smh. Let Marv call the plays, isn’t he supposed to be a defensive guru from his SB defense in Baltimore? Where has that defensive knowledge and leadership been for the last 15+ years? Unbelievable.

  3. I’ll say they’re decimated with injuries right now on defense especially at linebacker. But Dre has turned into a massive liability, they tackle like 4th graders, and the pass rush is not what it should be. They looked better today getting to the qb but it’s either they miss tackles or they’re giving up big plays in the secondary or getting penalties for holding or interference. They have a great young star in Jessie Bates but the corners have got to play better than they have been. Granted there are so many terrible defenses in the NFL this year but the Bengals have many more red flags than some of the other bad defenses.

    I think in the AFC you have the Chiefs and Patriots far above everyone else. Chargers, Texans, and Steelers in the next tier. Then you got everyone else that’s just average.

  4. 1. Look around the league and you’ll see that defense is down, offense is way up.


    2. Teryl Austin was a terrible hire. The Lions were ranked 27th in total defense last year. Why did we pick this guy up again? We have too much talent (Atkins, Dunlap, Burfict, WJ3) to be the worst defense of all-time.

    3. Marvin Lewis also needs to go. Just figured I’d throw that in.

  5. Teryl Austin has made the Bengals defense worse. When Austin brought his Lions’ defense to Cincy, with the playoffs on the line, last season they played like they didn’t care. That should have been a warning to the Bengals brass.

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