Eagles lose a fumble and two offensive linemen on first drive

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The Eagles’ opening drive today in London did not go well.

Not only did it end when Carson Wentz was hit while trying to pass and fumbled, but two starting offensive linemen went down as well.

Both starting center Jason Kelce and right tackle Lane Johnson were injured on the first drive. There was no immediate word on the nature of their injuries.

Although it’s technically a home game for the Jaguars in London, the Eagles appear to have the home crowd on their side. In the early going, that hasn’t helped. The Jaguars drove into field goal range after the fumble and have a 3-0 lead.

UPDATE 9:55 a.m. ET: Kelce returned for the second series. Johnson was carted to the locker room.

8 responses to “Eagles lose a fumble and two offensive linemen on first drive

  1. Rich Eisen the worst play by play caller in the history of the NFL.

    Steve Mariucci thinks he has to yell to be heard. Great QB coach in his day. Get Mooch off TV.

    Every time I watch a London game I can’t help but notice 30% of the crowd is in Packers jerseys and or hats.



  2. It’s 7 am on the west coast and it’s still dark in this part of Washington state. Why the hell is there “football” going on?

    This nonsense of a permanent London team is ridiculous.

  3. Total joke the NFL In London. Players trying to stiff restaurants, servers, getting into it with police and playing a game in the morning. The ownership, coaches Godel should be ashamed of themselves to act like this is a big deal when in reality they have shown London the character of players in the NFL. For the players involved to be on the field shows Jacksonville coaches and owner has no character at all. Explain this to your children and grandchildren, that a game is more important than to show this action of four of your players is not acceptable.

  4. Time to chill out, crazies, no one really knows the story with the unpaid bill arrest. Take a minute and breathe before you condemn the players. I do agree that London team is ridiculous but if the NFL set it up properly it seems viable. The problem I see is that the NFL won’t set up the schedule in any kind of sensible way to accommodate a team in London and will just try to shove it down everyone’s throat. Meanwhile this game is lame.

  5. Yes we do know the story, these players were arrested and not let go till they paid the bill. No charges. ^0000 dollar bill drinking and they though comp, don’t we all do this and feel the same as we have a big mac and fries and then walk out.

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