Report: DeSean Jackson requested a trade

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The trade deadline is on Tuesday and one member of the Buccaneers would reportedly like to be moved before the day is out.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that wide receiver DeSean Jackson has requested a trade away from Tampa. The team has obviously not acceded to that request at this point and Rapoport adds that they are not expected to move Jackson.

Jackson opened the year with nine catches for 275 yards and three touchdowns in two wins to open the season. Those big days came with Ryan Fitzpatrick playing quarterback and Jackson’s production has slowed since Jameis Winston returned to the starting lineup the last two weeks.

Jackson has 23 catches for 526 yards on the year and also ran for a touchdown last Sunday. He has one year left on his contract with a non-guaranteed $10 million salary.

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  1. Wasn’t happy in Philly. Wasn’t happy in Washington. Isn’t happy in Tampa. Anybody notice a theme here?

  2. If Fitzmagic was still the QB, he would be happy. Infamous Jameis couldn’t hit a deep ball if his career depended on it. And this season it does.

  3. I know Eagles fans have talked about bringing him back since tge day he was cut, I know they talked about trading for him when Chip was cut, I know they wanted to sign him last off season, and I’m pretty sure they would want him now.

    Out of all those times this 1 actually makes the most sense. They had his exact position filled by Torrey Smith last year, and even tho he didn’t do great his self he greatly opened up the middle for others, but they let him go for an upgrade in Mike Wallace, who’s been out since week 1. Not having that in the Eagles offense has been devastating. They are the least explosive O I the league. The offense moves just as good but there isn’t those quick hitters. Which allows teams like the Titans n Panthers stay in the game and makes them just run out of time in comebacks vs the Bucsbn Vikings.

    The Eagles easily could be undefeated if they had just 4 of those plays a game. And I’m not saying TDS. Just 50 yards chunk every blue moon.

    They need this. Now if they lose today screw it there done. Or if Wallace will b back in 1 more game after today then wait. But otherwise if u can get him for a 4th and a late conditional MAX. Then Howie has to do it.

  4. The only thing that worries me about Wallace is, even if he comes back, he had ZERO connection with Foles or Wentz this Summer. They couldn’t connect down field AT ALL. I would just grab up Desean if he’s available and priced sanely.

  5. .
    Don’t sleep on the the Lions or Titans. Both Detroit GM Bob Quinn and Tennessee GM Jon Robinson have been coworkers of Tampa GM Jason Licht with the Patriots.

  6. mickmars says:
    October 28, 2018 at 7:59 am
    Wasn’t happy in Philly. Wasn’t happy in Washington. Isn’t happy in Tampa. Anybody notice a theme here?

    That you don’t like DJax? I don’t recall him not being happy in Philly. I remember him being upset that Chip traded him from Philly. Honestly, I don’t remember hearing much from/about Desean with the Redskins, either. People always think WR’s are cancer.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a short leash this week on Winston. If Fitz gets thrown in, and 1 or 2 deep passes hit D Jax, he may drop his request.

    Still, not good MOJO for the locker room once a player wants out. Don’t forget, tampa still has the best total ranked O.

  8. Not a fan of TB BUT…

    Shut up and run better routes. I’m pretty sick of reading about players asking for trades. Always ready to bail or blame when things get a little tough. Do your job and be quiet – and no.. you will not be traded now go catch the damn ball.

  9. Bucs would be crazy not to see what they can get for him. They’re not playoff bound, might as well prepare for next season.

  10. Not sure how to quote here.

    Tampa is 3-3, so let’s hold off on firing people or saying they are going no where.

    Also, the offense dynamics are completely different vrs Fitz or Winston. If you ask the receivers who throws the better ball, or who they want to throw them the ball in a secret ballot, Fitz would win.

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