Bills could become sellers at the trade deadline

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The Bills have a game to prepare for on Monday night. After that, they may be leaving the lights on for other potential business.

Some in league circles believe that the Bills could become sellers as the trade deadline approaches, especially if (as expected) they lose to the Patriots tonight.

Names that have been mentioned as possible former Bills include receiver Kelvin Benjamin (pictured) and defensive end Shaq Lawson.

Running back LeSean McCoy previously had been linked to the Eagles. Over the weekend, the thinking was that a deal would not happen. A slide to 2-6 punctuated by a potentially embarrassing home loss to the Patriots could change that thinking, however.

22 responses to “Bills could become sellers at the trade deadline

  1. KB is in a contract year, yet he is playing like he couldn’t care less. McCoy is banged up, has that home invasion situation lingering in the background, and hasn’t been nearly as effective as he has been in previous years.

    I’ll start the bidding at a bag of used footballs. Anybody? Anyone? You, in the back… did you put your hand up? Oh, just scratching an itch on your nose? Okay… Anybody???

  2. Win or lose, they’ll be sellers. Draft capital and cap space galore for 2019. The thing is though, all this talk about “sure things” has me pointing to recent history suggesting that it’s far from that.

  3. They need to dump the guys that aren’t going to be part of the rebuild. They also need to be trading for players (if they can) over draft picks. This years draft class and free agent class are really thin at their biggest areas of need.

  4. longsufferingkcfan says:
    October 29, 2018 at 1:22 pm
    What are they gonna get for Kelvin Benjamin? A used kicking tee?
    Woe woe woe hold on there!! I might still need that Kicking tee lets find something a bit more affordable to trade

  5. If your headline changed the word “could” to “should,” it would still be correct. I have no idea why they would keep aging, underperforming vets on a team this bad. Then again, I think most of us have no idea what the Bills are doing. Except for playcalling that is, they run on 1st and 2nd down more than any team in the league.

  6. What the hell do they have that the Patriots haven’t already pillaged the last three seasons?

  7. Bills almost always play the Pats tough. Even with their crappy offense I expect their D to be hard at it. Pats will win unless they have one of their rare games where they aren’t focused, but I don’t expect the Bills to roll over either

  8. Who in the world thought trading one of your best OL players (albeit often injured) and losing your center and guard to retirement (or “retirement” in Richie’s case) would have hurt the development of a rookie QB? Surely no one could have predicted that Russel Bodine wasn’t the answer?

    All that off season praise for Brandon Beane was nauseating. Why wasn’t there one single person that thought the very good offensive linemen leaving would need to replaced?

  9. “Win or lose, they’ll be sellers. Draft capital and cap space galore for 2019. The thing is though, all this talk about “sure things” has me pointing to recent history suggesting that it’s far from that.”

    What talk about sure things?

  10. NHPats says:
    October 29, 2018 at 3:01 pm
    For how long are the Bills going to remain in “rebuilding mode”?
    Both the Bills and the Sabres have been rebuilding for decades now but yet, the fanboys always say “THIS year is going to be different.”

  11. Getting rid of KB is addition by subtraction. He killed a drive last week with a stupid 15 yard penalty immediately after making a nice catch, and along with the drive he killed any chance at momentum. Not worth whatever he’s being paid.

  12. As opposed to being buyers? Please don’t tell me this front office is so brain dead to believe losing against New England will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. This team is a mess.

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