Eric Reid expounds on his Malcolm Jenkins “sellout” remarks

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Panthers safety Eric Reid has gotten plenty of attention since calling Eagles counterpart Malcolm Jenkins a “sellout,” and after Sunday’s win over the Ravens, Reid went into greater detail about their disagreement.

In short, Reid thinks Jenkins and other players “co-opted” Colin Kaepernick’s protests of police brutality and racial inequality for their own ends, and their disagreement came to a head last week.

Reid said it was clear to him last fall when Players Coalition members met with owners that the goal was simply to make the noise created by the protests to go away.

We were brought in under the premise that the NFL wanted to use their resources to help the black community,” Reid said, via Joe Person of The Athletic. “We established within the first five minutes of that meeting that we weren’t there to negotiate an end to the protest. After about an hour and a half of talking, [Texans owner] Bob McNair says I think the elephant in the room is this protesting. [Bills owner] Terry Pegula follows up with, ‘Yeah, I’ve already lost two sponsors from my hockey team. We need to put a Band-Aid on this and we need a black figurehead to do it.’

“[Eagles owner Jeffrey] Lurie says, ‘We can do more for the black community that you can ever imagine with our resources.’ Bob McNair then says, ‘Yeah, just make sure you tell your comrades to stop that protesting business.’”

Reid also said that Jenkins asked him last November if a $5 million donation by the league would be enough to get him to stop kneeling during the national anthem, or what amount might be enough.

Jenkins has taken the high road regarding Reid’s initial comments, and has tried to keep the focus on the work being done by players in communities — work being helped by the significant donation by owners. Other players have rallied around Jenkins — who has taken the lead on plenty of positive steps — but it’s clear that there’s a fundamental difference in approach between him and Reid that’s not going to be bridged any time soon.

54 responses to “Eric Reid expounds on his Malcolm Jenkins “sellout” remarks

  1. Some people are never happy, even with compromise.

    Doesn’t make Reid wrong per se but Idelogical Minds are never satisfied.

  2. This issue is really being exasperated by the media, but if those comments by owners are accurate, they’re pretty stupid. You’d think someone who runs billion dollar businesses would know how to handle a negotiation with more tact.

  3. I dont agree with how eric’s handled everything. At all. However, is he wrong? Nope. He’s right. The $ that was supposed to go to social injustice was just “allocated” from breast cancer and for the military. Aka, probably not much.

  4. Reid can criticise Jenkins all he likes. Jenkins managed to get a great deal of money put towards a good cause. I think Jenkins’ efforts and work in the community is more than Reid has done it will do.

    Jenkins is a leader, Reid is a follower

  5. So we got one guy doing something positive, and one guy bitching about the one guy doing something positive. Reid is a cancer.

  6. I see Ried’s point here, Billionaires trying to put a band aid on problem they could care nothing about except that it’s affecting they’re bottom line, But Malcolm Jenkins is not a sellout and neither are any of the players who are actively working for change.

  7. Eric Reid is just the same nonsense we hear every day on the news. “I am going to do it my way until everyone else changes. I do not have any intention of compromising. I will scream and yell until I get my way. I do not care about anyone elses feelings but my own. Everyone else is wrong” It just gets old.

  8. Reid doesn’t seem to understand how to play this particular game. What else does he expect these owners to do besides throw money at the situation? If he was smart he’d take a butt ton of money from them and go do something good with it. He’s not smart.

  9. After game 2 of the World Series, instead of going home to rest up before the long flight across country, Mookie Betts, at 2AM in 37 degree weather, took trays of food to the homeless camped out next to the Boston Public Library, no cameras, no press….. That is making a difference in your community.. Eric Reid should take note.

  10. I think Eric Reid’s behavior already is a clear indication Colin Kaepernick would not work on a roster. This dude is already turning into a distraction when the team is fighting for the division, yet here we are talking about kneelgate drama.

  11. How many times has Eric Reid been to Congress to try and meet and work on things? How much of his own money has he donated? How much of his own time has he spent in his community? Because Malcolm Jenkins has been to Congress twice, has a gigantic charity that he spends millions of his own dollars on, and spends a LOT of his own time working within the community. All I’ve ever heard Eric Reid do is bitch.

  12. Malcolm Jenkins is moving in a positive direction with this. You have to start somewhere. If this was left up to you, all the issues the players were kneeling for would not be move in a positive direction.

  13. Does it really matter why or how the protests started?

    If being a sellout was to take an opportunity that was created by a protest for whatever reason and build it into a way to help and give back to communities that need it, then I hope Jenkins wears that label proud.

    You can protest all you want but unless you actually go out and try to make a difference, it does not matter.

  14. gohometrolls says:
    October 29, 2018 at 9:51 am
    I see Ried’s point here, Billionaires trying to put a band aid on problem they could care nothing about except that it’s affecting they’re bottom line


    Well maybe that’s because to the owners they see the NFL as, you know…..a business?

  15. Kaepernick got attention to certain causes. He succeeded in leading that. But that should have been the first step only. The next logical thing is converting that attention into action to address those causes. I don’t know if Reid and Kaepernick have an idea for that next step or if they are on self-righteous mission of principle where it’s about bringing down people they perceive as wrong (i.e. the owners).

    Trashing Jenkins for taking that attention and coaxing the owners (reluctantly or not, who cares) into funding tangible action is self-righteous B.S.

  16. I don’t care about Reid and his issues

    He took money to play pro football not to protest about something that has
    little to do with pro football

  17. You see this all the time: Somebody gripes about the lack of tolerance for their views then INSTANTLY turns around and goes after others for their views without even for a second recognizing the hypocrisy.

  18. Reid was butthurt because the NFL didn’t add NEW money to the pot for the players’ chosen causes. The owners instead wanted to reallocate money originally put up for other causes and move them towards this kneeling protest “issues”.

    Eric just wanted to squeeze the owners. All the while never getting together a pot of money from the players to support this cause that THEY originated. Wanting to get things done by using other people’s money?

    Sounds very familiar

  19. Rick Foley says:
    October 29, 2018 at 10:30 am
    Malcolm Jenkins is moving in a positive direction with this. You have to start somewhere. If this was left up to you, all the issues the players were kneeling for would not be move in a positive direction.

    You WOULD say this.

    More accurately, “Malcolm Jenkins is pacifying me and those of my ilk by doing this in one of the few ways which I won’t find a reason to be ‘offended’, all while not even addressing the actual issues at hand.”

    That’s what you MEANT to say, since that’s actually what Jenkins is doing.

  20. 64impalass says:
    October 29, 2018 at 9:42 am
    I dont agree with how eric’s handled everything. At all. However, is he wrong? Nope. He’s right. The $ that was supposed to go to social injustice was just “allocated” from breast cancer and for the military. Aka, probably not much.
    Yes. He IS wrong. How much was going towards social injustice prior to the protests? Exactly nothing. So yeah … most definitely wrong.

    Did Reid want to tell the NFL how\where to spend their money? If so that was overreaching. By quite a lot. Reid accomplished what he wanted even if it hasn’t sunk into his thick skull yet. The only reason it hasn’t is because Kap doesn’t have a job. Full stop.

  21. Reid made an absolute fool out of himself but he doesn’t have enough self awareness to understand that.

  22. He should have protested Kaep’s unemployment by refusing to accept an NFL contract until Kaep was signed by a team. Looking at the situation through a different prism, you could argue that Reid is the sellout here.

  23. Reid and Kaepernick have every right to protest. But from the beginning, wasn’t the purpose of the protests to draw attention to the social injustices? If so, when the media started covering them, shouldn’t the goal have been met? Reid and Kaepernick could’ve stopped kneeling. I get why they didn’t at that point, though.

    Then the coalition is formed and given $90M to go to programs that combat inequality. I would consider that success at best, progress at worst. So, why didn’t they stop?

    Based on Reid’s comments, it sounds like he thinks owners were paying to stop the protests. That may be the case but the money is still there and can go to help the cause so I’m not sure why taking it makes the coalition a sellout.

    I guess a better question is to ask Reid what his end goal is for his protest. I mean, what specifically does he want to end his protest? An end to social injustice is not something the NFL can change on its own. So it makes Reid seem like he is being unreasonable.

  24. So to sum it up Reid is throwing a hissy fit and acting like Angelica from Rugrats cause the Owners and Jenkins along with several other players didn’t want to do things like his and his lord and savior Kaeps way. Got it

  25. The NFL is a sports league, not a community development nonprofit. Take your millions in pay and do it youself. There are players that actually do this, like Warrick Dunn who has spent 20 years building hundreds of houses for single parents. It works great and doesn’t divide people like the corrosive socialists and their endless handout demands. But maybe that’s your ultimate goal now, isn’t it.

  26. “How much would it take for you to stop kneeling? $5 million, is that enough?”

    Smells of sellout to me.

    Damn the reason for kneeling in the first place if you are gonna be bribed to stop.

  27. So if Jenkins spends his time and money in his neighborhood trying to make things better and Reid just kneels in his neighborhood and bitches about everything that`s wrong with the world i wonder which neighborhood would be better off?

  28. 64impalass says:

    The $ that was supposed to go to social injustice was just “allocated” from breast cancer and for the military.

    You can’t spend money on “social injustice”. It would have to be something that exists and then could actually be eliminated with cash.

  29. I don’t trust at all Reid’s version of what these owners said. Rarely does anyone accurately convey the meaning and intent of other’s words. Rarer still when you have an agenda to frame.

  30. Getting back to football Malcom Jenkins is becoming very weak on pass defense up the middle and gives little help over the top.

  31. Reid is showing why there are issues in the community, people are coming together to help a cause. Reid wants to keep fighting, keep disrespecting the flag. He’s not showing how to help but to hurt his cause. Job well done Mr. Jenkins.

  32. Eric Reid should protest every time he gets a chance. They should all continue the protest till they are forced not to.

  33. There can be some understanding on both sides but when I see Reid and hear him talk I see a guy who loves the fight more than he would love the solution and loves trying to be the militant brother at all costs and any compromise is seen as selling out. Could the owners use more tact and common sense? Of course. The problem with Eric Reid is that no solution would be good enough for him. Whether anyone likes it or not Kaepernick has become a symbol or an icon for this cause and Eric Reid wants some of that. The last thing he wants is an end to this.

  34. What is it Reid wants? His goal is to alienate people, hurt the NFL bottom line, and get them to contribute more than they already do? He sees no value in having the full support from the NFL to help the black community, and to stop hurting their image in the eyes of those who take offense to kneeling during the anthem?

    Unreasonable people are unreasonable I guess.

  35. Eric Reid is about division, and fanning the flames to make the problem worse.. Malcolm Jenkins is about solving a problem.

  36. We see now what the principles of the kneeling protest players were worth. Exactly 90 million dollars. The entire thing wasn’t just a disgrace. It was a shakedown.

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