Report: Teams inquiring about Golden Tate

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The Lions are receiving inquiries about receiver Golden Tate, Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports. The question is: Do the Lions want to move him?

Pelissero adds the Lions would have to be “blown away” to deal him.

Even though the Lions are 3-4 and last in the NFC North, they are only a game behind the first-place Bears.

Tate, 30, leads the Lions with 44 catches for 517 yards and three touchdowns. Eight of his receptions have gone for 20-plus yards.

He has gone over 1,000 yards receiving in three of the past four seasons with Detroit. Tate joined the Lions in 2014 after four seasons in Seattle, signing a five-year, $31 million contract that pays him a $7 million base in this his last year of the deal.

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  1. Giving up arguably your most reliable offensive weapon is basically conceding the season being lost. They are 1 game out of first! I would say this is a very dumb move… But then again it is the Lions.

  2. He has 44 catches. Dude, you screw up the stats every time you post them. Targets are not catches. 😐

  3. Really depends on the FO, Lets be real the Lions won’t be winning that division this year or get in through the Wild Card. While adding Snacks was a great move that defense is still 3-4 starters away from making them a bonafide contender. Not sure as a team you can concede the season yet but the FO and coaching staff already know this isn’t the year. Unless its a 3rd rounder im not sure you pull the trigger and send that kind of message.

  4. Unless they figure that Brandon Powell can step in and contribute right away as a slot receiver, OR if they are blown away by an offer, I don’t see why this would make sense when we are clearly in contention.

  5. He won’t be traded. IF he leaves in free agency they will get a third round comp pick. So you would have to put together a big package to get him plus then you have to sign him to an extension. It doesn’t make any sense for anyone. Of course if I was a Dallas fan I would have rather traded a first for Tate than Cooper.

  6. Different New Lions says:
    October 29, 2018 at 5:28 pm

    How crazy is that division? The Bears went from first to last to first again in like 8 days. I love the NFL


    That’s because all teams have the same exact record within 2 games or less. It’s not that hard to comprehend. The fact that our division has all the games against one another in the second have of the season has a lot to do with it. Either way, any team other than our Lions in last place is only temporary as that is our perma home and we are not going to be able to hang with the other three teams this year.

  7. The Lions were pretty much eliminated from contention when Patricia got hired they got their one huge victory GIFT from Belichick to help his old DC, but their done. Tate isn’t even that good, they probably won’t get much for him. They should trade Golladay, that kid is way under utilized and that’s 100% on Patricia’s inexperience and failure as a HC.

  8. if a middling receiver on the Vikings can command a prohibitive salary, bidding for Tate will go through the roof this off-season;

    sure, he is loyal and wants to finish his career in Detroit, but can he really afford to turn down his last chance at a blockbuster contract with a newly growing family i’m sure he would like to increase?

    Detroit will not pay him the $10M a year someone will surely throw at him, so if somebody offers a third to replace their lost third round selection they cashed in for Kerryon, how could the Lions refuse knowing they will end up with nothing til maybe 2020?

    even a fourth-rounder would have to be considered carefully given the GM’s growing acumen for finding nuggets in the latter rounds;

    bottom line, Tate is gone in ten games as Tabor, Ansah, Toililo, Abdullah and Lang;

    the Lions need to have a plan in place for that now;

  9. Schmitty2 – Golden Tate is good but if you can move him to help in the future you do it because you still have Golladay and Jones at wr and if Tate were to get dealt you would likely see a lot more Riddick on screens and short passes so your offense takes maybe a slight step back and that’s it. Granted you don’t give him away but you also have to realize not only is he not in your future plans he’s also not a difference maker for you currently either.

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