ESPN makes revisions to Booger mobile

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The Booger mobile has a new look.

After seven weeks of ESPN using a contraption that rolls along the sideline and allows analyst Booger McFarland to look down the line of scrimmage, an avalanche of criticism has prompted ESPN to modify the vehicle.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, ESPN removed the monitor that was on the back of the cart based on fan feedback. The decision supposedly came with no pressure from the league. (If there truly wasn’t, there should have been.)

The monitor, which projected images that were several seconds behind live action, has been replaced by a sheet of plexiglass, which presumably is aimed at keeping Booger from being pelted with foreign objects, up to and including his namesake nose goblins.

The presence of the monitor amounted to an admission that the Booger mobile creates an obstruction. Removing it makes the obstruction smaller, but there’s still an obstruction. The better play would be to put Booger in the booth.

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  1. It’s disgusting that people who put out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for front row seats have to have the back of this dude obstructing their view.

  2. The better play would be to fire the whole crew and let the aforementioned nose goblins do the telecast.

  3. The even better move would be to put Boober in the Studio and eventually completely off the set entirely.

  4. Are they adding a porta potty for Booger or is he just gonna let it go on the booger mobile?

  5. The better play would be to put Booger in the booth.

    The “best” play would be to have Booger wiped on someone’s sleeve. He is as offensive as his name implies. Loud mouth, inarticulate, snot…

  6. With NFL owners concerned with fans choosing watching games at home over the stadium experience I can’t believe they haven’t nixed this idea. Either have him standing on the sideline or put him in the booth. Having him in a vehicle doesn’t make him not a sideline reporter.

  7. The better play would be to put Booger in the booth.

    Nope, the better play would be to get someone interesting, that knows what they are talking about

  8. Jason Witten might be the most forced talker that doesn’t seem comfortable that I have ever watched.

    He’s like a fish out of water.

  9. By all accounts Jason Witten is a good guy, but he just does not belong in a broadcast booth. The guy babbles on incessantly, haltingly and brings no real insight.

    Unlike Tony Romo, whom I had my doubts about as an announcer, but he nails it convincingly and consistently.

  10. albloch says:
    October 30, 2018 at 12:28 pm
    The better play would be to put Booger in the booth.

    Nope, the better play would be to get someone interesting, that knows what they are talking about

    He actually does. But what I’ve learned over the years, based upon who so many millennials say they like versus who they don’t… is that most of you don’t know isht about football — in my best Roger Mayweather Voice — and just want to be “entertained” by some jackal who screams all game. McFarland makes tons of cogent points, albeit forced into a small window due to how much air Tessitore uses, and the teleprompter-reading Witten who just spews cliches and says something contrary to what actually happened.

    Like the PI-that-should’ve-been that changed the game as the Bills were 2nd and 15 and he ranted about a one hand catch when Chung was clearly holding the man’s right arm all the way. Not only was Witten wrong, but Patriots refs did their usual by swinging the game, as the next play was the pick six that effectively ended any chance Buffalo had.

    Nor did Witten NOR the Carnival Barker next to him, whose eyes he gazes into like I do with a chick who I am trying to bag, mention the obvious and blatant pass interference on Chung.

  11. billymutt says:
    October 30, 2018 at 12:40 pm
    By all accounts Jason Witten is a good guy, but he just does not belong in a broadcast booth. The guy babbles on incessantly, haltingly and brings no real insight.

    Unlike Tony Romo, whom I had my doubts about as an announcer, but he nails it convincingly and consistently.

    Romo is ANNOYING. Case in point with the first part of my previous comment.

  12. He is ten times more informative and better versed in analyzing the game than Witten. Witten May be a good announcer someday but Booger is much better right now

  13. Or they could just get rid of him. Last night he gave us the in depth analysis that no average football fan could conclude on their own. Deep into the second half, when most fans expected the pats to be up by 25, Booger gave us this gem of analysis. “For those just joining us, the bills defense has played well tonight”. Really booger? The score is 12-6. Anyone with a brain can look and say, either the bills defense has played really good, or Tom Brady is out of the game. (Wait a few seconds to see if Brady is playing). Yup, looks like good defense is the culprit for the Pats point total. Useless. Couple that with Tessatore calling out “Gilmore comes up to make the big hit” on an Edelman catch and run. No Tess, that is the wrong #24, Gilmore most certainly wasn’t in on that tackle. MNF has fallen a long way

  14. “He’s like a fish out of water”


    You are correct that Witten seems nervous and uncomfortable when he speaks. He does provide some valuable insights into the game and I think in time his nerves will wear off and he could be one of the better color guys working today.

    I will take Witten all day over Troy Aikman. The way that fool dwells on penalties that he feels should of been called that weren’t is unacceptable for a broadcaster IMO. We have too many flags in this league as it is and then we have Troy Aikman every 5th play saying there was a penalty that wasn’t called and dwelling on it until the next penalty he feels was missed. He’s the worst!

  15. Golly, at this rate BSPN might be able to afford a 2nd broadcast camera after all. Maybe they could even wheel it down to the red zone instead of just showing everything from the one mounted at mid field. Just a few hundred more firings to go to finance it.

  16. BSPN has improved slightly over the last few years but the are a D+ operation now.

    What’s up with all the crappy CGI parody’s? It’s 2018 and a billion dollar operation has graphics that are stuck in the early 2000’s

  17. charger383 says:
    October 30, 2018 at 12:25 pm
    get rid of him and his cart, both are annoying

    Get rid of the cart. But Booger himself earned at least a temporary stay in my mind when he did that comment about Benjamine being one Popeye’s biscuit away from a tight end. I have to give credit where its due, that was a good one. To the booth!!

  18. Booger on Cordarelle Patterson last night: “he’s a Popeye’s biscuit away from being a tight end…” A great line, the likes of which you will never hear from Witten.

    Dump the Booger mobile.
    Put Booger in the booth.
    Put Witten on the sideline.
    Forget where you put Witten.
    Broadcast improved.

  19. If they want a gimmick, then he should roll around the sidelines on a motorized Garorade bucket. Built-in sponsorship and all.

  20. In my years of watching football at stadiums, I have sat in the front row near the 40 yard line, sat in the upper deck at the 30, sat high up in the end zone, behind the goal posts, sat in the suites, and many other locations. Sitting in the first row near the 40 at the Cotton Bowl was the worst seat. If you wanted to see players backs and miss most of the action, it was a great seat! The Cotton Bowl at that time had a wall of about 3.5 feet above the field. Walls on the sideline should be built higher so fans can have a clearer view of the playing field. You’re paying a premium price for those seats. If the Booker mobile blocked my line of site, I’d be complaining to ESPN too. Building sideline walls higher at new. and refurbished stadiums would be an answer.

  21. People are going to trash the broadcasters as they always do, many times when they don’t really dislike the broadcasters. It’s like Joe Buck. 1000 people will say he’s horrible and 998 have no idea why they are saying it, they just know they are supposed to dislike him.

    Anyhoo, I actually like what Booger does on these broadcasts. He’s not trying to be that perfect announcer with the practiced perfect announcing style. He just lets what he thinks fly, laughs at what he thinks is funny and it’s very natural, unlike poor Witten who is trying so hard to be that perfect announcer and say the perfect things. In contrast Tony Romo is another guy who is just natural and lets it fly and it comes off very well.

  22. The should strap Booger onto that suspended camera on cables and let him fly over the field for three hours. That dude is more annoying than a colonoscopy probe.

  23. Lifelong Cowboys fan here and listening to Witten is painful. Booger too. Guys, its not their fault, they are what they are–its the moron producers and execs who make these calls. Clearly do not know what they are doing. Sadly.

  24. Both Jason and booger talk way too much. Please let us enjoy the game without this audio overload . But the worst ex-jock in the booth was Garth Jax . He said the offense will run or pass on the next play. Really ?

  25. For the most part, I am fine with nearly all commentators that call games, including Witten and Tessitore. That said, Booger really ruins the game for me.

    – Too often his insight is nothing more than a restatement of the obvious thata should come casually from the booth or just simply not said at all.
    – He overly projects his voice because he’s in that sideline contraption, so the audio comes in much louder than Witten and Tessitore’s. It’s grating to listen to for 3 hours.
    – He makes every point at least 2-3 times in the same breath.
    – He uses 40 words when 20 will suffice.

    Less is more, man.

  26. This isn’t rocket science. Just get rid of it already. Having him on a crane doesn’t add any additional value to the broadcast. The entire MNF team is ridiculously painful to listen too. Witten can barely get a sentence out without stumbling over his entire point. Replace them all.

  27. Scrap the whole crew and start over. MNF is unwatchable this season. Witten is boring, Tessitore acts like a fanboy, and if Booger tells me one more time that, “you have to understand this,” I’m going to stop watching altogether.

  28. As a season ticket holder it sickens me they allow an absolute obstruction to our paying view. They KNOW it’s bad, so they tried to put a television there to assist. GET RID OF IT!!!

  29. to me the Monday night broadcast is a complete disaster. Why do they have to keep calling each other “Tess” “whit” and “boog”

    it’s dumb. it doesn’t make them seem like pals or guys I wanna hang with hang it makes them all seem like d bags.

    And who gave “whit” and “tess” these jobs? whitten can’t talk, “tess’ isn’t fun or funny and there’s way, way, way too much “boog”.

    just put a couple decent announcers in the booth and broadcast the darn game.

  30. Props for using that picture that makes Booger look like he’s about to let loose a thousand SCUD missiles at the Texas-Mexican border

  31. The booger-mobile blocks more than the entire Raider D line. Someone quick, toss that machine a $141 mill contract…

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