John Elway doesn’t seem to be troubled by Case Keenum’s 10 interceptions

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Broncos quarterback Case Keenum threw seven interceptions in all of 2017. He has thrown 10 in eight games of 2018.

So what does the man who signed Keenum, Broncos G.M. John Elway, think of that?

“Case will be the first one to tell you that some of the decisions haven’t been really good,” Elway told reporters on Tuesday. “He works on that. I know that he’s not trying to do it and he continues to work on that and try to prevent the turnovers. I think he did a lot of good things last week [against the Chiefs]. I think he moved around and used his feet a little bit.”

Keenum was at his best last year in Minnesota when he moved away from the pocket, periodically resetting, looking for a receiver, moving, resetting, looking for a receiver — and eventually finding a wide-open receiver. This year, he hasn’t done that nearly as much.

“We also have to get him in good situations too, the situations we could get him in,” Elway added. “I think there’s a feel. I think [offensive coordinator] Billy [Musgrave] is getting a better feel for what he does best. I think we’ll continue to work that way and try to keep him out of situations. You’re going to have those interceptions. It’s not something you can just put a finger on and say, ‘Ok, we’re going to put an end to it.'”

Still, it wasn’t a problem last year in Minnesota. Maybe Musgrave or someone else on the offensive staff should look at the things Keenum did well last year, and start doing them this year. It’s a simple proposition, but it requires football coaches to shed ego and be creative and ultimately embrace things that work and avoid things that don’t, even if it’s not part of their “system.”

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  1. All they have to do is get A Thielen and Diggs who catch almost everything no matter how off target and he will look like last year.

  2. .
    The Broncos roster lags behind both the Chiefs and Chargers. They’ll need to address the quarterback situation in the first round again this year. Elway passed on moving up to draft Mahomes because he was standing pat with “his guys”, Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch and Brock Osweiler.

  3. What’s worse than his interceptions are his pathetic pocket awareness and his penchant for holding onto the ball WAY too long.

  4. If Musgrave doesn’t get it yet, he never will. As Peytons mobility declined and his arm faded the OC changed to account for that. That’s the job of the OC. Denver runs the ball well until the opponent goes up by a FG and then Musgrave freaks out and abandons the run. He doesn’t have the constitution to be the OC. He’ll probably be interim HC when VJ (finally) gets canned so I’ll call that (VJ gone) a win-lose scenario.

  5. Keenum isn’t very good at all, but he the best Elway has been able to find in his ongoing search for a QB.

  6. We are told Keemun is a very good play action passer. We’re also told that the Broncos have a top 5 rushing offense. So, the question remains, what the heck is wrong with Keemun this year? Part of this is the PUTRID game planning and play calling ( looking at you Musgrave and you, too, VJ), while the other part is that KEENUM IS A BACKUP QB.

  7. Maybe the vikings front office and coaches were right in letting Keenum leave and signing Cousins. Cousins is above average and a big improvement.
    The Broncos could have drafted a QB but didn’t.
    I guess they will have to draft one this year. Unfortunately there aren’t as many good prospects, and they probably wont pick high enough to get one.

  8. Keenum needs three seconds minimum to see the field and throw. O line doesn’t pass protect well enough to allow that much time. Keenum’s tendency is to drift to his right instead of stepping up. And usually, interior pass rush overwhelms terrible O line and prevents stepping up. Result = incomplete or INT. Bottom line O line needs to be upgraded, which isn’t easy. It doesn’t help that Leary and Veldhear have been out hurt.

    Bronco fan.

  9. Keenum, helped us to a 13-3 record. He was not the reason for it though. Diggs, Thielen and the defense were amazing. The two playoff games showed the real Keenum, throwing his patent floater to the sidelines was the real Keenum. No matter what everyone says the Vikings knew this and went and signed Cousins.

  10. ^^^^^

    Thanks for that fun fact about 9 points but as to the ability of Keenum and Cousins. Football people think Cousins is an upgrade on Keenum. Even the Broncos themselves wanted Cousins before Keenum.

  11. Elway may not care, right at this moment, but at the end of the season, when the ownership sends him & Vance Joseph packing, he may feel differently.

  12. Your welcome fmc. Another fun fact is Case Keenum is .500 in his career (23-23) while Cousins is sub-.500 (30-33-2).

    With much the same team as Cousins is leading this year (4-3-1) Keenum went 11-3 last year. And he’s making $10 million less.

    Cousins definitely has more arm talent than Keenan though. That much is true. Enjoy the upgrade!

  13. I love all the people raggin’ on Elway…How long since your favorite team won a superbowl ? i mean as a qb He won back to back and already has a lombardi as GM…I would bet that is a better record than 95% of the teams you people support….haters gonna hate…lol
    AutonomousThinker7 says:
    October 30, 2018 at 10:56 pm
    The personnel on the Vikings is also different than the personnel in Denver. However it seems like everything Elway touches ends up not very good

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