LeSean McCoy feeling frustration over poor offensive performance

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LeSean McCoy doesn’t know if he’ll still be with the Bills at the end of the day.

But he’s certain he’s never been through anything like this.

Via Mike Rodak of ESPN.com, the veteran running back was “sullen” in the locker room after last night’s loss to the Patriots, but it was more than the weight of one more loss weighing on him.

He admitted “I’m not really playing well at all,” and when asked if he questioned his own ability, he replied: “S—. I still can play. I still can play. Defenses know I still can play. You see the way they approach me when I’m in the game.”

In reference to today’s trade deadline, and the possibility he could be moved, he replied: “Who knows, man.”

What he does know is this is a season like no other. He had 12 carries for 13 yards last night against the Patriots, and 12 of those yards came on one run. He also caught six passes for 82 yards, but he’s still having a historically bad season, with just 75 carries for 275 yards through eight games. He ran for 1,138 and added 448 receiving yards last year.

“This is my team, . . . I’m happy here,” he said. “But it doesn’t matter whether I was here or anywhere else, playing a season like this, you would be mad. I don’t think it’s a matter of where I’m at. It’s just what’s been taking place and how things are going offensively. . . .

“What do I got, 200 yards? In the [eighth game]? That’s never happened to me. Yeah, it’s different. It’s a different season. I’m 30 years old, playing since when I’ve been in high school. This stuff [has] never happened to me. It is tough.”

He’s feeling the frustration of everyone associated with the 2-6 Bills.

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  1. When you have a coach and a GM that decide to go with 2 rookie QB’s and the worst receiver & O line corps in the league….this is what you get….”Trust the Process”…..SMH

  2. Unfortunately you’re looking g at a running back with no other real skill players on offense to help out. At least when Josh Allen was playing they had a chance.

  3. .
    The Patriots game plan was to stop McCoy and make Derek Anderson beat them. They couldn’t allow McCoy to get going and allow the Bills to open up their play action playbook.

  4. Watching the game, dude needs to protect the ball! One handed runs is going to be a field day for the right opponents defense!!!!

  5. Dude, seriously. Uncle buck. Take a look at available cap space the Bills had at the end of 2017. Then, go shopping on all the FA that signed this season. What difference maker exactly are you acquiring? You want to keep Tyrod? We’ll, that dude was owed a huge roster bonus, so if that’s what you wanted, then deduct that from available cap space. Otherwise, just shut up about something you don’t understand. Being frustrated is understandable, but this is a mess created by the previous regime. How’s Dareus doing in Ajax? Worth that $100 mil? How about Tyrod and his $15 million contract? Sammy Watkins? Is he worth $15 million and now onto a 3rd team? The only player that I wish was still on this roster that we had the opportunity to keep was Robert Woods, but he’s still overpaid. Not one of these cap problems, or talent deficits can be attributed to Beane and McDermott. If anything, the defense is much better under them than it was under defensive guru Rex Ryan. The only thing you can blame them for is being fooled by Petermans preseason performance. Him playing well forced their hand into shipping AJ. That’s it. And if you really think AJ was going to guide this team to anything better than .500 record, we’ll, drink that kool aid man, nobody will stop you.

    Seriously, the teams bad. It was going to be bad. Most colleges have a higher payroll to work with than what Beane did this season. It gets better in ’19. Then you can bash the GM/Coach duo all you want.

  6. Maybe if McCoy quit dancing around and running from side to side, and began to actually act like a running back again (you know – straight up field and unafraid of contact!) he might look like a RB again instead of a candidate for the ice dancer’s hall of fame.

  7. I’m pretty sure he lost more yards by including his penalty than he gained yesterday.

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