Andy Reid on lack of trades: There wasn’t anything to move on

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Perhaps more surprising than the trades that were made on Tuesday are the trades that weren’t. The Chiefs, despite a defense that may be just bad enough to keep the team from getting to the Super Bowl, did nothing to enhance it with established talent under contract with other teams.

Coach Andy Reid was asked to explain the decision not to make any trades on Wednesday. While he initially danced around it, an answer eventually bubbled up.

“I mean that’d probably be a good question for [G.M.] Brett [Veach],” Reid initially said. “I know where his mind is, there just wasn’t anything there that he felt he needed to move on. He felt comfortable with doing that. He’s not going to do something just to do it to appease. He’s going to do what’s best for the Chiefs and he’s really good about that. That’s just where he’s at.”

The Chiefs had been linked to Seahawks safety Earl Thomas before a broken leg ended his season. Players like Giants safety Landon Collins and cornerback Janoris Jenkins were believed to be available, but nothing happened.

The Chiefs still hope to eventually get safety Eric Berry back in the lineup. He hasn’t played since tearing an Achilles tendon in the first week of the 2017 regular season.

14 responses to “Andy Reid on lack of trades: There wasn’t anything to move on

  1. Not a Chiefs fan but like it or not they are the most exciting team in the NFL. You get your moneys worth and really that is what it’s all about to me

  2. Eric Berry hasn’t played a snap in well over 400 days, and hasn’t practiced in three months. Even if his heel problem is cleared up, how long will it take to get him into football shape? Would love to see Berry back on the field in a real game, but I think that the Chiefs are dreaming. Too bad. They need him.

  3. A lot of the players that become available this time of year are either underachievers, or character guys. Everyone is happy when they sign one of these guys, but the happiness often fades away as time goes on. The really good players aren’t usually available. This isn’t Andy’s first rodeo.

  4. The best game of the year will be a rematch of the Chiefs-Patriots. They scored a total of 83 points the first time, we could see 100 the next.

  5. Ya even he didnt want ha ha dix. Wow the pack traded a guy who was well trained healthy and a first round pick for some dip stick in the fourth round. THEY will never win a super bowl again playing cheap ball. His contract was up and they again sent a well trained defenseman packing for nothing to save a buck

  6. “Players like Giants safety Landon Collins and cornerback Janoris Jenkins were believed to be available, but nothing happened.”

    So, just maybe they either weren’t actually available or weren’t worth the asking price. The Chiefs no doubt need to get better on D. That said, I’m glad they didn’t act out of desperation. Love what they’re doing. In Veach we trust.

  7. Some kid on here said Landon Collins and Janoris Jenkins were Underachievers and not worth the asking price, giants were asking for a 4 for Janoris Jenkins, who is a top 6 CB this year and was a top 10 last year, thats a very easy deal to make, and they wanted a 1 or a 2 and a 5 for Landon Collins, who is a top 2 safety since he came into the league. But yeah they are Underachievers lmao. Veach failed this team!!!!

  8. If Chiefs could have gotten, Patrick Peterson or Landon Collins, that would have been Great, but those players didn’t move. Of all the players traded, maybe Snacks Harrison would have been good, but the Chiefs are 7-1. They are already in good shape.

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