Baker Mayfield says Browns should have taken Mahomes over Garrett

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The Browns drafted Myles Garrett with the first overall choice in 2017. Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, the No. 1 overall pick this year, said Cleveland should have selected Patrick Mahomes in hindsight.

Talent wise, I thought he should have been,” Mayfield said Wednesday, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I love Myles but. . . .

“Coming from the Texas Tech system, there are always your skeptics, people doubting the fact that all he did was sit back there and throw the ball. He threw it 88 times in our game [a 66-59 Oklahoma victory over Texas Tech], but when it comes down to it, throwing the ball is throwing the ball, and he’s really good at it.”

It’s hard to argue with Mayfield’s observation, even though Garrett’s eight sacks ties for second in the NFL behind Aaron Donald‘s 10.

If the Browns had taken Mahomes, the Chiefs likely still have Alex Smith. Washington may still have Kirk Cousins. Minnesota may still have Case Keenum. Denver would have? And Mayfield and Garrett both would have gone elsewhere.

Mayfield spent the 2013 season at Texas Tech. Mahomes was there 2014-16.

Their 2016 shootout was a classic with Mayfield’s Oklahoma team beating Mahomes’ Texas Tech team 66-59 as the teams combined for a Division I single-game record 1,708 yards.

“There was a play in that college game, he was rolling to his left, flicked it and went about 65 in the air for a touchdown, back of the end zone,” Mayfield said. “He does stuff that you can’t even think that would actually be possible.’’

20 responses to “Baker Mayfield says Browns should have taken Mahomes over Garrett

  1. I just became a Baker fan. I’ve never heard a QB say anything so honest and humbling. Hats off Baker, but I think the Browns did alright with you and Garrett. The Browns defense is good and will get better. With you and Landry and Chubb. You’re heading in the right direction.

  2. Heard a lot of praise for his answers to the tough coaching questions today. This comment set him back. As harmless as it might have been, some things are better left unsaid.

  3. They could have had both as they had enough trade capitol to move back up into the first.

  4. Hard to see the value of the leader of the team on the field making that statement. It is one thing to admire and speak well of the other quarterback, but to put it in the context of saying that he was a better choice than arguably the best player on your team.

    I do not predict good things with that kind of judgement by the Quarterback.


    I have a soft spot for the Browns. This guy is going to bust and it will not be because he is playing on the Browns. His head and heart are wrong.

  5. That would have been awesome since it would mean Myles Garrett would have fallen to the Niners!

  6. I guess Mayfield is lucky he wears a red “Please don’t hit me” jersey in practice….although sometimes there are “mistakes”. He better hope Garrett doesn’t accidentally forget the plan.

  7. If the Browns had drafted Mahomes he’d likely suck right now because they would of threw him out there last year before he was ready with nothing around him. Natural talent is one of the major reasons he looks as good as he does but Andy Reids ability to scheme and get guys open in space paired with a stacked KC offense are also major reasons Mahomes is as successful as he is this early.

  8. Thinking that Baker Mayfield the Cleveland Brown QB should refrain from answering questions as if he’s Baker Mayfield the GM. This wasn’t a “humble” statement from a humble fella, this was an example of not being wise with your words and your audience. Case in point, notice how Brady and Rodgers spoke to the media; there was no despairing of teammates, self-deprecation, or second-guessing your GM and ownership.

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