Buccaneers curious quarterback trend may continue

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers entered the NFL in 1976. Since then, the Bucs have drafted 25 quarterbacks. And they’ve never signed any of them to a second contract.

Two years ago, when the Bucs were surging and Jameis Winston was generating fringe MVP chatter, it looked like that trend would end. Currently, it’s looking like there won’t be a second contract for Winston, after all.

Benched after a disastrous four-interception performance against the Bengals, Winston now has to process failure while still being ready to succeed if needed. As former Bucs coach Tony Dungy explained on Tuesday’s PFT Live, Winston needs to realize that 31 other teams are watching him now, and that he needs to conduct himself accordingly. That means becoming the best backup quarterback he can be, helping starter Ryan Fitzpatrick while being prepared at all times to play after any/every snap.

Considering the history of Bucs quarterbacks, Winston would be wise to take Dungy’s advice to heart. After all, three quarterbacks drafted by the Bucs — Doug Williams (first round in 1978), Steve Young (supplemental first round in 1984), and Trent Dilfer (first round in 1994) — went on to win Super Bowls with other teams.

Here’s another piece of advice that someone needs to give to Winston: Quit trying to do more than you’re physically able to do. One of the most important skills for any athlete is to realize the limits of athletic ability. Winston all too often tries to make plays he just isn’t capable of making, creating an ungainly, awkward moment that leaves him more frustrated than Michael Scott while playing basketball.

For now, Winston won’t be playing anything. When the chance to play arises again, and it will, he needs to display at all times an appreciation of the line that separates the things he can do from the things he can’t do, and to stay on the right side of that line.

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  1. “After all, three quarterbacks drafted by the Bucs — Doug Williams (first round in 1978), Steve Young (supplemental first round in 1984), and Trent Dilfer (first round in 1994) — went on to win Super Bowls with other teams.”

    I don’t think any of those three QB’s have the checkered past that Winston has. It’s more likely that Winston will go on to a similar fate of the other 22 QB’s that the Bucs have drafted since they entered the league.

  2. This is getting ridiculous. This franchise showed their cards on Hard Knocks. The GM and Head Coach were nearly tearing-up while gushing about how fortunate they were to have been in Winston’s presence, let alone have him on their field in Bucs’ colors, meanwhile Winston was going on about how he was hungry for “W’s” and throwing 3 picks in a preseason game. That is aside from the alleged off-field issues…All three of these guys need to be gone for this program to succeed.

  3. .
    The mistakes he made Sunday were the same mistakes he was making as a rookie. He doesn’t seem to learn from them. That’s a great concern.

  4. No! Florio you are 100% wrong.
    Winston is a basket case, and if the Bucs signed him to a new contract, and Winston sucks, THEN you would rip the Bucs for offering him that deal knowing what a poor QB he is.
    How about the “tough love” approach by letting Winston go? Maybe, just maybe that will humble him (not likely) enough to where he seeks a shrink and gets his head on straight.
    The bottom line is that Winston is an immature millennial multi-millionaire who thinks he is bulletproof b/c anytime he gets into trouble the media is ALWAYS there to take his side and bail him out.

  5. Need to add Josh Freeman to the list. I thought that guy had it all and would be a thorn in the side of my Saints for years. Then just like that, poof, he’s gone.

  6. Problem I think is that someone told Winston that he’s the next coming of Brett Favre and he can make any pass and his interceptions will be forgiven. He has the talent, but the problem is his decision making and feels like he has to be a playmaker every play.

    Once the Bucs are eliminated from Playoff contention the Bucs will go back to Winston to give him a last chance to earn a new contract or earn a ticket out of town.

  7. My assumption is that we’re likely to draft a QB in either the 1st or 2nd round next this year and let him “compete” with Winston.

  8. Anyone whose been watching Jameis from his rookie year clearly has seen no progression. He simply lacks the composure and IQ to read a NFL defense. Not even going to mention NEVER THROWS THE BALL AWAY. It is a shame because he does have a very high ceiling but it will never be met. The Bucs need to slam this door shut and move on from the Jameis experiment entirely. The Bucs can not give him another shot to try to persuade the front office to give him a huge contract. IT’S OVER

  9. The Bucs chose poorly when they selected Winston. He was a turnover machine in college. Then he had all the behavioral issues. Did they think he was magically going to grow up overnight? If they did they are not only delusional but also dumb. He is what he’s always been–a tool.

    As far as being the best backup…why would a team sign him next year when he’s cut. He has several incidents involving women. That alone should be enough to scare away any team that might sign him. On top of that, he’s a terrible QB. I would not be surprised if no team signs him, not even the CFL.

  10. Tampa struggles with reality when it comes to Qbs…
    Josh Freeman was ‘the guy’; had ‘it’; and they ‘nicknamed’ him “franchise QB” also…
    Started for the Vikings went horrible, passed around as backup, briefly and now out of the NFL… JW is NOT that much better but they will accept lose after lose to mount up holding onto ‘fools gold’ to the bitter end…

    They don’t want a quality QB, they just want a guy as Qb that they ‘appoint’ even if they consistently LOSE!

  11. It is completely silly to make comments like this as far as history goes. How many coaches and GMS have been here since 1976, not to mention owner changes. Defense has always been priority in tampa, and that’s why we fall under such scrutiny when the defense isn’t there. For the last 5 years, offense has been the target in the drafts and now we have the leagues top rated offense. But yes let’s fire everyone and start over again. I have no clue what the future holds for Winston.

  12. If the Bucs even entertain the thought of putting Winston on the field again they are risking an injury that would lock them into a 22 million guaranteed salary for 2019. That simply isn’t going to happen. The Glazerhouse Boys Love their money to much.

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