Gregg Williams claims he’s had multiple offers to be a head coach again

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Gregg Williams was fired as the Bills’ head coach after the 2003 season, and since then he’s only been a defensive coordinator–until this week, when he became interim head coach of the Browns. But Williams claimed today that he’s had multiple offers to be a head coach since leaving Buffalo.

In his first press conference as the Browns’ interim head coach, Williams said today that he doesn’t see his current job as auditioning to be a head coach, because he’s already been given offers to be a head coach and turned them down.

“Since I left Buffalo, I’ve had 11 letters sent in to interview for head coaching jobs, and all of them behind the scenes I have, four of them I didn’t even have to show up, just sign the contract and come,” Williams said.

So why didn’t Williams take one of those four jobs? He said it’s about finding the right fit, and that other job offers he had were from organizations that had a different philosophy of what a head coach is supposed to be. Specifically, Williams said he wants to be a hands-on coach, and some teams want their head coach to delegate more.

“I’ve talked about all those other spots that have called me,” Williams said. “You know what is fun about sitting in a chair and being a head coach? Coaching football. Not coaching marketing, not coaching scouting, not coaching ticketing, not coaching analytics. Coaching football. So why would I not do that? And when people say you can’t do that and be the head coach, you don’t know.”

Suffice to say, a lot of people around the NFL will be extremely skeptical that Williams had four different offers to be a head coach and turned them all down only because he didn’t think they were the right fit. And the idea that four different NFL owners were willing to just hand the reins to Williams without even asking him to come in for an interview is ridiculous.

But Williams is a head coach now. Perhaps if he can win enough games he’ll have a real job offer to be a real head coach in 2019.

91 responses to “Gregg Williams claims he’s had multiple offers to be a head coach again

  1. Im a big old Whodat. And while I know our divorce was ugly, I have nothing but good things to say about this dude. Totally turned around our defense and was instrumental in us getting that first super bowl.

  2. every time he talks he has to give us his resume . he cant talk for a minute without telling us about all the NFL people he has rub elbows with. he can babble on with the best of them . as the DC for the Browns he has been nothing special . hope is a better HC than DC.

  3. His kid’s high school, the boy down the block’s Pop Warner team…. The list just goes on.

  4. No interview just sign the contract? Don’t buy it.
    This guy had no clue how to treat players in 2002 and judging by bounty gate still doesn’t . Should have been
    Banned for life

  5. He sounds like the drunk guy at the bar telling the story of how he was so amazing he could’ve had all these jobs but turned them down.

  6. Not saying that I believe him but he never specifically say that they was NFL head coaching jobs, but that they were just head coach jobs. They could have been head coaching jobs in college football.

  7. 11 different letters from 11 Federal Corretional Facilities. Williams would have his own cell in Maximum security.

  8. He’s talking about a period of 15 years … a lot can happen throughout that time and he could have gotten “the letter” 4 times over 15 years from the same organization … the team no one wants to work for.

  9. Tashan Harrison says:
    October 31, 2018 at 4:23 pm

    Not saying that I believe him but he never specifically say that they was NFL head coaching jobs, but that they were just head coach jobs. They could have been head coaching jobs in college football.


    I was just about to post this before reading yours.

  10. Browns fans should be wishing for losses more than any tanking team in this league. If this guy stumbles into a bunch of wins the rest of this season, he’s your head coach and all your dreams of a Sean McVay-ish offensive innovator go right down the tubes.

  11. All the haters who are doubting him need to back off. I know for a fact that my son‘s fifth grade team asked him if he would interview for the head-coaching job.

  12. Sounds plausible Greg, you turned down numerous good jobs, but accepted the Browns job after previously accepting the Bills job. Looks like the Clowns got their perfect leader.

  13. Being a head coach, sorry to tell you Gregg, is a lot more than just coaching football and it’s some of the things you mentioned too. If you’re just interested in teaching stay at the coordinator level. So many coordinators can’t make the transition to head coach with all the additional responsibilities the job entails.

  14. mattyork1972 says:
    October 31, 2018 at 4:28 pm
    I had all the numbers in the 1.6b mega millions too


    Me too! But I turned it down because all that money just wasn’t a good fit for me.

  15. Unless he said it somewhere else besides his words in that quote, he didn’t specify the “letters” were from NFL teams. Could have been lower level college or Arena League teams that were hot for him.

  16. sounds like he’s taking a page right out of hue’s old playbook…

    “i’m the head coach now. did i mention i’m the head coach?”

  17. He embarrassed himself and the Browns organization with his comments here. This guy is lucky he was still a DC in the NFL with his resume.

  18. Four of them I didn’t even have to show up, just sign the contract and come,” Williams said.Dude you need to put down what you have been smoking, or share it w/the rest of us.

  19. Turns down 11 head coaching jobs but he takes a coordinating job with the Browns LOL yeah right

  20. This piece of trash shouldn’t be anywhere near a nfl field. No wonder the Browns are the laughing stock of the league. He will probably be let go at the end of the year hopefully the league can look past the all mighty dollar and do something right keeping this d bag off the sidelines.

  21. In Canada and at Junior Colleges perhaps. Maybe with the Browns and Raiders directly after the Saints won the Superbowl and before the defense eroding and being let go and Bountygate.

  22. I believe him. Why work for 3M when you can work for 300k. I’d do the same thing. If I was as “smart” as Gregg Williams.

  23. Yeah, that will get him hired permanently. The guy is lucky he’s still employed in football. Not just because of the bounty stuff, but his defenses tend to do better after he leaves.

  24. All the people above calling BS have no real understanding of Greg Williams greatness. The man is practically a defensive god. I have information from good sources ( from Williams mouth himself) that Robert Kraft has been begging him yearly every year for the past decade to take the NE head coaching job, as Kraft understands Williams genius . Greg Williams is the best football coach not only in the NFL but the world, if u dont believe me just ask Williams himself. He will tell you as much and more.

  25. This guy had his defense head hunt Percy Harvin until they knocked him almost unconscious playing the Seahawks. It was brutal to watch. It was like watching a guy be fed to Lions.

  26. I wish Williams all the luck in the world. Almost all of the garbage about this team to hate are now gone. I hope you start winning right away.

  27. Gregg Williams is a complete tool.
    When he was the Bills coach at training camp he went into the dorm at 6:00 AM
    and blew an air horn so the players would be at their 8:30 meeting. A couple of future pro bowlers who saw themselves as professionals and not high school students asked to be traded, and they were. He was Rex before Rex

  28. I will take Williams any day of the week over Hue Jackson. The thing that bothers me about Williams is having his son on the staff. Same thing with Norv Turner and then when Vrabel got Dean Pees to come out of retirement I though he must have a son….and I was right.

    The problem is the dynamics of having your son,is he really the best coach available,what do you do if he isn’t..etc.etc.

    We saw that too with Urban Meyer having Earle Bruce’s grandson just as gratitude to his mentor,Bruce Forget the off the field issues,from what I’ve read the grandson should have been fired long ago on being a lousy coach.

  29. tylawspick6 says:
    October 31, 2018 at 4:01 pm
    Sure, sure, Mr.Narcissist.
    Why don’t you find another camera to put your mug in front of. WHat a loser.

    I am Not A Greg Williams fan,but to call a NFL coach a Loser???
    Let’s see,get paid a boat load of money to do what a lot of people would give up their first child to do.
    Nope.Sorry,don’t see loser anywhere in that equation.Regardless of record,there are no “losers” in
    the NFL coaching fraternity.

  30. Kurt’s Cousin says:
    October 31, 2018 at 4:18 pm
    Ya, sure, every owner wants the bounty gate brought up in connection with their team. He shouldn’t even be allowed in the NFL after that debacle!
    Ryan Peterson says:
    October 31, 2018 at 5:38 pm
    This piece of trash shouldn’t be anywhere near a nfl field. No wonder the Browns are the laughing stock of the league. He will probably be let go at the end of the year hopefully the league can look past the all mighty dollar and do something right keeping this d bag off the sidelines.
    montanapredator says:
    October 31, 2018 at 7:58 pm
    Any league concerned about player safety would have banned him for life.

    Greg did nothing different than every other team in the league.Bounty’s were common practice,before Bountygate.Greg was the coach the league picked to set an example and put a end
    to bountys.teams were doing it long before Greg was even coaching.He probably had a enemy in a high place,who decided Greg would be the scapegoat.I care nothing for Williams as a coach,but it’s unfair to pretend he invented this practice.

  31. I didn’t believe Williams until a friend made a great point, when they said “it’s probably be for some no-name college”… within that context I could see Williams telling the truth and it fits what Williams said “Not coaching marketing… not coaching ticketing”… coaching marketing and ticketing is more college football aspect, the NFL head coaches don’t have to worry about that stuff as much.

    So I could see 4 college teams (especially non-major ones) offering him (and other pro-coaches) the job right away, all you got to do is sign and show up.

    Herm Edwards just got a college head coaching gig possible without interviewing (I think partly because someone that could hire him, new him).

  32. I don’t think he’s lieing. He’s been in the league a long time and has long been a sought after defensive mastermind. Everywhere he’s been his defenses have excelled. He was a hot commodity in 2006 with Washington but Snyder backed up the Brinks truck so he would stay as defensive coordinator. Sean Payton took a paycut himself so he could hire Greg Williams. Between 2005 and 2010 it’s perfectly plausible he would have multiple head coaching offers.

  33. truthinesshurts says:
    October 31, 2018 at 9:48 pm
    Not just Bountygate, but afterwards with the Rams, his players played dirty.

    I am a Rams fan and have seen pretty much every game of Williams time there.
    Every time the Rams knocked somebody out of the game or got called for a late hit,people
    would start talking about how dirty his defense was.
    Yet the Rams stayed around middle of the pack in unsportsmanlike penalty’s. Seems to me if they were as dirty as you and others claim,they would have led the league at least a couple of those years.As bad as Fisher’s offenses were,the Rams should have led the league in every defensive penalty in the book.The defense seemed to spend about 75% of every game on the field.
    It’s your story though,make it up however makes you happy.

  34. Wiliams should have been thrown out of the league after Bountygate. He has no business coaching in the NFL or anywhere else. I like the Browns’ players, but Williams is a bum.

  35. The Brown’s never make rash decisions? Right
    Sounds like they got a real winner here.
    I lived in Buffalo when Williams was head coach. Not a pretty sight.
    At least they appear to have a high character guy? Wrong

  36. I believe him. You’re seeing more and more of exactly what he’s saying happen in the NFL every off season, I mean look at how difficult it was for the Colts to find a coach last season because coordinator after coordinator turned them down. I bet Hue Jackson wishes he would have stayed in Cincinnati instead of unknowingly taking a head coaching job working for a GM who was tanking for draft picks.

    He also in the same interview wouldn’t commit to wanting the full time head coaching job in Cleveland next year and admitted when the interim job was offered to him he had to consider it and didn’t take it right away. That tells me the Browns were probably one of those 11 teams.

  37. Gregg Williams was made a scapegoat by Goodall. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way he coached players. The defenses job is to go out and intimidate by inflicting pain. That’s the job of a defense. That’s the way it’s always been and this new PCF (Politically Correct Football) that the owners are trying to do is exactly why viewership was/is going down. Too many rule changes that have soften the game.

    You can’t even say you want to hit someone hard or everyone looks at you funny. WTF??? When and where did it become wrong for a defensive player to say I want to smash an offensive player???? That’s where we are at now and it’s sad. As long as their legal hits, it’s all good. Period.

  38. He also said that he never offered money to target other teams star players for injury. How did that turn out? This guy is a dillusional.

  39. whenever someone says something like this it really means they had zero interest. I can remember people trying to generate press and interest by claiming to have declined an offer to host such and such when in reality they were never offered of contacted in the first place. nothing more than a PR trick to line up his next job in 2019

  40. …and I was actually starting to root for the Browns rebuild and Cleveland fans. Now cheater narcissist Gregg Williams is put in charge by the owner – whose company has had numerous FBI investigations, IRS actions, fraud & conspiracy charges, and other legal actions. It’s certainly a scar on both the Browns and the NFL brand.

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