Jamal Adams praises Davis Webb

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The Giants used a third-round pick last year on quarterback Davis Webb. This year, they cut him.

Webb landed on the Jets’ practice squad. Jets safety Jamal Adams seems to think that Webb is destined for more than the practice squad.

“Davis Webb is a starter in this league, no doubt,” Adams said Tuesday on WFAN, via NFL.com. “He has the intangibles. He has the work ethic to be a starter one day.”

If Webb were that good, he’d be one someone’s active roster right now. Still, there’s a question as to whether the Giants dumped Webb prematurely, as insurance against potential pressure to bench starter Eli Manning for his backup. Chris Simms of PFT Live firmly believes that the Giants dumped Webb for that very purpose — to get a potentially viable alternative to Eli off the roster.

Who knows? If the Giants decide to dump Kyle Lauletta after a bizarre and (as coach Pat Shurmur said) disturbing arrest on Tuesday, maybe the Giants will sign Webb off the Jets’ practice squad. And maybe he’ll get a chance to prove Adams right.

7 responses to “Jamal Adams praises Davis Webb

  1. Haha, where do you guys even find these photos. Are you keeping the 2015 psi data back there too? I think we all deserve a tour of your Raiders of the Lost Ark warehouse.

  2. Lots of QBs, including previous Jets signal callers like Mark Sanchez and Christian Hackenberg, have wowed people off the field and in practice with their “intangibles”. Doesn’t always translate to having the “tangibles” to getting it done on Sundays.

  3. If Webb were that good, he’d be one someone’s active roster right now.


    This was a guy cut after training camp, not the offseason. Rosters were set and there is literally no game tape on this guy other than preseason games behind that awful giants line.

    Let’s not act like he was cut in the offseason and had all of training camp to find a job. The jobs were filled before he was available.

    He was let go to make Manning happy and to ensure that there would be no temptation to bench him. There is no way either of the 2 cardboard cutouts behind Manning are ready to start a game.

    You can’t call Davis a bust when none of the coaches or players have ever said anything negative about him and he wasn’t a disaster in the preseason.

    The Giants went all in on Manning and had no problem tossing other players under the bus to make that happen.

  4. If Webb were that good, he’d be one someone’s active roster right now.

    Wrong as usual.

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