Nick Mullens shines in first career start as 49ers win in romp, 34-3, over Raiders

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Nick Mullens completed 16 of 22 passes for 262 yards and three touchdowns in the first start of his career to lead the San Francisco 49ers to a 34-3 blowout victory over the hapless Oakland Raiders on Thursday night.

Even on a short week of preparation, Mullens was ready for his opportunity to shine.

Mullens posted a passer rating of 151.9 on the night, which is the highest mark by a quarterback in his debut since at least 1950 (minimum 20 attempts), per Pro-Football-Reference.

Mullens got the nod against the Raiders on Thursday due to a hand injury to C.J. Beathard that hindered his ability to properly grip a football. He completed touchdown passes of 24, 4 and 5 yards to Pierre Garcon, Kendrick Bourne and George Kittle as the 49ers rolled to victory.

Daniel Carlson got the Raiders on the board on the opening drive of the game with a 37-yard field goal, but the 49ers would take complete control and not look back.

Mullens touchdown pass to Garcon on San Francisco’s opening possession gave the 49ers a 7-3 lead with 6:47 remaining in the first quarter. San Francisco would also find the end zone on their second drive with Bourne the recipient of Mullens’ second touchdown pass.

Robbie Gould converted a 39-yard field goal to end the half that gave the 49ers a 17-3 lead at the break.

The 49ers would then reach the end zone again on each of their first two possessions of the second half. Kittle’s 5-yard touchdown extended the lead to 24-3 and Raheem Mostert broke off a 52-yard touchdown run to make a 31-3 game. Mostert would leave the game soon after when he sustained what appeared to be a broken forearm.

Kittle caught four passes for 108 yards and a touchdown to lead the way for the 49ers. Mostert had 86 yards on seven carries before exiting.

Gould’s 25-yard field goal late in the fourth quarter rounded out the scoring.

60 responses to “Nick Mullens shines in first career start as 49ers win in romp, 34-3, over Raiders

  1. The Raiders performance tonite was what could be expected from a once young & promising roster that in the span 8 months was transformed into a squad of “Gruden Grinders” (i.e. scrubs who earn their roster spot by brown-nosing the “coaching legend”).

    This Raiders team is worse than the 2006 team in Art Shell’s 2nd stint. Worse than under Lane Kiffin. And worse than under Dennis Allen. And there is next to no room for hope or optimism. The draft picks from the Bears & Cowboys? With Gruden’s awful draft record there’s a high probability that they won’t even pan out – much like in Tampa & with Kolton Miller (before tonite’s injury). Free agency? No real quality players will want to play for a lying backstabber and the Raiders will have to grossly overpay for even average FA’s.

    It’ll take several years AFTER Gruden is finally gone for the Raiders to even approach respectability. And the full blame lies with Son-of-Al who brought in Gruden as a two-bit publicity stunt to hustle some extra ticket sales, winning be damned.

    As for Mullens – nothing against that kid, but let’s see how he performs against a team that has competent coaching.

  2. Cut the punter, stop calling play action on 2nd n short, get Gunther someone who can tackle in the secondary or fire him; and the Raiders might actually be a competitive football team.

    Oline is in shambles, literally the first play Osemele got in at LT he wiffed and gave up a sack.

    This without a doubt is the worst defense the Raiders have ever fielded.

  3. Oakland sucks bad, but this kid looked sharp, had another pass dropped that would have been for a TD.

  4. I think this is the first time that a team did not at least try to mount a comeback. It’s one thing to fail at a comeback but it’s a whole different animal to pretend you are not down multiple touchdowns and keep running the ball up the middle for 1 yard.

    The Raiders are so bad right now they could only hope to be as good as Hue Jackson’s 2016 Browns.

    The offense and defense were mentally checked out most of the game. Gruden seemed checked out as well.

  5. I wish we could play the Raiders every week. As a Niners fan, I do feel for the Raiders fans. Rebuilds are brutal to endure, as both teams are. Mullens looked awesome, but we will see going forward now good he can be. JoeToronto, I don’t want to hear anything from you. 34-3, bruh. 34-3.

  6. Raiders are jokes. We stomped those fools with out 3rd string QB. Sent them to Vegas with 49ers cleat marks their backs👊🏿.

    Good job Mullens.

  7. Obvious Gruden has lost his team. Either that or they were playing a new defensive scheme called surrender 2…..

  8. That win won’t do anything for the 49ers, but that loss gets us closer to the first pick in the draft.

  9. The Raiders DC will not have a job after tomorrow. And maybe a wake-up call will be delivered to the team in the form of some starters being cut. That team is terrible at everything.

  10. Edward Halverson says:
    November 1, 2018 at 11:38 pm
    Raiders tanked!
    Well if the Raiders were looking for a beat down they definitely came to the right place.

    My squad was more than happy to beat those clowns down into submission.

  11. I watched Kolton Miller at UCLA and he was getting Josh Rosen rocked on a semi-regular basis.

    I was surprised to see him rated so high on draft boards.(in general somewhere in the 2nd-very early 3d was the projection)

    He is as tall as some NBA centers & at that height its a rare talent who is flexible enough to stop the speed rushers on the edge.

    Just one player but it scares you that Gruden took him so high.

  12. Gruden came in to tear the team down and then build it up. So far he’s done a great job at tearing it down.

    This is the most pathetic Radier team I have ever seen and that”s since 1965. I actually feel some sympathy for Carr because I thought he was going to be really good but now feel like his career has been ruined. I don’t think Carr will recover from this. The Raiders will but it will be at least another 5 years.
    Marty Schottenheimer had the Chiefs turned around his 1st year and it was a major change. Marty didn’t need a 10 year contract he was a stud football coach.

  13. This game was awful from a competitive standpoint. Mullens was great. I hope he brings this game next Monday…my Giants need to lose to secure that top pick.

  14. As a Bears fan, watching Mullins throw the ball around tonight as an undrafted Free Agent shows me just how bad Lynch fleeced Ryan Pace for the 2nd pick in last years draft, and how much of a waste that pick was taking Trubisky. It was bad enough to see Mahomes crush everyone.

  15. The coach is not tanking but the players, especially those on the OL and the D, may be. Mark Davis looked disgusted. Wonder if he will at some point bite the $100 million bullet and move on.

  16. 49erfan44 says:
    November 1, 2018 at 11:21 pm
    Trade Jimmy to the Jags or Bills. We have our guy. Haha #KneeJerk..

    The Pats will trade your 49ers a conditional 6th round pick for Jimmy, if he reworks his contract to a third of what he is currently being paid. 🙂

  17. When you lose that bad to a Niners team without Jimmy G in the lineup, you know you suck. Three points, really? I don’t if I’m more surprised that Mullens had a game like that, or that the only scoring for the Raiders came off the foot of Dan Carlson.

  18. The NFL should immediately announce that “until further notice the Raiders are banned from appearing in any prime time televised game”

  19. Here I was thinking that the 45 minutes of football JG played when people were measuring him for a gold jacket was a bit on the side of too quick. Then along comes Mullen.

    Desperation has changed the way we look at athletes. Remember when people had to prove they were good over a long period?

  20. Anybody remember the Donald Hollas years? Giving Gruden the benefit of the doubt. Looks ugly, but will all of the draft picks, and possibly another once they trade Carr for a #1, they will hit Vegas running.

  21. NHPats says:
    November 2, 2018 at 7:21 am
    The NFL should immediately announce that “until further notice the Raiders are banned from appearing in any prime time televised game”
    And the NFL should force the Raiders to refund season ticket holders. You don’t accept a substandard product from Walmart, why should you be forced to accept it from the Raiders?

  22. Most flagrant tank job in the annals of the nfl….has anyone ascertained whether or not the db’s wearing the raiders jerseys were in fact the players whose names were on the backs…looked. like a group of guys they picked up off thee street….game needs to be investigated.

  23. @idiedpretty: Your point has been made, time to move on with your life.

    Mullens looked really good against the worst Raiders team in memory.

    1-15 for these Raiders.


  24. Funny how things change. The SF media asked Kyle if he was looking to obtain a QB since Mullen evidently sucks because few have heard of him. Kyle said NO that he believes in Mullen. After he plays, his bandwagon is filling.

  25. I knew Mullens was good when he did well in the preseason. He played better than Beathard in the preseason. I was hoping that he was not claimed off waivers when the Niners did not keep him on the 53 men roster. Luckily he was not signed by another team.

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