With trade window closed, DeSean Jackson embraces Tampa

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DeSean Jackson is loving the one he’s with.

The Buccaneers receiver, who reportedly asked to be traded, has avoided answering that question this week. Via JoeBucsFan.com, Jackson darted out of the locker room on Wednesday. He later spoke on his podcast, and he responded to a fan question about the report he asked to be traded without specifically denying it.

I love it here in Tampa,” Jackson said. “You know, I’m raising my family. My family loves it down here. I love the weather, love the beaches. There’s a lot to do, but it’s still a low key quiet place, as well, too. The city’s embracing me, man. And I appreciate the fan support and all the love. Hopefully, man, I can end my career here. Retire as a Buc, man, that’s what I look forward to. And hopefully bringing a Super Bowl to Tampa Bay.”

Jackson’s attitude about playing in Tampa possibly changed once Ryan Fitzpatrick was re-inserted as the starter. With Jameis Winston playing, Jackson didn’t have quite the same impact.

It was believed over the weekend that one specific team that wanted badly to acquire Jackson (perhaps the Eagles) had leaked the news that Jackson asked to be traded.

7 responses to “With trade window closed, DeSean Jackson embraces Tampa

  1. Sure, now that Fitz is the QB.. watch the Bengals game when Fitz replaces JW… the body language of the other players is more upbeat as if they believe in him to pull out a win…
    Funnest moment is when JW throws that pick scrambling and the guard throws up his hands like he is tired of this repeating record!

  2. No doubt the change back to Fitzpatrick helped improve Jackson’s outlook. His talent was wasted with Winston at QB.

  3. .
    With Jackson, Mike Evans, Adam Humphries and Chris Godwin at WR and OJ Howard and Cameron Brate at TE, the Bucs have the deepest receiving corp in the league. If Tom Brady had these guys he’d put up 50 every week.

  4. I think the Eagles are far better off with the receiver that they did end up trading for (Golden Tate) than they would be with Jackson.

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