Dolphins coordinator admits frustration with defense

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Dolphins defensive coordinator Matt Burke has already come under fire this season, and he’s already shown his own frustration.

But after taking their long weekend after a Thursday game to analyze the problem, he said there’s plenty of blame to go around for an underperforming side.

We’re all to blame,” Burke said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the scheme. We’re not designing defenses to cut guys loose on the back end. We’re not designing defenses to give up 50-yard runs and not fit things right. Obviously, that’s not what we’re trying to do. I don’t think that we’re getting hard-core schemed where they’re finding weaknesses in our defense, in terms of schematic issues. . . .

“At some point, they have to learn some s— and play some stuff. . . . We can’t live like this.”

Not if they want to keep jobs, anyway. The Dolphins have allowed 74 points and 884 yards in the last two games, and rank 27th in the league in both points and yards allowed. That has led to some visible signs of that frustration, such as when the Dolphins gave up a 49-yard touchdown to Texans wideout DeAndre Hopkins, and television cameras caught Burke slamming his tablet computer to the ground in his anger.

“I was frustrated,” Burke said. “Very frustrated. Again, to me too, we were just cutting guys loose. [Deshaun Watson] had five touchdown passes and four were to uncovered players. It’s not like contested catches, something got schemed up. We were not even covering guys and dropping guys loose.

“That just kept building. It was a level of frustration. I didn’t realize it was going to get captured. I slammed one last year, I don’t think anyone caught it. It kind of build up and that was an outlet. Unfortunately, it was the closest thing I had in my hands. Took it out on an inanimate object.”

Perhaps someday they’ll take it out on an opponent.

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  1. but i thought this was finally the year we were dethroned, as miami fans kept declaring the first cpl weeks of the season. its not about the xs and os its about the willies and joes. looks like gase’s ego is getting the better of him. hes got nobody good left willing to play hard for him.

  2. Admits?

    There’s not much to admit when it right in front of your face. Replace “admits” with “realizes” and do something about it.

  3. We havent seen a solid run defense since Randy Starks!!! Despite what the Suh naysayers say, he was always being doubled and never got his arms around a running back

  4. Before the Dolphins made/hired him, I never heard his name before. Seems to be the pattern in South Florida. It rolls downhill…just sayin’

  5. .
    The Miami defense was decent through the first three games. However, since the Patriots waxed them 38-7 in week 4, they’ve never recovered. Being that it’s a copycat league, it’s possible that New England may have discovered some chink in the Dolphins armor and others are piggybacking off it.

  6. If it’s constantly busted coverages then its due to some combination of:

    A – poor coaching

    B – too complex defensive schemes that require several years of continuity to understand

    C – the players aren’t smart enough to figure out what to do, regardless of their individual talent

  7. This is why Miami has the 29th overall Defence in the NFL Miami keeps hiring coaches that have no experience

    Matt Burke:
    Detroit Lions (2009–2013)
    Linebackers coach
    Cincinnati Bengals (2014–2015)
    Linebackers coach
    Miami Dolphins (2016) Miami Defence ranked 29th
    Linebackers coach
    Miami Dolphins (2017) Miami Defence ranked 16th
    Linebackers coach
    Defensive coordinator (2018) Miami Defence ranked 29th

  8. This isn’t JUST about the Defense & Burke – it’s the Offensive & Defensive coaching staffs !
    Offense stinks – Defense stinks….Special Teams seem to have the only decent staff!!
    The Offense sets the tone…if your Offense stinks you can’t expect the Defense to “feed”
    off of THAT & and it’s a disaster when BOTH sides of the ball are bad!

    Someone stated previous they should all be PE coaches at schools –
    I honestly don’t think some are capable of THAT !

  9. I blame some of there issues on players who will not do there job, and there coaches who will not do there job. Bill

  10. On the play Hopkins was wide open, the whole team is playing zone except for Bobby McCain, who is in Man Coverage, runs with his man and leaves his zone wide open. All it takes is one guy not doing his job for the other team to get a big play.
    That’s not on the coach, it’s not a difficult scheme for players to follow. They just aren’t executing. Sure some play calling is questionable. But we have the talent to where we should be at 6-2 right now which is the most frustrating thing

  11. How many years has he been around? How many top 10 defenses has he produced? How many Draft Picks and Free Agents has he gotten? Now he is blaming the players because they are dumb? He was exposed last year and should have been fire then.

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