Raiders players say they haven’t quit

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Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has been spending a lot of time talking about how players who aren’t currently on the Raiders want to play for the team in the future, which suggests he’s turned his attention away from caring too deeply about the results on the field for the rest of this season.

Given the team’s four straight losses by at least 14 points, some may be thinking that the team’s current players have done the same thing. After Thursday night’s 34-3 49ers win, Joe Fann of the 49ers website reported that an unnamed 49ers player said the Raiders “quit early.”

Players on the Oakland side disputed that notion. Defensive end Frostee Rucker said “no one is packing it in” and tight end Jared Cook shared a similar sentiment.

“I never quit. I never gave up,” Cook said, via the East Bay Times. “It’s a frustrating thing to be sitting on the record you have, be going through some of the things we’re going through as an offense and still not being able to put points on the board. It’s definitely frustrating because we know the talent we have in this room is way better than that and way better than what we portray on the field.”

Cook’s view on the talent level in Oakland probably won’t find much outside support, especially if this is what the Raiders look like when they’re giving it 100 percent.

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  1. Of course they haven’t quit, when you quit you don’t get paid and all these turds are getting a paycheck.

  2. “I never quit. I never gave up,” Cook said, via the East Bay Times.


    Is there a Rick roll emoji for this situation because it sounds like he’s been Rick rolled.

    Even the OC and DC quit last night. The Raiders never even tried to go hurry up, no huddle. They took their time, ran the ball up the middle, etc for the entire 2nd half. They played like it was the first quarter 0-0.

    The entire viewing audience saw the team quit from the coaches on down. How anyone on the coaching staff can collect a paycheck this week with a straight face is beyond me.

  3. Can’t blame them for quitting. That’s what you get when you bring in vets, promising them that you’ll contend this year. Only to tear the whole thing down before their very eyes and making it clear that they won’t be back. And it won’t get any better, I mean who’d want to play for a guy that constantly contradicts himself and has no issue throwing players under the bus.

  4. Then… if that was their best effort, Gruden should clean house.
    Truly by far, the worst football we’ve seen all season… maybe in many seasons. That effort made the 0-16 Lions team look good.

    1) Fire both D and O line coaches and completely replace both lines.
    2) Send all linebackers back through tackling school.
    3) Have all players Reread the rules of the game to stop ridiculous penalties.
    4) Review all personnel packages so guys know who’s supposed to be on the field and when.

    Wow… cmon man.

  5. These players are getting paid large sums of money to ” Play the game “, no matter where they are contracted to play.Gruden has inferred that the whole team is expendable in his idiotic commentary.The players should never give up because they will be auditioning for some other team in the future.No team will pay for a player who quits, and will not follow through with a given play to it’s end.Many of these players clearly showed a decided lack in ” hustle” last nite, which will not look good on their resume !

  6. Giants: We are going for the #1 pick, there’s no way another team can be as futile as us in attempt to secure the 1st overall pick in 2019. Raiders: Hold my beer.

  7. @polegojim…You forgot that it starts at the top of the “coaching” staff and I use that term very loosely ,Gruden is the problem his QB whisperer reputation is a joke he’s never developed on and he’s proven in Tampa and his idiotic comments on MNF he has no business in any personnel decisions.
    He’s turned this once young up coming team into the oldest in the NFL ,saying any of the offseason decisions were even terrible is being kind.

  8. Well with the Talent they have, they might as well quit, Derek Carr ishis brother reincarnated, just trash.

  9. Dude, maybe the players haven’t quit, but the HC has.

    Did Davis really need to give a $100M contract to clean house? Anyone can clean house, it’s what happens after that counts. Davis could have saved his money and got rid of all the stars. Why did he need Gruden for that?

  10. And people wonder why Gruden is blowing this thing up.

    Players were out of position, there was little/no pursuit to the ball, non of the receivers got open, DC was virtually running for his life, etc, etc, etc. Yet, DC still was efficient, took a beating and will carry on.

    These problems aren’t scheme related. These are bad players.

    With the exception of the rookies, Rodney Hudson, and the QB, none of these idiots should feel safe for next year.

  11. The Raiders quit on Oakland. They quit on LA. They quit on Oakland again.

    It’s in their DNA to be quitters. Adding Gruden the Magnificent to tear apart a team that was a legit contender is par for the course.

    Enjoy Vegas.

  12. With the exception of the rookies, Rodney Hudson, and the QB, none of these idiots should feel safe for next year.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Gruden brought in most of “these idiots” this is on him. At this point the only reason Reggie McKenzie hasn’t been fired is that Gruden needs a scapegoat for all of these bad players. Gruden has already thrown players and staff under the bus just as he did in his previous coaching jobs when things didn’t go his way.

  13. “Gruden Grinders” don’t quit, they just don’t have the talent to play at an NFL level. That’s the kind of players that Gruden deliberately acquired when he tore down the Raiders roster so the outcome on the field is fully predictable.

  14. There was probably less than a handful of players who looked like they were trying. The rest quit! Without a doubt, the Raiders are the worst team in the NFL. It was hard to watch. In fact the UCF – Temple was by far was more entertaining!

  15. 3 things..When does Gruden start giving money back to Davis and How are they doing vs the spread, is vegas happy with Chuckie?

  16. Packers fan here, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the Raiders. Yes even now, although they stink. BUT I never have seen such a poor display of football. I thought the worst thing that I’ve seen was John Gruden as an announcer, but that has been replaced with John Gruden as the Head Coach. Somebody please wrestle control from Mark Davis and get Sucky Chucky out of there. Someone needs to do to Mark Davis what he is doing to Oakland. Man that was tough to watch last night.

  17. I would love to see the raiders resign Jared Cook, and still roll the dice and resign Martavius Bryant as well. It will be very easy to have over 100 million in cap space with hardly any money going to dead space , excepts for Donald Penn’s contract . With 4 picks in the first 33 picks we should select defense, defense, defense, and one more defensive player. It will start with Bosa

  18. Jim Nayzium says:
    November 2, 2018 at 9:47 am
    It’s year one of a rebuild, why can’t people get that through their heads?
    This team was 12-4 two years ago…12 and FREAKin’ 4!!

    Why did it need to be rebuilt?

  19. after 66 years following them from oaland to LA back to Oakland after thier last performance i will not being going to Las Vegas.No coach has removed the best players so he cn build his own team. Once he let Mack go you knew where he was going .When uoy need abetter defense you dont trade the best in the NFL and hope the draft pick is as good .IRWIN is still good His running is old and when you dont have a back why go there The once better oline is now a joke .

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