San Antonio mayor vows an NFL franchise within 10 years

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London isn’t the only market hoping to land an NFL franchise.

San Antonio, which openly flirted with the Raiders before Mark Davis struck a deal to move the team to Las Vegas, remains in the mix. Or so thinks it’s mayor, Ron Nirenberg.

You will see an NFL team in San Antonio in the next 10 years,” Nirenberg recently told KSAT-TV.

Nirenberg seems to believe that an NFL team would play in the Alamodome and not a new stadium.

“[One] of the great features and one of the great strengths is that we have a publicly owned stadium, a facility that is ready for almost any professional sports event under the sun,” Nirenberg.

The fact the Alamodome hosted a handful of Saints games in 2005, after a hurricane ravaged New Orleans, doesn’t make it an attractive location for an NFL team’s permanent residence at some point before 2028. Moreover, it’s unlikely that the Texans or Cowboys would take kindly to another NFL team crowding the Houston and Dallas markets.

So San Antonio remains a long shot to land an NFL team, far longer than cities like St. Louis, San Diego, and London.

75 responses to “San Antonio mayor vows an NFL franchise within 10 years

  1. San Antonio Chargers?

    The LA experiment is going to fail miserably for both teams

  2. Texas can probably support 3 teams. Green Bay is 3 hours from Chicago and 4 hours from Minneapolis with both Chicago and Minneapolis metro areas creeping fairly deep into Wisconsin…

  3. Franchise from another NFL city perhaps. New expansion team? Never. Same TV revenues would be split between more teams. No way other owners gonna say yes to making less money.

  4. Must be election time in SA!!

    St Louis is NOT interested in a team anymore. They have had enough of the NFL. They will be paid off via the lawsuit and move on.

    SA will be used, along with SD and London, as options for teams who want to gouge more from their existing locations. Nothing else to see here. I’m disappointed in PFT not to point this out but I realize it is hard for them to offend their Golden Goose who supports them. Fake news!!!!

  5. The Raider’s need a home next year. I wouldn’t bet against San Antonio. Sam Boyd stadium in LV is 120 degrees on the field in September and not much cooler in October.


  6. mrbigass says:
    November 2, 2018 at 7:47 pm
    Yeah, that’s not happening with Houston 3 hours away….

    Really? how many teams already have another team less than 3 hours away? LA, LA, SF, OA (for now), Balt, Wash, Phi NY, NY, GB, Chi, TB, Jax, Det, Cle, Pit, Cincy, indy… ok, that’s more than half the league and I didn’t try foxboro, baton rouge or a few others. If you expand it to four hours it is almost everybody.

  7. Reigning in Philly says:
    November 2, 2018 at 7:51 pm
    San Antonio Chargers?

    At this point Kroenke would probably be happy to pay their moving expenses.
    The Chargers and Rams may divorce without ever cohabitating

  8. Ever hear of New York/ Philly/ Baltimore or Philly/ Baltimore/ Washington? That’s 4 and 3 teams within 3 hours of each other (or 5 within 4).

    mrbigass says:
    Yeah, that’s not happening with Houston 3 hours away….

  9. For the 50th time, San Antonio is far enough from Dallas not to hurt the Cowboys revenue. Texas has the size and population to have three teams. People act as if Jerry Jones would need a “canned food drive” if San Antonio got an NFL team. San Antonio Cattle or Gunslingers would be good nicknames. The team can walk onto the field to the old western swing song “San Antonio Rose.”

    EXPAND OR RELOCATE TO SAN ANTONIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. SparkyGump says:
    November 2, 2018 at 7:56 pm
    So New York and California can support three teams but not Texas? What’s up with that?


    Well technically New York only has one team actually in New York… and California currently has four… it’s Florida with three (for now).

    Also physical Texas can probably support three teams… but as long as Jerry Jones is alive he’s not gonna allow another NFC team come even into a boarder state… and the Texans probably don’t want an AFC team so dang close as they’re still building.

  11. Fours teams I think could move to San Antonio are Saints, Bucs, Titans or Bengals

    Saints: Mercedes-Benz Superdome lease exp: 2025
    Buccaneers: Raymond James Stadium lease exp: 2028
    Titans: Nissan Stadium lease exp: 2027
    Bengals: Paul Brown Stadium lease exp: 2026

  12. First of all, there will NOT be two teams in L.A. AND a team in San Diego. Its not happening. Get that thought out of your head right now.

    Secondly, San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the U.S.

    Third, unlike the mayors of San Diego and St. Louis, this one seems eager to spend however much taxpayer money it takes to bring an NFL team to town.

    Jerry Jones and Bob McNair may not like it, but with the NFL’s insistence on bringing in as much revenue as possible, I’d say it’s likely.

    If I had to guess, I’d say New Orleans will be the next team desiring a new stadium. And as a Texas resident, I can tell you there’s plenty of Saints fans in this state.

    San Antonio Saints? I could see this happening.

  13. The Washington Redskins vs. The San Antonio Caucasians

    Really there is no difference right?

  14. Does he know something that we don’t? I agree with scoreatwill; ‘It will never happen’ and this is just a Mayor trying to encourage his base! As big as the State of Texas is, two teams are enough. Additionally, if The L.A.Chargers were to move anywhere it will be back to San Diego.

  15. San Antonio taxpayers don’t want to be fleeced by a billionaire owner to fund a billion-dollar stadium that will host 8 games per year.

  16. Put the stadium between Austin and San Antonio and in the interim let the team play it’s home games between the Alamodome and DKR (university of Texas)

  17. Respectfully disagree. By that logic, why did Jerry allow the Texans in? This doesn’t hurt the Cowboys brand and regardless, there are more than enough franchises to vote in favor without them. I’d say that a permanent team in London is way more of a long shot than one in San Antonio.

    I don’t live in Texas, but I know enough about football to understand that Texas could handle (and cause to thrive) more NFL teams than California, for example. Or anywhere comparable.

  18. Most don’t realize Austin and San Antonio are about an hour apart and collectively have about 4 million people and growing fast. Austin also has a booming tech center that would pay big dollars for luxury boxes

  19. Lets see how they do supporting the AAF franchise. If it doesn’t go USFL, in 4-5 years it may be just as viable financially. + that stadium is old and IF a team relocated, new stadium needed in 2 years.

    I do not see the NFL expanding, the balance of total teams is finally right…it’s about who moves where.

  20. I still think the Raiders would’ve been a great fit in San Antonio – they’d even have the right color scheme to fit in with the Spurs there. But that ship has sailed…

  21. The Alamodome opened six months after the recently-imploded GeorgiaDome.

    How long before an NFL owner demands a new palace? And remember, everything is bigger in Texas, and your neighbor Jerry has a big house.

    Good luck.

  22. First , both Jerry and McNair have Texas sized egos and have probably struck an agreement that there will be another NFL team in Texas when hell freezes over.
    San Antonio has more to offer visitors than either Houston or Dallas, possibly too much for an NFL franchise to be able to be king of the hill.
    And the Texans and Cowboys aren’t the only big time football organizations in the area – Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M Aggies both play within easy driving distance of Houston/San Antonio, and not all that far from Dallas (by Texas standards, anyway). Both of these programs are wealthier and more influential than anything in the NFL. Alums from both schools are flat out rabid,
    Not to mention the Friday Night Lights thing. For lots of football fans in Texas, “how about them boys” means their kids and their neighbors kids, not the laundry in Cowboys Stadium.

  23. [One] of the great features and one of the great strengths is that we have a publicly owned stadium, a facility that is ready for almost any professional sports event under the sun,” Nirenberg.

    The problem with that is they would demand a new, bigger, more luxurious public funded stadium to keep up with the Jonses. Plusher luxury boxes, bigger jumbotrons, more, more, more….

  24. The Alamo Dome?? I went to a Spurs game there in the late 90s, it was a turd venue even then. In 2003(?), I was there working for ESPN and got to see the guts of the place too…not good.

    There will be no expansion until they can jump to a nice workable number like 40 teams. Maybe 36. Not 33 34 or 35 though, bet your life on that.

    Jaguars are not moving anywhere. They may expand to 2 or 4 games in London, while keeping a foot in Jacksonville. They won’t vacate that market though.

    Chargers can’t survive long as the ugly stepchild in LA. If they don’t win a Super Bowl in the next 3-5 years, I think they will be up for grabs (and I hope they go back to the fine folks in San Diego).

  25. SparkyGump says:
    November 2, 2018 at 7:56 pm
    So New York and California can support three teams but not Texas? What’s up with that?

    New York has one team… Buffalo. New Jersey has two… NYG, NYJ.
    LA will fail like it always does, So California won’t have three for long.

  26. I’ve never understood why San Antonio/Austin has not been a slam dunk for the NFL. In terms of market size, it’s MUCH more viable than Nashville, Jacksonville, Tampa, Las Vegas, Green Bay, etc..

    San Antonio & Austin are an hour apart from each other. Not quite as close as Tampa/St Pete, but close enough.

    Yeah, there is an infestation of clueless Cowboy fans and Austin has UT, but this is Texas. An NFL franchise will thrive there.

  27. The NFL puts two teams in LA. It fails because LA is full of transients who don’t care about the local teams. The city could support one team, but two “splits the vote” and both teams end up getting mediocre support. Both teams leave and LA is without an NFL franchise for many years. The city clamors for another franchise. And what happens? They get two. Again. This will fail. Again. For the exact same reason.

    And then maybe SA gets a franchise. Who knows. I think it’s more likely than London. If there’s going to be a team on foreign soil, I think Toronto and Mex City are both more viable.

  28. Texas has 36 million people and San Antonio is one of the biggest cities in the entire country. Texans love football. The only reason this wouldn’t happen is Dallas’s clout.

  29. redclaw1314 says:
    November 2, 2018 at 8:32 pm
    San Antonio Bengals—-sorry San Antonio
    The NFL already had a team there as part of their WLAF called San Antonio Riders. As they own that name they’d prob just go with that.

  30. For those of you who say “why San Antonio?”, the fact is that SA is the 7th most populace city in the US, and the 2nd most populace in Texas. Not Dallas, not Fort Worth, but San Antonio.It has twice the population of Las Vegas. Four times the populace of Pittsburgh. Its growing faster than every city ahead of it, all of whom have pro football teams. I dare say theres one thing and one thing only that is preventing them from having a team, and that things name is Jerry…

  31. mdintino1420 says:
    November 2, 2018 at 8:23 pm

    San Antonio Cattle or Gunslingers would be good nicknames.
    Stick to your day job – Cattle is comically bad and Gunslingers will never fly in the age of gun violence. You may remember the Wizards changed from the Bullets for that reason.

  32. When the Jets and Giants actually play in New York we will consider them a New York team but for now there is only one actual team from New York

  33. The NFL doesn’t want a team moving into a publicly-owned stadium. They want a team moving into a publicly-FINANCED stadium. Football-mad Texas can easily support three teams. It would have made too much sense for SD or Oakland to move there.

  34. And maybe San Antonio will have the foresight to index stadium rent to broadcast revenues.

  35. Amazing to me that the Jaguars are always mentioned in relocation talks. Just look at attendance figures (go ahead- search it) for this year, even last year. Jacksonville ranks in the middle of the pack in every metric, especially percent of capacity filled at 97.5%

    Why not change the narrative to Tampa Bay at 87%, Cincinnati at 79% or even, dare I say it, Washington at only 74%?

    Remember, too, that Jacksonville number doesn’t include the 100,000 or so people who fill Wembley Stadium once a year, creating a huge revenue windfall for the Jags.

  36. Maybe they got a letter from the NFL that they need a new city to help black mail other cities into building a new billion dollars stadium and if they don’t then maybe just maybe San Antonio might get a team.

  37. There is not enough professional level players to fill out thirty two teams now.If anything happens there will be a contraction not expansion. I coach high school football at the Freshmen level participation has been cratering it has dropped significantly almost forty percent.Over the thirty years that I have coached the average squad was between the high forties low fifties,last year we had twenty eight this year thirty two.We played a team two weeks ago who had fourteen in uniform.Where are the players coming from to fill out the team’s both Pro and College?

  38. He is assuming Jerry Jones is dead by then because it won’t happen while he is alive. Jerry doesn’t like to share and will fight it tooth and nail. That’s why he fought so hard for the Raiders in LV.

  39. San Antonio Silverbacks sound better than Gunslingers. Nice silver and black logo to match the Spurs as well.

  40. joetoronto says:
    November 3, 2018 at 7:50 am
    The Texas Bills.


    I see you’ve now given up on Toronto and replace it with another location beginning with T.
    Good move, far, far more likely.

  41. You people saying the Saints are moving need to get a clue. Gayle Benson is born and bred a New Orleanian, chances of her moving that franchise are absolute zero. Now if it had been Tom’s good for nothing granddaughter that had got control of the team I’d say you’d have a chance of that happening but with Gayle you’re completely wrong.

  42. Last time I checked Texas supports three NBA franchise, Why couldn’t it support 3
    NFL franchise. And remember S.A has more people than Dallas

  43. “St. Louis is NOT interested in a team anymore…They will be paid off via the lawsuit and move on.”

    Paid off via the lawsuit? Yeah right, good luck with that. The government constantly breached it’s contractual obligations to upgrade the Edward Jones dome. The Rams could have, and should have, left 10 years earlier. The citizens of St. Louis should blame their politicians for losing Rams.

  44. There seems to be a serious misconception here. Jerry Jones can vote no on San Antonio if he wants. But he doesn’t have any “additional” authority. The other owners can easily out vote him. The other owners will catch on that Jerry Jones is against a San Antonio team for selfish reasons. San Antonio wants their own team. In the NBA, they root for the Spurs, not Mavericks.

    How do you think the Redskins owner felt when the Browns (Ravens) moved to Baltimore, only 35 miles from D.C? Dallas and San Antonio are MUCH further apart than Baltimore and Washington D.C.

  45. Is Red McComes game to own and ruin another franchise? Hey Chargers aren’t you homeless?

  46. Other owners rely on Jerry Jones to sell their suites via his Legends company (more valuable than many professional sports teams). The moves of the Rams, Raiders and Chargers likely would not have happened if Jones hadn’t spurred it with his impetus. Jones has a lot more power than just his vote in owners’ meetings. He literally controls the finances of lots of other teams. He is feared and respected (by owners, obviously not by fans).

  47. I have no doubt that San Antonio / Austin area can support an NFL team. Football has always been “King” in Texas. Football is almost a religion in Texas. From Pee Wee football to pro football, fans show up to support their team. Just look at high school football. High school keep building newer and bigger stadiums that can seat 20,000 fans.

    However I think to get an NFL franchise, San Antonio will have to build a new stadium, or completely renovate and improve the Alamodome. The NFL likes new stadiums! If a new stadium is built, I think it will be in a city between San Antonio and Austin to accommodate fans from both cities.

  48. Just because Jerry Jones won’t want a team in San Antonio doesn’t mean a thing. Only 3/4 of owners have to vote yes. And for the “Jerry Jones is influential” people…yeah I don’t think Jerruh is very popular among owners right now after the stuff he pulled trying to stop the Goodell extension (say what you want about Goodell, but the owners love him/the money he brings in)

  49. New Orleans is one of the league’s smallest markets and has a subpar stadium, compared to others around the league. Jerry may not like the idea of another team in Texas, but he also knows there’s plenty of Saints fans in Texas. Plus, he surely knows that if the Saints move to SA, then he’ll be able to market the Cowboys in Louisiana.

    Considering San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the U.S., the NFL and New Orleans would be foolish to not listen. In the end, I’m sure it would come down to how much tax money SA is willing to contribute. But if they’re vowing a franchise in 10 years, then I’m sure they’re willing to spend more than St. Louis and San Diego.

  50. The conclusion is sound (there won’t be a team in San Antonio), but the rationale that having two “nearby” teams is not a good reason. New England and the Jets and Giants (who are literally in the same place) are closer than the Cowboys and San Antonio would be. Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia are on top of each other. Los Angeles has two teams like New Jersey does. So while the Texans and Cowboys might think San Antonio is too close for another team, geography isn’t a valid reason to keep a team out. I don’t think Dallas or Houston would have anything to worry about but evidently they’d be troubled by a 3+ hour away city having a football team. Sounds kind of snowflakey to me.

  51. I believe the Vikings considered relocating to San Antonio during the 1990s. Jerry Jones along with the owner of the Oilers derailed that vote which requires approval from 75% of owners. As long as San Antonio taxpayers do not have to give up extensive incentives, why not have a team? Hopefully a non bias impact study is conducted in order to make a well informed decision from our Council-Manager government.

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