Adam Gase: Reshad Jones pulled himself out of game

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The Dolphins defense stifled the Jets on the way to a 13-6 win on Sunday afternoon and the unit did most of its work without safety Reshad Jones.

Jones was replaced by Minkah Fitzpatrick during the first half of the game and remained on the sideline the rest of the way. Some reporters at the game mentioned seeing Jones limping, but no injury was announced during the game.

After the game, Dolphins head coach Adam Gase said it was Jones’ call to come out of the game.

“It sounds like he pulled himself out … I’ll probably learn a little bit more tonight and try to figure out what’s going on,” Gase said, via Andy Slater of 640 The Hurricane.

Several reporters reported that Jones was not in the locker room when they were allowed in to speak to players. Defensive end Cameron Wake was seen talking to Jones on the sideline and declined to comment on what they were talking about when asked by reporters.

Other Dolphins were similarly quiet, but there will surely be more to come from Miami on Jones’ departure from Sunday’s game.

20 responses to “Adam Gase: Reshad Jones pulled himself out of game

  1. Jones is a tackling machine WHEN healthy !
    Why does Gase sound surprised by Reshad pulling himself ?
    He’s banged up & certainly playing at less than 100% and should be able
    to pull himself out.
    NOW if the trainers say something different – there’s an issue,
    that being said – NOBODIES talking YET !
    Of course as inept the Miami training staff appears to be – and Rehad’s hurt
    maybe he want’s an “outside” opinion – out of his own self preservation !

  2. Once again this coaching staff fails key players it happens over and over.
    Gase is a disaster as a head coach, btw great offense today Adam, 2 field goals??

    We were forunate to play the Jets today most other teams would have blown us out of the stadium!

  3. Apparently he thinks they are the Miami Jones’s. Not the Miami Dolphins. Hes all in his feelings because Miami wants to get Minka Fitzpatrick on the field more and he doesn’t like giving up snaps or the competition. Maybe we can package him and move up on the draft and get a quarterback to compete with tannehill. Another guy who for whatever reason has NEVER had to compete for his position.

  4. Jones took some heat for Freelancing last week in Houston and was pissed about rotating is the word if it wasn’t injury related. If that’s true then Jones has no one to blame but himself. That is not what a leader does. I love Jones as a player but not if he is going to pull this crap.

  5. vaphinfan says:
    November 4, 2018 at 5:01 pm
    The Dolphins win and you guys are so butt hurt it’s awesome.


    Tom Brady says Hello from the top of the division. Again.

    Carry on….

  6. Fitzpatrick was excellent today as was Alonzo and Spence. Wake also played well and of course Baker’s pick six was great to see. Brock was nothing special at best sacked 4 times and zero touch downs. I still question Gase’s play calling. Running on 3rd and long and passing 3rd and short. Too many 3 and outs giving the ball right back to the Jets. Coach Burke gets the game ball even if Rashad Jones crapped his pants.

  7. From Dave Hyde Sun Sentinel: Jones, you see, hasn’t always been a great pro. He’s regularly late for meetings and been fined repeatedly in recent years. He’s freelanced on defense in manner teammates have wondered about.

  8. Isn’t it amazing that Gase doesn’t know why Jones is out of the game and it happened in the 1st quarter. That’s is completely unacceptable! The HC was not informed for 3 quarters and at halftime why his starting FS is out of the game? Gase is so full of it or he is a schmuck.

  9. I can’t stand players who quit on their team. This dude was paid a pretty penny. And he takes himself out of the game because he was being replaced in certain situations?! Are you kidding me?! Ridiculous.

  10. Darnold wasn’t the problem for the Jets yesterday JB. That center snapping the ball was so awful Sam was in a hole from the get go. Snaps low,left, right, high. One he put over his head. Should not have thrown the int pick 6 but even that snap was terrible.

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