Bill O’Brien denies profane remark regarding Vance Joseph

Getty Images

Texans coach Bill O’Brien says that he didn’t say the thing that lip readers believe he said.

Shortly before halftime on Sunday in Denver, the Broncos tried a 62-yard field goal. The kick failed, giving the Texans the ball the the Denver 48 with 18 seconds left. And then the Texans gained 13 yards on the next play and eight more after that, giving the visiting team a 46-yard field goal attempt before intermission.

The Broncos called time out to ice the Houston kicker. The kick was good. And as O’Brien left the field, he said something.

The popular theory making the rounds via Internet lip readers (an always trustworthy process) is that O’Brien said, “Nice job Vance, you dumb f–k,” in reference to Broncos coach Vance Joseph.

O’Brien wasn’t asked about the comment during his post-game press conference. When reached for comment by PFT on Sunday night (via the team’s P.R. staff), O’Brien denied saying that.

“I was yelling at someone on our field goal unit,” O’Brien said. “I wouldn’t say that about another head coach.”

O’Brien is scheduled to be available to reporters on Monday.