Browns cut Chiefs lead to 21-15 just before halftime

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The Browns shook up their coaching staff after three straight losses and the new regime’s first effort has resulted in some offensive success.

Cleveland punted to open the game, but scored on their next three possessions while putting up 217 yards of offense. The last of those yards came on a 19-yard pass from Baker Mayfield to running back Duke Johnson. The Browns went for two — they did the same after their first touchdown — and failed to convert, so the Chiefs remained ahead 21-15 at halftime.

In order for the Browns to pull any closer, they are going to need a better defensive plan in the second half. The Chiefs scored touchdowns on their first three possessions and will get the ball to start the second half.

Kareem Hunt opened the scoring by taking a screen pass 50 yards for a touchdown and he provided his team’s final points of the half with a one-yard touchdown run. That makes 12 touchdowns on the year for Hunt, who scored 11 as a rookie and shows no signs of slowing down.

That’s also true of Patrick Mahomes, who now has 28 touchdown passes on the year after throwing one to Travis Kelce as well. Len Dawson set the franchise record with 30 touchdowns in 1964, but he may have company by the time this game comes to an end.

Mahomes is 12-of-17 for 232 yards while Mayfield is 16-of-22 for 153 yards in their first meeting since a Texas Tech-Oklahoma game in 2016. That one ended with 1,279 passing yards between the two teams, which is likely not a number we’ll hit this Sunday. Things are shaping up for an entertaining final 30 minutes, though.

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    Josh Alper, stop being a triggered east lansing flaggot and removing relevant comments. You are bald wayy to young to be deleting nicholas cage quotes.

  2. told ya the browns will beat the chiefs. mark it down as the upset of the year. oh wait, buffdildo already provided that, seeing as pickerman can’t hit squat but other defenses.

  3. Thanks to a mystery offside on a Dee Ford strip sack that the official on that side 20 feet away didn’t call.

  4. This is the worst officiated game with calls against Kansas City, since the Hernam Edward years.

    No flag and no mentioned call on the Dee Ford strip sack fumble recovery before halftime. Just walk off five yards against KC and even the replays don’t show an offsides or unabated to the QB by Ford.

    On the first Browns drive of the game, the zebras awarded the Browns an extra yard and a half gain on a 4th down run, extending another scoring drive.

    And this game and these calls aren’t over yet.

  5. And this game and these calls aren’t over yet.


    You forgot to mention the two no-calls for pass interference early in the game that the Chiefs got away with.

  6. david fontaine says:

    November 4, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    Wth happened with the intentional grounding penalty..couldn’t hear the explanation


    Since the clock wasn’t running and Mahomes spiked the football, they deem it as intentional grounding

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