Dolphins smother Jets offense in 13-6 win

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The Dolphins defense gave up at least 427 yards in each of their last three games and they didn’t force a turnover in their last two games, but things went a lot better against the Jets on Sunday.

Miami picked off Sam Darnold four times, avoided turnovers of their own and improved to 5-4 with a 13-6 home victory. The third interception came when safety T.J. McDonald jumped in front of a fourth-and-15 pass from inside Jets territory with just over two minutes left to play in the game.

Darnold’s previous interception came on a pass that Jerome Baker returned for a 25-yard touchdown and the first one handed Miami a short field that they turned into a first half field goal. That help was much appreciated because the lack of turnovers was the only good thing to say about the Dolphins offense on Sunday.

They managed just 169 yards on the afternoon and Brock Osweiler was sacked four times behind a line that played without left tackle Laremy Tunsil and right tackle Ja'Wuan James at points in Sunday’s game. They weren’t able to run the clock out after McDonald’s interception, but the defense finally slammed the door when Walt Aikens stepped in front of a desperation heave.

Darnold is now up to 14 interceptions on the year and the Jets offense has been a mess throughout a three-game losing streak that has dropped them to 3-6 on the season. Some signs of developlment from Darnold that moves that trajectory in the other direction will be necessary if head coach Todd Bowles is going to be a lock for a return in 2019.

The Dolphins will head to Green Bay next weekend before a bye week. We’ll see if Osweiler continues to lead the offense, but whoever is at quarterback will almost certainly need to find more points for the Dolphins to run a winning streak to two games.

19 responses to “Dolphins smother Jets offense in 13-6 win

  1. Whether Dolphin fans want to admit it or not, we’re in draft watch mode at this point, and every game this team wins just makes it that much harder for them to improve next year. Fortunately, they’ll lose again next week against the Packers, and hopefully a few more times the rest of the way.
    Unfortunately, they still get to play the Buffalo Bills twice . . . which means Miami will almost certainly be the fourth team in a four team division in 2019 and beyond.

  2. Fortunately, they’ll lose again next week against the Packers, and hopefully a few more times the rest of the way.

    Don’t give the Packs too much credit. Somehow they’ll probably make it a competitive, close game.

  3. The Las Vegas over and under on Dolphins wins were 7 (MGM Grand Casino) i need 8 to win, and hello free vacation, its going to go down to the wire. Oh this is going to be good.FINS UP !!!!!

  4. Darnold doesn’t have receivers to get open, a rb to run the ball, a creative offensive coordinator, or even a center to properly snap the freaking ball.

    The only thing I’m certain of is Bowles getting fired.

  5. Horrible loss. So much for lighting a fire under the line. Darnold played terrible Kearse is terrible long should be cut. Bowles should be fired. Bates sucks. Anderson is useless never breaks a tackle. Quincy is a beast but they don’t know how too use him same with Herndon. Let’s see who’s left the jets suck and this hurts my heart

  6. Darnold and Rosen put WAY too much touch on passes down the field, we picked him off 4 times coulda had 3 more.

  7. Once again HORRIBLE offensive game planning !
    Who’s fault is it REALLY – Gase, the players ?
    We should’ve pummeled them – and only putting up 13 against the lowly Jets
    isn’t gonna cut it and guaranteed we’ll be back to .500 going into the bye !
    THROW OUT that crappy playbook & have fun the remainder of the season !

  8. Lol some of you dolphins fans are a joke.

    They have Brock Osweiler playing quarterback, the right tackle and left tackle left the game due to injury, the starting left guard and starting center have already been lost for the year, but it’s Adam Gase’s fault that the offense isn’t scoring points?

    Get a clue

  9. Who were the experts who thought a QB with a year and half of college experience and one year in High school would be ready to play professional football? The last two games he played in Fall weather for the first time. In both games it appeared the fall like weather affected his play.Against Minnesota a team mate noted that he appeared to be cold the temperature was in the low fifties.Last week at Chicago he was going to wear gloves the temperature was high forties.It would have made more sense to have taken Allen who at least played in cold weather.Today in Miami in weather he should be comfortable he had four interceptions.

  10. Any good QB would make Miami a few wind better. May as well get Bradford so he can get injured with the rest of them. Osweiller throws a worse deep ball than Tannehill.

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