Patrick Mahomes hits 300 passing yards for eighth straight game

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The Browns cut the Chiefs lead to six points just before halftime, but they are back down three scores with half the third quarter still to play in Cleveland.

Patrick Mahomes threw his third touchdown pass of the day on the first Chiefs possession of the second half and Damien Williams blocked a Britton Colquitt punt to set the Chiefs up on the Cleveland 21-yard-line. Two Kareem Hunt runs took care of the rest, although the Chiefs only lead 34-15 because Harrison Butker missed an extra point.

The Chiefs have now scored five touchdowns on six possessions. The only one that didn’t end with at least six points came at the end of the second quarter and saw Patrick Mahomes intercepted on a Hail Mary heave down the field.

That and Butker’s miss are about all that’s gone wrong when the Chiefs have had the ball. Mahomes is over 300 passing yards for the eighth week in a row and joins Andrew Luck as the only players with streaks of that length.

5 responses to “Patrick Mahomes hits 300 passing yards for eighth straight game

  1. Sick and tired of all the media clowns and ignorant fools keep bringing up nfl passing records in 2018. Keep blocking my comments because I speak the truth! the nfl is soft and anyone who is bringing up any passing record and comparing maholmes to any stud qb in the 20th century should go back playing video games or gain a brain!

  2. With the rules in place today the record book will be a joke. It seems as though every rtime coifed is open by 5-7 yards. The y need to move the bump and run back to 10 yards from scrimmage. Teams are all running pick/rub plays and receivers are so open it’s ridiculous. Now throw in th flag happy officiating and it’s unbearable to watch the game.

  3. Lol so he’s just good because of the “soft NFL” but all the other QBs this year are not because?? I’m confused based on your theories every WB would be lighting it up but they’re not. So give the kid some credit he’s good.

  4. The fact that the Chiefs QB situation has been so bad so long that Len Dawson still held most of the team QB records. Yes, Len Dawson!!

    A truly sad indictment for how long its been since the Chiefs have had a QB this good.

    Thankfully, Mahomes is now breaking those records.

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