Ryan Fitzpatrick to remain Buccaneers starter

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The Buccaneers are going to stick with the second half magic.

They’d just prefer not to be so far behind next time.

Via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter said Ryan Fitzpatrick would remain their starting quarterback for next week’s game against Washington.

Fitzpatrick again led a comeback, but the Bucs were down 35-7 to the Panthers Sunday when it began. In that way, it was like the 18-point deficit he brought them back from the week before against the Bengals, after replacing Jameis Winston (four interceptions).

It’s an endorsement of the veteran, but also a sign that they realize quarterback is far from their biggest problem, as their defense keeps putting them in situations for Fitzpatrick to have to come back from.

9 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick to remain Buccaneers starter

  1. Sweet! Great fantasy QB for me. Hopefully they get down by 4 TD’s in every game so Fitz can throw it all over the field in garbage time for a garbage team!

  2. Why wouldnt they? Their defense is the one thats straight up awful, historically bad. All winston has done is turn the ball over at a alarming rate. Even on a bad day technically he still has 4 TDs

  3. Fitz is OBVIOUSLY the lesser of the 2 evils… He may throw 1-2 ints but he will also throw 4 TDs NOT 1-2 TDs and 4 ints… JW’s M.O.

  4. This season is half gone, and the Bucs record is 3-5. We are dead last, again, in our division. The Saints are 7-1 and the Panthers are 6-2. How many games does anyone think the Saints and Panthers will loose? If the Bucs win all 8 of the remaining games, the Bucs record would be 11-5. That would be another lose for the Saints and Panthers. The Saints would have to lose another 3 and the Panthers another 2 to force a tie breaking senior. How likely is that. I won’t even mention Atlanta is also in the division and ahead of us.

    I agree with the decision to start Fitz next week. Fitz still give the Bucs the best chance to win. Then the Bucs will have to see where they stand. Maybe the Saints and Panthers will lose, and the Bucs will win. Another loss will probably kill the Bucs chances for this year. At that point, the Bucs might as well start Winston for the rest of the year. That way the Bucs can finally determine if Winston has learned anything useful. If not, it time to see what is available in the draft or free agency, and trade Winston, or give him his walking papers.

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